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Went to the new Tuesday Locale again tonight. Once again got there early enough to do a loop with B. I forgot my contacts so I couldn't see much but the trail. It was still pretty warm, I started in shorts and a long sleeve but changed into a short sleeve after the first loop. If it hadn't been so windy I would have opted for the sports bra only. It is going to get cold quick though. I could feel it.

Right when we started B says he thinks I will like the Mizuno's, I am like how the heck did you know I got Mizuno's? Thought to myself there is no way he checks my blog so how the heck did he know about the shoes, I just got them last night! This proves that there is a difference between men and women. First thing the boyos check out is a runners gear. He noticed I had Mizuno's on right away. Bizarre, but then again without the contacts all I could see were white blurs where my feet should be.

The shoes felt good throughout the workout. The ball of my right foot was a little sore but I think that is just my feet, not the shoe. We shall see how they shape up over the next week.

B2, Su, and CK show up as we finish the first loop so we head out for another 3 loops with some hill intervals on the 2nd loop. This week we did 2 on the first hill and 2 on the last hill. Dang the last hill is a heck of a lot longer than the first!

Boring Stats:

loop 1 (2 miles): 17:05
loop 2: 18:02
loop 3: 0:55, hill 1 up: 1:01, down: 1:21, up:54, 14:04 continuing loop, hill2 up: 1:44, down: 2:12, up: 1:35 continue loop: 4:16
loop 4: 15:14

Total around 9-9.5 miles in 1:18:28.

I am happy with it.

Totally forgot to mention that Sunday I went with CK and checked out a local cyclocross event. Holy Crud! Those people are seriously hardcore! Pics to follow.


Bolder said...

sersly, I'm gonna get another set of rims, I've been chattin' with Sarah Lukas who's racin' cyclocross -- this is a must do off-season event!

shouldn't we all have this much fun too!

Susan said...

That's a great time Elizabeth. Keep up the hard work.

Steven said...

I'm an Asics man myself, but I've read great reviews on Mizunos. I hope they work out for you.
Train well.

island Jen said...

guys who cycle have the BEST legs!!! LOL!
I sincerely hope you love the painting...

Cy said...

OK, now someone has to tell me what the heck "cyclocross" is.

Travis said...

Cyclocross looks MAD! I've done quite a few road races but have seen nothing like that before.
Sounds like you put in a solid session, Well Done!

monica said...

Yeah, TJ wore a leash too. But he isn't as crazy about outdoors as Rox is.

Oh-the bad grammar comment was directed to an ex-boyfriend (from years ago)'s new girlfriend...she was leaving ludacrious comments. Which I removed from my Xanga, which is why you couldn't see them. She's a bitch.

Curly Su said...

Cy-Cyclocross is a 'cross' between road and mountain biking. It's basically a road bike with mountain bike tires and brakes. You get the speed of road bikes, but get to go off road with them. Pretty awesome, but you have to be brave!

E-Speed said...

cy- my understanding on cyclo cross is that road cyclists want to ride in the winter but it is too dang cold out on the roads so they invented cyclocross where you are slowed down a little bit but still more speedy than mountain bike and it is usually a timed event, not a specified distance. I am still trying to figure out the rules.

bold- it looked more hard than fun ;)
susan-thanks I need to try and maintain fitness and stop focusing on my speed until Boston training :)
steven- i did try on a pair of neutral asics that felt okay. I just liked this new different feel of teh mizunos , I feel like I am actually controlling my foot strike and feeling the ground beneath...we will see if I feel the same over time.

Jen- I love the painting, I just have to find the perfect spot for it now.

Thanks Travis!

Kurt in Boston said...

I've been out of the blogsphere for a week and just catching up -- great job on the race, E! (I wimped out Thanksgiving morning -- windchill of 0F just too much)

Cyclocross seems like it would be a lot of fun, but I'm not ready to buy another bike. On the other hand, apparently I'm Mud Pie so maybe I should consider it?

E-Speed said...

Kurt- I feel the same way. There is no way I am buying a 3rd bike! I can spin for the winter!