Didn't find time to swim or bike tonight but David and I went for a walk at N. Chagrin. It wasn't too hot thankfully. I also managed to get in most of an ab pilates workout.

Then we finally watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. I was a big fan of the books. I thought the movie was pretty good even though it took some liberties from the book.

I had totally forgotten about Bridget interviewing Colin Firth in the book, which they ended up cutting from the movie because who the heck would they get to play "colin firth" since he was already Mark Darcy...

I can't believe how much weight Renee had to put on for that role. I would think that juggling between her tiny figure for Chicago to this figure would be horrible for her health. I hope she finds future roles that allow her to be somewhere in the middle!

Anyways I am just babbling...

Stow Tri Addendum

So the results are online and I didn't really take 1st in my age group. They must have screwed something up on race day. I actually came in 2nd in my age group, 3rd if you count the girl that took second overall. Oh well! (I could have sworn there was a 23 year old in front of me so that explains my confusion, hope she wasn't too upset about not getting her trophy) I actually came in 8th overall out of 58.

They screwed up some other awards too so some weird things must have been going on.

Track Workout

It finally rained a bit so it wasn't unbearably hot tonight. A finally came to the track so I had an equal partner in crime!

She got there a little late so I warmed up 1 mile with everyone else, then A and I did the first set as her warm up. I didn't want to push it too much anyways because I raced on Sunday and my hamstring is just starting to feel normal again.

So here is the run down.

1 mile easy warm up
800 medium 3:38
400 medium 1:47
400 medium 1:51
800 hard 3:11
400 hard 1:28
400 hard 1:28
8*200 hard 46.89, 46.95, 46.45, 48.09, 47.98, 45.81, 44.85, 41.12
1 mile cool down easy

I am duplicating blogs for now so if you are reading this feel no need to check out my tblog anymore. I will eventually move to this space permanently I think but since I paid for tblog for another year I feel like I should still use it.

Stow Triathlon

Ready to Race! Posted by Hello

A bunch of Team in Training triathletes came out today to race in the spring "kickoff." It is a fun little race, very laid back! The swim course is a short one at 500 meters and the run and bike are relatively flat.

I had an okay swim this morning, not as fast as I had hoped for. I would have liked to swim 7 or under but ended up with 9:06 on the swim, about a minute slower than last year.

Transition wasn't great but not horrible at 2:30.

I had a good bike ride and only got passed by about 3 women. Of course I only passed 1 or 2 so I pretty much stayed even from the swim through the bike. A and S were right behind me in T1 and throughout the bike ride but I sneaked in to T2 just ahead. The bike course was just shy of 12 miles and it took me 37:24.

I was in T2 for 1:16 and then it was on to the run!

At this point it was pretty hot. I dumped a small bit of water over my head and started trying to catch a few women just ahead of me. I took down 2 or 3 women right away on the run then pretty much stayed even the rest of the way. I got passed by a 41 year old woman towards the finish but didn't feel up to racing her in. My legs felt like CRAP! But I ran pretty well considering the heat and ground conditions. The majority of the run is on gravel.

Splits on the run were 7:19.47, 7:16.91, and 8:14.91 for the last 1.1 miles. So probably about 45 seconds on the .1 and 7:30 for the last mile.

Total time was 1:13:07. 8 minutes faster than last year. Mostly due to the bike but I had a really good run today as well.

There were definitely some more competitive athletes out there this year. As last year my time would have gotten me 3rd overall. This year it was good enough for 1st in my age group and around 6th-8th overall.

I went sans socks and gloves today. The lack of gloves on the bike didn't bother me, but I got some nice blisters from wearing no socks. I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad if I would have thought to put body glide on my feet.

Everyone from TNT did great! I think they all enjoyed their first tri experience!

Big thanks to B for the pictures!

We Rock! Posted by Hello

The Gals and their hardware Posted by Hello

Post Race Pic Posted by Hello

Group Swim

Finally got my butt out of bed and exercised this week

Went to the pool workout this morning and had a great workout coached by B.

The indoor pool is closed for the summer so we were actually swimming in a 25 meter pool as opposed to the 25 yards indoors.

Here is the workout as far as I can remember it.

200 m warm up
50 catch up drill
50 kick
50 kick with board
50 catch up- focus on scull and reach
50 catch up- focus on rolling shoulders
50 slow arm recovery
25 head down
25 fingertip drill
50 swim
3*50 easy, medium, hard
3*100 on 2 minute send off
ladder 200 medium, 100 harder, 50 hard, 25 all out, 25 easy (back)

Total around 1450 meters

Boston Marathon Photos

Took a page out of Curly Su's book and ganked these photos from the Boston site, they want an outrageous amount of money for them but I figure it is okay if I just share them here since I won't be printing them out!

Look at those killer abs! Posted by Hello

Running so fast my hair is flapping! Posted by Hello

Another Checkpoint Posted by Hello

Speeding around the turn Posted by Hello

Crossing one of the many checkpoints Posted by Hello

Finished! Posted by Hello

Strawberry Festival and Father's Day Weekend Photos

Cool wind chime at my aunt and uncles place Posted by Hello

My sisters new Boyfriend! He's a keeper!!! Posted by Hello

My sis and dad playing cards Posted by Hello

My baby sis cleaning dishes Posted by Hello

Lol, I found this "naked lady tee" in my golf bag, I have no idea how it got there!!! (I only use my clubs about once a year, I ended up playing an AWFUL round! I think I usually golf around 60, this time I had a 71! Check out the crooked pigtails, NICE! Posted by Hello

Katie and Wiggins Posted by Hello

David and I advertising for "Wild Bill Shirt Company" Posted by Hello

The puprle dress red hat ladies in the Strawberry Parade! When I get old I so want to be a party of this society!!! Posted by Hello

My sisters 21st Birthday Gift, a basket full of booze! Posted by Hello

Dinner and Bike Ride at Kurt's

Me and Gracey Posted by Hello

David and Bryce getting ready to chow after a grueling bike workout Posted by Hello

More Kitty Photos

My sick poodle kitty, he had to go to the vet today and cost me $245 for them to tell me his lymph nodes are swollen and he is now on Amoxicillin Posted by Hello

Tuesday Track Workout

Cool Storm Clouds outside Hoggy's Posted by Hello

After a Tuesday Track Workout at Hoggy's Posted by Hello

quick bike ride

Went out yesterday and rode for 45 minutes in my hometown. Didn't get up in time to ride the whole metroparks trail like I wanted to, but I still had a nice quick ride. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. If it wasn't for the mosquitoes it could have been perfect ;)


So for some reason there was no Strawberry Run this year. We woke up early this morning and headed over there to find no one there. BIZARRE!

Biking Metro Mountains

Went out last night with B, S, and CK. We rode bikes in N. Royalton and took a different route than usual. It was pretty fun and our quads got a good workout on the small metro mountains.

The down hills were definitely fun! Got up to 39 mph! Of course it doesn't last too long before you are going back up, got down as slow as 6mph ;) We ended up riding around 16 miles in a little over an hour.

Afterwards we had a FABULOUS meal made by CK with some help from S. My hubby made it out so we had most of the gang there. After dinner we played a killer game of "Masterpiece" Which I won of course ;) Which is odd because I totally can not put on a good "poker face"

Meant to swim this morning but woke up late to find I had set the alarm for 5pm instead of am :\ Oh well. I will have to work that much harder next swim!

Tomorrow is the strawberry run and I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me tonight. Wish me luck! My very unrealistic goal is to run the race in just shy of 32:30, likelihood very low. But I would be happy to run it between 34 and 35. Hopefully my hamstring and the weather are good to me!

Early Morning Run

Went out this morning with the SERC gals and AB. Got in 7 miles starting at 5:30 AM!!! My goodness that is early!

It was already humid out but there was a nice breeze the last few miles. Which is good because it takes your mind off the rolling hills.

My right ham didn't feel too bad during the run. It is a little sore tonight so I am going to do some stretching and ice.

We were running around 9 minutes miles this morning and that felt pretty good. I am finally starting to get back into some sort of running regimen. Now I just need to bring the swimming and cycling along!

Track Workout 6-14-05

Had another so-so track workout last night. Definitely not going into this weekend as speedy as I had hoped for. But the weather has cooled off a lot since last night so there is still some hope ;)

Did a mile warm up with B and M and probably went a little too quick for a warm up

Then we did 2 sets of 800, 600, 400 then an 800 and a 4*400 relay

Ended with a slow one mile cool down. I forgot to bring Gatorade and ended up with a horrible side stitch during the cool down.

A few of the TNT marathoners came out so I had some more ladies to run with. Once I get my head in gear hopefully having some speedier women around will help

splits were as follows:

800-3:07 600-2:21 400-1:33
800-3:14 600-2:27 400-1:35
800-3:29 400-1:26

Cycling and Running

Had two TNT workouts this weekend. Yesterday we had a group tri team bike ride in Mill Stream Run. I ended up riding around 18 miles with S. We had fun and attacked some hills. It was a little warm for my tastes but the ride was still good. I felt like I could ride a lot more when I got done so that is good.

Today we had a group marathon run. I ended up doing a little over 8 miles. It was VERY HUMID! I was drenched by the time I finished. I ran a little faster today which is a good sign.

One more track workout before my hometown 8k. Let's hope I can get my speed on ASAP!

Track workouts

Been awhile since updating.

Tuesday night I went to the track as usual. Did not do anywhere close to as well as last week. We did 3 miles of intervals, 1 mile, 2* 800, then 4* 400. I did all right on the first mile but the rest was pretty crappy. Hopefully it is just the heat that is slowing me down.

Thursday night my hubby and I went and walked at N. Chagrin. It was warm but not too bad.

Last night was Relay For Life and I ended up taking the 8pm shift since A couldn't come. It was HOT! and Humid! But I ran for an hour and fifteen minutes and got in 8 slow miles around the track.

The 8pm slot was the WORST slot to pick! The entertainment for that hour was a duet singing bad campy style tunes with the words replaced following through a person’s life. It was HORRIBLE!!!

Let's just put it this way: one of the songs consisted of "Nip a little, Tuck a little, Nip a little, Tuck a little, snip snip snip, suck a lot, chop a little more" (repeat) Ugggh! The slots before and after mine had great music. Oh well

I am off to a TNT bike ride!

It is HOT out!

Just got back from my run with B. We are both nursing our right hamstrings. As usual we went way too fast. We both have great fitness, just need to work on keeping healthy with no injuries.

We ran for 46 minutes and probably did just shy of 6 miles. I felt like absolute CRAP the first three miles. It is 92 degrees outside! I am NOT used to this heat yet!

My right hamstring feels Okay, still a little sore so I am off to ice and then tackle some cleaning. Then maybe some relaxation by the pool!

short run

Had a small fundraising workshop for the Chicago Mentees today. Only two people were able to make it but we had a good discussion about our fundraising plans and did some brainstorming. Then we did an easy 2 mile run. It is getting HOT out! My hamstring felt fine since I was running very slowly.

Dobbin's Wedding Photos

The flowers were gorgeous! Posted by Hello