Running on thin ice


Went out last night with my regular Tuesday crowd. We are trying out a new location that has a 2 mile paved loop that is semi-lit. Nice since we have varying degrees of speed amongst the crowd, ranging from beginner to Ironman experience. Also this new location features a decent sized hill.

The roads were icy last night but since I left on time for once I got there early and was able to get a loop in with B before A and CK arrived. Right away I could tell we weren't going to be very speedy because of the ice. I opted to run on the side of the path in the grass because I am extremely clumsy. B and I made it through the first loop in 17:47.

I was wearing shorts, a long sleeved technical, and a medium weight jacket. It was about 32 degrees F with winds ranging from 25-35 mph. So supposedly it felt like 19 F. I checked the runners world dress the runner and it said shorts so I went with it. I actually was pretty warm except for when the wind was hitting us directly in the face.

We waited for A and CK to get there and I realized shorts were only good while running, not while standing around in the dark!

We headed out and finished our second loop in 18:18.

On the next loop CK informs us that we are doing hill repeats, lovely.

Best I can figure the hill is about 175-200 m long. And it starts about 400 m into the loop. So we ran up at a good clip 4 times before finishing out the third loop (in 14:27).

I have no clue what is a good hill split for me but here they are: (up, down)

1:13.58, 1:23.05
1:05.80, 1:28.40
1:00.83, 1:30.40

Then we went out for our last loop in 16:37.

So somewhere around 8.75 miles last night.

I am not usually a fan of looped workouts but last night wasn't so bad. We will see if it gets old week after week though.

Tomorrow is the Detroit Turkey Trot 10k. I am waiting to see what the conditions will be to decide if it will be a fun run or a race. Shouldn't be too hard to PR either way since I have never really raced a 10k. I think this is a distance I will like racing though. Maybe we will find out tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone has safe trips and fun times with their families this week!


ShoreTurtle said...

Way to run in the ice! Thanks for mentioning RW dress the runner--I didn't know that there was such a thing. Very cool. Have a great holiday!

robtherunner said...

Hope the weather is good for the T-trot tomorrow. 10K is a good racing distance.

The Clyde said...

Great clothing link....appreciate it.

Go rock that Turkey trot in typical Elizabeth fashion....let us know how it turns out.

The Spandex-King said...

Good Luck.
Gobble Gobble

Bolder said...

shorts with a 19F wind chill... you'll never have to prove your courage to me again!

Susan said...

I never trust 'dress the runner' - but I always check - everyrun

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck in your 10K! I am debating doing a 5 mile TT tomorrow. My quads are still pretty sore, so I am not sure. It will be a game-time decision, for sure.
I am a westsider, formerly east sider. I swim at the Westlake Rec. On the east side, I used to swim at CWRU - the same pool their undergrad team uses.
There's the JCC in Cleveland Heights, or the YMCA on Mayfield, near Richmond. There is a masters swim team in Lakewood that I contemplated joining.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Also, you can check out, it will allow you to search for pools in your area.
Have a great Turkey Day!

monica said...

Don't worry-I'll post those pics soon. Just haven't gotten around to it....

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

I don't know how 'pure' runners can wear shorts in anything under 40F. My legs need to be nice and toasty *all* the time. But, to each their own, I suppose.

Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth! Rock the run!

D said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

E-Speed said...

shoreturtle and dj- no prob on the clothes link I usually trust my instincts but it is nice to have some confirmation

buckeye- thanks for the swim links. I need to get back in the pool asap.

joseph- thats funny because I always laugh at the people wearing tights if I don't absolutely have to, I fry if I have on too much. To each their own indeed!

Thanks dgc!