Back to running ;)

Went out with CK, B, and Su tonight for a run. We did about 53 minutes. It actually wasn't too chilly out and the snow had subsided. (although we still have snow cover here in Euclid)

We probably were running right around 8 minutes miles I would guess so a little over 6 miles tonight maybe.

Tomorrow B2 convinced me to do the pigskin 5k. I will be proudly wearing Blue and Gold! So I am off to bed to wake up early for that. Not expecting anything spectacular in the racing department. Just going to go and have a good time.

CK got us a GREAT housewarming gift. I will put it up tomorrow and post pics! Any guesses on what he got us?

Tonight was Su's B-DAY! You are still younger than me though ;)

Here are a few pics before I hit the hay.


mouse said...

ha ha! good luck at the race tomorrow!

and of course,



Curly Su said...

thanks again for coming out last night. can you send the pics to me??

E-Speed said...

thanks mouse! GO BLUE!