Getting a Little Ahead of myself

Thanks to everyone, online and off! that listened to me rant about the Ironman this weekend.

I have decided to postpone my Ironman Debut. I am, however, going to sign up for Steelhead Half or Greater Cleveland Half Ironman. Will decide in the next few days.

Talked with a few of my running club friends and I think that I need to get a few more marathons in, set a few more PRs before I start thinking about moving on to something bigger. Realistically there is a sub 3:15 marathon in these legs and I shouldn't throw that away to do something that I can still do in a few years. So the plan is to get faster and fitter, keep doing international tris and move up to the half ironman this year. Set a few more PRs and when I start to peak, tackle the Ironman.

So here is the tentative major race schedule for the year:
Buckeye 50 K in January (????) Not sure about this one yet may have to wait until 2007
Boston in April
Steelhead Half Iron in August
Chicago Marathon in October

I have a tendency of jumping into things head first. I am all about instant gratification. Hence my jumping into triathlons and marathons in the same year. I think waiting for the Ironman will be good for me. Teach me some patience! And when I finally do become an Ironman, the victory will be that much sweeter!

Until then I can dream!


marmotte said...

can't believe how ambitious you are with this! thanks for the pics the other day - i posted one on my very off/on little site- and thanks for waiting up even though you are ten times as fast!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Ta! And thanks for listening to my Ironman Babble! ;)

Chad Austin said...


That's a very good decision. As I said in my comment to your Nov 5th post, it is doable. However, if you still have running goals that you want to accomplish, I'd say focus on them first. For me, IM was more of a lifelong goal. I knew, family-wise, if I didn't do it in 2003, I wouldn't do it until 2020, if ever.

Chicalookate said...

That is a full schedule. I wouldn't know enough to tell you what is a good idea to do or not. I guess just listen to your body and what it tells you.

Palm Beach Suzuki said...

these still look like pretty, awesome, hefty goals to me. i credited the pic to you on my blog! :)

The Clyde said...

Sounds like a plan, we'll see you at Steelhead, I'm signed up for that to, in hopes of doing a full Iron next year. I think you're gameplan is solid.

partyrunner said...

ive planned to do a half ironman in 2006 as well. i hadn't decided on which one (unlike i can't seem to find one stop that lists all half im's - do you know of one?). maybe i'll join you and goldenboy at steelhead. would be nice to have virtual training partners!

E-Speed said...

Thanks everyone! I am super excited!