No More Dress Shoes

Thought I was off to bed but instead I just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning out the front closet and trying to figure out where the odor of cat piss was coming from. Yeah it wasn't on much and it was probably from a while ago but it was definitely on my Chicago Goody Bag, and every single pair of black dress shoes I own. Freaking Wonderful.

Well at least the closet is clean now.

The Culprits

Good thing they are so darn cute

No Water?

Worked long today and got home to no water so I couldn't make dinner. Farge. So we went on a trip to Taco Bell. Yummy bean burritos!

So there have been a few tat posts recently over on Jenro's Site and Islandartist's! So I decided to do an ode to my tat.

Apparently they are the in thing now. I was watching Miami Ink a few weeks in a row and last night flipped by Inked. I love my tattoo but probably won't ever get another one. It freaking hurt and I am a sissy! (when it comes to needles anyways)

It is surprisingly difficult to take a good picture of one's own tattoo when it is on your back :)
Set up the home inspection for Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon we are applying for the loan!!! WooHoo :)

This may be too good to be true.

On a sour note I got a letter from the attorney of the guy I was in the accident with. Let's just hope that is all it is, a letter, and that insurance will take care of everything.

Also didn't run today :\ Meh. I will have to get in some miles tomorrow. My Asics have 170 miles on them so they are going to pretty much be out of commission after the marathon. I should probably run in my Brooks for a bit before the marathon so the Asics don't die half way through Columbus. I think that Asics are weak. I am not buying them ever again. Now if Saucony would just leave my Grid Hurricanes like they were two models back my feet would be happy campers :(

Sorry Runners Mumbo Jumbo. I am off to read my new copy of Runner's World and get some sleep! Let's hope the water is back on in the morning!

Oh and note to self when I become rich and famous I am going to find one pair of jeans that I love and buy 365 pairs of them so that when one gets dirty it is not the end of the world. My only jeans that I like have mud on them so I have been dressing like a frump all week and it is beginning to take its toll.


You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(16% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
I just had to do this again to make sure and as I thought on any given day I am a socialist or democrat :) LOL. Tests that have you answer with 1 of 4 settings are a little screwy I think. On any given day you may strongly agree, or just agree :)

TNT run this weekend is cancelled, blah. So now I am not sure if I will run 15 or 20 or somewhere in between. Typical programs call for 3 weeks of taper but Coach K recommends only 2. Which is what I did for Richmond, but being that my feet are in a state of uncertainty perhaps it would be better to stay away from a second 20.

Kudos to B last night for telling me that I do not need to lose weight. I don't know why it is so hard as a female to accept the fact that you are healthy and look good at your weight but it is. I just finished reading "Tales From the Scale." I found it to be an interesting read, but of course I like reading blogs in my spare time. This was just liking doing that but better because in book form! Also I just find women and weight to be a fascinating topic.

Other funny topics of discussion last night included Martha Stewart. I got ragged on for calling her the devil but still knowing what happens in many of her episodes. So SUE Me! ;) But I think B was funniest of all when he replied "My grandmother loves Martha Stewart and she is a Saint!" I love my friends. So glad that I get to spend time with them on a regular basis.

Tonight we will sign off on the disclosures then make appoinments for an inspection and to apply for the loan! WooHoo!!! If all goes well we will be moving in the second week of November :) YAY!


I don't think I have ever gotten such a huge response about anything on my blog as I have about the past two entries.

Apparently some anonymous commenter believes I should just stick to what I know which is running and leave the details of my struggle to become a better more conscious person to myself or an offline journal.

What I post here gets here for multiple reasons:

1) I use this space as an online log of my training

2) I use this space as a personal journal, somewhere to get the things running around in my head out and in the open

3) To post photos and keep my friends and family up to date on my life and my daily drama

In the past I have tried to stick to keeping any of my views that might be controversial off of my website. But to be honest I have not publicly posted this site and have tried to prevent it from being searchable so I have since then come to the conclusion that I should be able to post my feelings regardless of the fact that others might not agree. Mostly because anyone who I know is actually reading this are my close and dear friends and family and they already know my feelings on any controversial subjects.

I guess I did not realize that me struggling with the idea of not eating meat was such a big deal. So to those of you who eat meat: Please continue to eat what you want to eat. Eating protein is incredibly healthy for you.
To those of you who don't: Please continue to eat what you want to eat. It is your choice and I applaud your efforts.

I will continue to think about what eating lifestyle is appropriate for me and my views and my situation in life. And maybe I will post about it, maybe I won't.

Su pointing and laughing at me (in reference to David's email about me forgetting where my car is) I have gotten many "Dude, where is my car remarks" from coworkers. Lovely.


Uggh. Who knew not wanting to eat something could be so complicated. How do I make this right...Obviously hubby works at a butcher block and deli so me becoming a vegetarian is not really an appealing thing for him. And he is an awesome chef and makes a mean steak, ribs, burger, etc. So I guess I should not have been surprised that he would not be happy with me wanting to go all veggie on him. And to be really honest I LOVE steak, I LOVE Salmon, and I LOVE ribs. But to clarify: the reason I want to become a vegetarian has nothing to do with how animals taste. It has to do with the fact that in order to eat and enjoy meat I have to put a blinder on a little part of me that cries out "this is wrong. You should NOT be eating meat, these animals are treated like crud and something had to die in order for me to eat this meal, there are other alternatives." Not to mention that the other alternatives could probably be just as tasty as the meat I enjoy. Currently I cook very little so Hubby is totally in charge in the kitchen. Occasionally I make macaroni, potatoes, or pizza. So I realize that it would be totally unfair of me to go veggie and expect him to cook for me. And I also realize that he hates most of the things I would be required to eat as a vegetarian in order to get proper protein (tofu, beans, mushrooms).

Are there any of you out there that truly want to go vegetarian and just can't? How do you eat a meal of steak and not feel guilty about it?

I guess I feel the same way about this as I do about other choices that I make that go against what I truly believe in. I am big on all kinds of rights but when it comes down to it I don't take an active role in making those things better. Is it really okay just to sit on the sidelines and be for something if you aren't out there doing something about it. Unfortunately this is kind of how our society is. Ugggh. (Welcome to my brain and the things I ponder and feel guilty about daily, and even more so around elections and when I see PETA ads)

On a good note our bid was accepted, YAY!!! Now we just have to have the inspection and get the loan. Keep your fingers crossed!

Track workout went well tonight.

2 mile warm up
build up mile (start slow get faster) 6:32.20
mile cool down

7.5 miles total

right foot is sore and left foot hurt during the rest sets. hmmm.

Darn you Martha Stewart...

and PETA. Uggh. I swear nothing can tear at my tear ducts as hard as PETA add campaigns. Why do I even watch?

What people do to animals is so sickening.

Don't get me wrong I think PETA is very extreme on a lot of animal issues (like they don't think you should keep animals as pets). But my god they are the only ones exposing all of the terrible things that happen in the fur trade as well as some of the horrible things that go on when animals are factory raised for mass food production.

There is a fur store in Chagrin Falls and every time I pass it I feel physically ill. Why is it that this makes me ill but I still eat meat, drink dairy, etc.?

Maybe I need to just live up to what I value and take the dive like Su. I would never eat a cat so why is it acceptable for me to eat a cow or chicken?

Are there any couples out there who have one vegan and one meat eater? How do you make dinners work? How do you make vegan meals period and still stay physically active? Where do you get your protein from? I have a feeling I am allergic to soy as I get a migraine every time I order Tofu from Tea House Noodles so I don't think that will be a good meat substitute for me.

Uggh this is going to involve planning.

Stolen from Curly Su

You are a

Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(23% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating

I would have thought I would be a socialist....hmmmm. I wonder how some of these questions affected my score. I have many friends who when asking my beliefs have determined I am a republican.

Maybe on a fiscal policy level in my own personal spending etc. I am conservative but really money issues are on the bottom of my list.

What I find way more important are things like health care, environment, education. So I guess the fact that I feel everyone has a right to a good education, good health care, and a healthy environment regardless of background places me more towards a socialist political stance. I bet there is a good test that has you weigh the importance of each question to come up with a better result of what your political policies really are.

Yesterday got in my 20 miler. Three weeks till Columbus woohoo!!! Feet don't feel any worse than they did before despite the beating I gave them. I figured I would feel okay after the run since I wasn't going extremely fast (around 9:09 pace) but I guess 20 miles is 20 miles regardless of speed. And my legs are indeed sore today, surprise surprise. We did the 8 then the 12. I didn't eat enough beforehand and scarfed down half a bagel at 8am before the 12. My stomach was not happy about that for the first few miles but I suffered through. The hills were rough yesterday. My legs felt depleted as well as my calves feeling like they were very tight. My foot strike just felt funny on the hills. Weird! I guess I should be doing more hill training!

Woke up this morning and went down to get in my car to go to work. And then realized that my car was at Su's. OOOPS! Luckily Su is not working and she is going to come get me and drive me back to my car so I can get to work! Tonight we are writing up an offer for the house! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Today's Get Fuzzy. Freaks!

MMMM drink up its girls night out!

Bartender at PF Changs with E's socks! We were trying to bribe him for a table! There was a 2 Hour wait!

What's your fortune?

Happy 29th B!

G looking perfect in profile!

Recognize the lead singer??? It's the bartender from PF Changs!

The band at Bossa Nova

D and the Band!

The girls!

The Lead Singer coercing people in from the street

Having a good time dancing at Bossa Nova

Girls Night Out Video

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Suhweet. This is my first attempt at doing anything with viedo on my camera or on my blog. This band was a riot. They were actually pretty good I just couldn't get over the outfits!

Blog Hiatus

Or rather a life hiatus. I feel like I am a bit off track this week. I really am not I just think some things have been put to the back burner and it is finally catching up to me. (laundry, dishes, cleaning, emails, rsvps, yikes)

On a good note work is going well. I am working today on some stuff for Michigan woohoo. I am actually getting to write after what seems like an eternity of LSPC modeling. Review went well and I am certainly valued here in Cleveland so that is good.

Running is going well too. Tuesday's track workout was great. I feel very fit and although I weigh the same I have had several people comment that I look thinner this week so I must be toning up and shifting weight, hopefully to more appropriate places where it can be of use! i.e. away from my donut and into my muscles!!! My feet are beat up but if I can just keep them where they are or better for the next three weeks they will get a break after Columbus!

Thursday night was Mentor meeting for TNT. A LOT of people showed up which is great. Not sure how many will actually commit but it is good to see so much interest. I may mentor for spring marathons but I will be taking a break from Tri mentoring and letting my "mentees" take over that duty. I am sure they will do great. And I will be around if they need help. I got a huge ego boost as half my Chicago mentees were at the meeting and all said very nice things about me. Someone have a needle? I need to deflate!

Last night went out with the SERC girls. I haven't seen most of them in a few weeks so it was nice to catch up. (I have lots of fun pics that I will post later) We had dinner at PF Changs and then went to a club called Bossa Nova. The band there was a riot as well as the crowd. I had a blast!

Spent a little time with hubby before calling it a night. Hopefully we will get to hang tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I woke up a bit hung over but not too bad. Threw on the cleanest pair of running shorts I could find and my Boston tank and headed to Peninsula. I did a trail 5k race this morning. Everyone from the Chicago team showed up. We made up almost half the race :) It was small but fun. The race was actually on the Buckeye Trail where I did my first trail run.

It was a brutal course but a lot of fun, lots of hills, creeks, logs, and roots! I ran really well but my time was HORRIBLE!!! Fortunately so was everyone else's. I think the first guy came in around 31 something! The first lady 35 and I was just over 36. Holy Crud! Talk about a tough 5K! You know it is bad when after 100 yards of flats and jumping a fence you start up the worst hill you have run on the trails so far :) Fun Stuff! Lookout Buckeye 50K!!! (I had a lot of fun today and that just helped to confirm my thoughts about doing Buckeye 50 next summer, looks like I found my A race for 2006!)

Looking forward to the 20 miler tomorrow with Su. I may throw on another 2 if my feet hold up to do my first 22 for training :)

Today I need to accomplish a lot at work and I am hoping I find time to clean my apartment and do laundry. NOTHING is clean. Uggh. I think I will feel much better after I tackle those things. And my cats will probably be grateful to get some of their territory back too!

Pics later!

Multiple Freak Outs

Had a few freakouts tonight.

1st I checked my visa account online which gives me my FICO score for free monthly and my score plummeted from 703 to 679. Meh. The loan we are pre approved for is only good if we both have scores above 700. So I need to find some quick cash and pay off my credit cards or pray that the truck getting paid off will result in my credit soaring. Not sure if the bank has to check our credit again before closing, let's hope not because then we will be okay since my score was above 700 when we were approved. Also have no clue how long it would be before paying off credit cards would result in higher score.

On a good note I got a package today from Chicago, it was my 3rd place winnings, woohoo! A pair of socks, goggles, swim paddles! and a bronze engraved medal, Awesome!

So it was a little odd that there was a message on the phone from DHL saying they tried to drop another delivery addressed to me. I called and she informs me that they can't forward to my office without the senders permission. So I ask who it is from and she informs me it is from Kelly and Ferraro, a law firm. Great so I immediately jump to the conclusion that the guy that was in the accident with me is suing me. I go online to find the hours of DHL office tomorrow and plug in the tracking number, there is a field called Shipment Reference and it is filled in with: POTENTIAL PI CASES. I am hoping this just means that the insurance company sold my name and that the law firm sends out stuff to people that were in accidents to try and get them to hire a personal injury lawyer with their firm. Let's hope that is what it is because the last thing I need is to have to go to court. Ugggh.

Woke up this morning and my right foot/inside arch was in a lot of pain. After multiple icing and ibuprofen it is feeling much better. I am hoping it was just a pinched nerve or tight tendon, but if it feels that way again after my next run I should probably get an appointment and check it out for a stress fracture. Blah. I am running a 3:30 in Columbus regardless and I will deal with all injuries after that.

The left foot feels pretty good today and didn't bother me at the track last night so I think the stretching is helping.

I was supposed to swim tonight but the multiple freakouts prevented that from happening before the pool was closed. Oh well. Life goes on.

Off to bed. Long day tomorrow. My annual review and lots of writing at work, and TNT mentor meeting in the evening. Wish me luck!

Cool Crew Photo

And the most dangerous award goes to?

The "coveted"Miller Family Golf Outing Trophy

Thrilled to golf :)


My legs are sore, like I did a track workout. I like it. It is an ache I know and understand and I love it. I am a freak I know. (On a really good note the left foot felt fine tonight. The right ankle is still sore but not too bad, both achilles/calves feel like they could use some stretching, I just have to remember to stretch before and after to keep them from getting tight)

Did a long run at the track tonight which was good because my "schedule" called for 6*1200 (a lot more than the regular 3 miles of repeats).

We did a mile warm up then 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (400 jog in between each one) then a mile cool down.

So total mileage tonight was 7.5.


9.02.54 mile warm up
1.40.24 400 pace
2.44.51 400 jog
3.19.10 800 pace
3.05.23 400 jog
4.59.84 1200 pace
3.29.40 400 jog
6.31.91 1600 pace
3.45.47 400 jog
4.56.45 1200 pace
3.41.72 400 jog
3.09.74 800 pace
3.31.74 400 jog
1.22.18 400 pace (I wanted to run under 80 on this phooey)
9.15.71 mile cool down

Other than not getting that last quarter under 80 I did very well with pace tonight. I stayed between 6:30 and 6:40 pace for the first 4 and it was definitely comfortable. Awesome!

Movie Quotes

Everyone guessed correctly but noone has gotten 15 yet so here are a few more quotes from the movie to help you guess.

Perhaps you will forgive me if I turn from my own feelings to the words of another splendid bugger: W.H. Auden. This is actually what I want to say: "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone. Silence the pianos and with muffled drum, Bring out the coffin... let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle, moaning overhead, Scribbling on the sky the message: He is Dead. Put crepe bows 'round the necks of public doves, Let traffic policemen wear black, cotton gloves. He was my North, my South, my East, my West. My working week and my Sunday rest. My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song, I thought love would last forever: I was wrong. The stars are not wanted now, put out every one. Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun. Pour out the ocean and sweep up the wood, For nothing now can ever come to any good."

They say rubber's mainly for perverts. Don't know why. Think it's very practical, actually. I mean, you spill anything on it and it just comes off. I suppose that could be why the perverts like it.

Used to work at Vogue. Lives in America now. Only gets out with very glamorous people. Quite out of your league.

This house had a lovely, although quite yellow, kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, etc. I was very excited, then we went into the basement and stepped in a puddle of water. so much for that.

I think this wallpaper takes the cake on all wallpapers. Not necesarily scary per se but definitely the most unique. This house had a decent first floor but bizarre upstairs.

There were about 6 spaces like this in the upstairs which was just one big space with lots of these crawl spaces and a bathroom. The whole upstairs was tiled...bizarre!

Kitchen in the house we want. I should have taken pics of the yard and outside. The front is a really pretty brick layout.

1/2 finished basement

Upstairs full bath

Upstairs bedroom number 1

Upstairs bedroom number 2

Living Room

Dining Room

Walkway to kitchen and stairs up. There is a bedroom and 1/2 bath to the right.

half of 3-season porch

Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Why does it seem that everything lately comes as a dose of really bad with really good. I feel as though there is some great equilibrium at work and in order for something really good to happen to me something horrible as to come along with it. Before I get into that quick run down on my weekend so far.

Friday night I went to a TNT fundraiser. It was a "Stampin Out" create-a-card party. I had a lot of fun making cards and meeting new people. Sometimes you forget that there are other fun Hobbies out there that aren't sports related ;) It was way out in Elyria so I got home pretty late, but was able to spend a little time with Carla and David talking before heading to bed.

Woke up early Saturday and ran with B on the tow path. I got in 14.5 miles in just shy of 2 hours. B was nice and carried my gatorade for me because I am a weenie and wimp. I went to put the gatorade in my fuel belt and found that one of the bottles had mold in it. So I decided I could just carry the regular bottle, well that didn't go over so well so thanks B for letting me be a wimp!

1/4-mile 1.57.06
2 miles (we took the long way and missed the mile marker) 16.18.8
1/4-mile 1.47.37

We went and saw KT's crew meet in downtown Cleveland. She did really well. Her "4" came in 5th out of 13 (but was within 8 seconds of 2nd), and her "8" came in 2nd. It looked like they creamed everyone else but I guess one of the boats that started later passed two boats and edged them out.

Now onto the good vs. bad

Let's start with the good I guess.

After the crew meet we went and looked at 5 houses. All of these were a little higher price range, but we figured we should look, esp. since I won't have the car payment now.

So the first house was nice, a little strange looking, but overall the best "fit" for us so far. A lot of work would be involved in cleaning up the wood floors, replacing a few windows, retiling all the bathrooms, etc. but it had a lot of character and we definitely liked it.

The next three had some good points but same as all the others there were just some things you couldn't live with.

Then we went to our realtor's (also our cousin) best friends house, which isn't on the market yet. He just bought a new house and was working on fixing up this one to sell. This house was quite lovely (will post pics later). There is a three-season enclosed porch in the front, wood floors in the dining room and living room. Huge gas burning fireplace. Huge square kitchen with lots of cupboard space. A decent sized downstairs bedroom and half bath. Half finished basement! Two bedrooms upstairs. And a nice sized full bath upstairs. There is a small backyard and a good sized side yard. The house is near the lake so our street has a "beach club" which is basically a little gated plot down by the lake where you can grill and hang out. The neighbors all seemed quite nice.

In other words we want it :) It is definitely the highest price range we looked at (115-120k) but the fact that we wouldn't have to put any work into it right away and that it fit the majority of our needs makes it worth it, plus taxes are lower so that will even out cost.

The good thing is if that doesn't pan out we have two other houses to fall back on that we would be perfectly happy living in. But keep your fingers crossed for us because this house was lovely!

Hopes are to be moving in and closing by Nov. 1st!

So after having this wonderful news of course I would have to come home to something more difficult.

A member of my family whom I hold very dear is in the hospital and being treated for a very serious illness. I found this out from my sister yesterday and got more details from my parents when we got into Michigan last night. I am very upset to say the least. And circumstances right now have made it so I am not allowed to go visit at the hospital. I have always struggled with being far from my family and now I feel very helpless that I am within driving distance and I cannot go to give my support.

I am very upset and I have to go to my family golf outing today and pretend that everything is all right when it isn't. I am usually very comfortable around my family, even though we have our issues, it is always like being "home." Today I am afraid that I might lose it. I am hoping against all hopes that everyone will be civil and that out of respect we will all have a good time and keep petty crap under wraps. I think my sister feels the same way. It is really hard because I love every person in my family with a fierceness and when they are set on working against each other I have no idea where I fit into that picture.

So sorry for being so cryptic. I need to write this because it is cathartic and will hopefully help me to be stronger but I also think some things are just private.

I want to thank my husband for being my stronghold as I have broken down crying several times since hearing the news and he has been my rock and held me and tried to make it all right. I am very grateful that I have him. I love you babe.

Carole Lombard?

You're a little bit of a fruitcake, but you always act out in style. You have a good sense of humor, are game for almost anything, but you like to have nice things about you and are attracted to the high life. You're stylish and modern, but you've got a few rough edges that keep you from attaining true sophistication. Your leading men include William Powell, Fredric March, and Clark Gable. Watch out for small planes.

You scored 19% grit, 0% wit, 57% flair, and 35% class!
I scored 0% wit???

What classic leading dame or man are you?

Create-a-card party tonight and taking a rest from training!

Car is in the shop for brakes and oil check let's hope it is easily fixed and cheap!

The drive in this morning was HORRIBLE! Lots of rain and lots of traffic. Farge!


Went to Euclid Creek tonight for my tempo of the week.

Did 2.5 mile warm up
4 Fartlek sets of 3 minutes hard 2 easy
half mile easy
1 mile hard 7:35, phooey, although it was uphill (I don't really trust the mile markers at E. Creek)
2.5 mile cool down

For a total of about 9 miles in an hour and 16 minutes. so about 8:30 pace

For most of the workout I did a mental prep thing for Columbus. I repeated to myself over and over again "I am strong, I am tough, I am going to run 3:30"

I really do think that visualization and mental preperation make a big difference on race day. I know that both years for Chicago I set down my race plans in writing and I mentally walked through the race multiple times. Both times I made or exceeded my goal and had a wonderful time. Whereas for Memphis and Boston I didn't really do that and those races were a lot tougher and the results weren't what I was hoping for.

So I am going to be getting my mind ready for Columbus because it is in one month!!!

Dusted off my bike

I went and rode tonight with the Philips crew. We are one rag tag crowd. Me and A on our road bikes. One guy on a hybrid, another on a mntn bike, and J on a mono cog mntn bike Hard Core!

We took it easy tonight and rode 17 miles in about and hour and 15 minutes. We avoided the metro mountains but did climb a few hills.

I felt pretty slow even when I was trying. Oh well. I haven't rode since Chicago so I should take it eays on myself :) It was nice getting back on the bike after not doing anything but running for a couple weeks.

So I am going to jump on the band wagon here it goes: (please forgive me but some of my faves are quite obscure and old)

Step 1: Pick 15 movies you like.
Step 2: Choose a quote you like from each.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what movie the quotes come from.

Step 4: DON'T GOOGLE THEM - that would be cheating so just don't do it!
Step 5: Have fun & enjoy!

1: I have taken an oath that no one may cross this bridge without my permission.

2: Is he really that dangerous?
Only around humans.

3: When the wine drinks itself, when the skull speaks, when the clock strikes the right time, only then will you find the tunnel that leads to the Red Bull. There be a trick to it, of course.

4:A big man is ripping your ears off Percy. I'd do as he says.

5: No, no. No, see this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea.

6: Take a look at what I'm wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.

7: What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?

8: Sometimes, I guess there's just not enough rocks.

9: Another Great Conjunction coming up! Anything could happen! Whole WORLD might burn up!

10: Are you hinting my apples aren't what they ought to be?
Oh, no! It's just that she doesn't like little green worms!

11: This shot was not meant for you.

12: What a dope, he tripped on a rope. Now look at him shiver. Beg for mercy rich man.

13: There's ALWAYS time for lubricant!

14: Very bad indeed. Blue are outselling me five to one. But I'm hoping for a late surge. And if I reach number one, I promise to sing the song stark naked on TV on Christmas Eve.

15: I was a lesbian once at school, but only for about fifteen minutes.


I made it to the track tonight!!!! Yes! Big thanks to Su and B for letting me catch a ride with them!

I had a great track workout. Wasn't sure how it would go from the first 800. I really thought I was going to struggle to hold a constant pace throughout but I managed to negative split each rep.

Did a mile and 3/4 warm up. My left heel hurt a bit but it was tolerable.


then a mile cool down as usual.

Went to Applebees. No Hoggy's since we are on Bedford track now. But I had the lime chicken fiesta again with fries. It was really good. And B was nice enough to let me have a few bites of his dessert. Add on a tall beer and my tummy is very satisfied :)

Work is going well. I am off POD for awhile supposedly. And am working on a watershed in Michigan. I actually get to do some writing which should be a nice change. We shall see.

Getting the truck insurance taken care of is going to be a wee bit rough. My mom is on the title so I need notarized power of attorney etc. Let's hope that it works out quickly. (before my next payment is due!)

Why Running?

Let me preface by saying I am by no means a poet. I saw a girl running tonight as I left work and I had this feeling course through me. At that moment she was everything I am when I run. Free from the world doing her own thing. Running is my thing. I don't know why. I have been running for almost 14 years now and I still love it and I still find new joys in it with every run. There is a peace in running that is hard to find elsewhere. I sometimes find the same in music. There are also highs you get from running that no drug could ever embody. I am and will always be a runner. It is something I get. It's mine. I can't explain it to anyone. Even other runners. For me it is special in its own way and it is something I can't imagine living without. Hence the attempt to capture it below.

Running is a part of me

I want to run

I have to run

When I run I am free

I want to pound the pavement

I want to tackle trails

I like the feel of sore muscles

It means I will run faster next week

And eventually my legs will soar

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run

I don’t want to be caged

I hate treadmills

I want to feel the breeze on my skin

As I sweat and stride

I want to feel the sun on my skin

When I run I am in my world

On my turf

Running is my freedom

My escape

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run

I am my own metronome

I run to my own beat

One foot after the other

It’s in my blood

It courses through my veins

It takes me to new levels

When I run I am me

I am more me than anytime else

I can feel it

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run

Dad in the Mustang. Can you say JEALOUS? It is pretty freaking sweet

Mom in the new Stang

Catan Madness, I didn't win any of our games, but I came close in this one!

Fresh Start

This morning I took care of all the logistics of making the Focus legally mine. Got my Ohio Title, my e-check, and my new plates. Surprisingly this went very efficiently. Next time I will go to e-check first. I thought that I needed the new title for that but in retrospect I am pretty sure they would have accepted the Michigan one.

Golden Gate offers one-stop shopping for the title, plates, and registration. But the E-Check was in Euclid. So I had to do a bit of back and forth. I was the only one in the license bureau when I went at 9 for the out of state inspection and I only had to wait about 10 minutes for my title. The e-check went quickly as I was 2nd in line. Then I had to wait about 20 minutes to get my plates. I was very pleased that I had everything I needed :) Thank goodness for the small things!

I dropped off the rental car and they took me back to my apartment. Enterprise rocks! I ended up only having to pay about $35 for the rental taxes, $35 to get the rental back up to 3/4 tank, and insurance covered the rest. Nice!

I called Grange insurance about the claim I had on the bumper and they are going to cut me a check since I won't be getting that fixed anymore.

So as soon as I hear back from total loss department all my insurance woes will be taken care of.

My heel still hurts today but it is a lot more bearable. I am going to keep stretching and icing and hope for the best at the track tomorrow. I am carpooling to the track tomorrow as I am terrified to drive there since I haven't made it the past two weeks both due to accidents.

The drive in today was fine though (mostly because it wasn't rush hour). The brakes on the Focus feel a little funny so I will try to take it in to the shop Friday. But she drives great and once we get her cleaned and checked out she will be a good addition to the family. I was very partial to my pick up, but I think I will enjoy driving the Focus. She gets 33 mpg! And has cruise control! (Which seems weird since she is a manual)

My new cell arrived today! So once that has charged for 24 hours David and I will each have our own! No more emergency situations stuck without the cell!

My parents new Mustang is pretty sweet. I will post pics later.

Thank you everyone again for being so concerned about my welfare and for all the generous things everyone did for me during this whole ordeal. I can't thank you all enough.

River Run Half

Woke up bright and early to do the River Run Half Marathon today. I had a really good race and ended up taking 4th in my age group, averaging 7:27 per mile. 1:37:41

K ran with me for most of the race. We didn't talk much but it was nice having someone to help you keep pace. B and Su did awesome. At this rate they will both make their marathon goals for sure. A ran too slow with a friend and was mad afterwards but at least Su caught her at 9 to make the rest of the race more enjoyable.

To put my race time in perspective the first girl ran 1:16:51, second 1:21:22. I was 32nd out of women. Not too bad for me at this distance. It is a huge race, or at least it feels like it.

Unfortunately my heel started bothering me during the race. At the time I thought it was a bruise. K thinks it is planar fascitis. He is probably right. Let's hope that ice, ibuprofen, and stretching will do the trick, because these feet need to be ready for Columbus in a month!