Electric Panel and the year in review

My dad was over today to switch our multiple electric panels into one electric panel. One of the panels was made by a company that is out of business and is currently being sued because of all the panel fires. So we thought it best to switch those out into one main panel. We just finished that up and I am ready for bed! Didn't think about it until half way through the process but we probably should have called the electric company to let them know what we were up to. We will have to have them come out to reseal the meter.

Work today was a nightmare. Basically a task that literally makes my brain hurt. Suffice it to say I am not really in a chipper mood as I worked on the same task all weekend also.

I did manage to get in some running though thankfully. Did the 5k Saturday and then Sunday I went and paced Su for a half marathon. I got in around 14-15 miles total between running to the race and back and also running with SW at the end of her race. Su did a great job and PRd by about 40 seconds, something like 1:53:55. Buckeye runner was also out there and did pretty well herself around 2:04!

The weather was great for the race. I started in my boston shorts, my long sleeve columbus technical, and my wild bill shirt and matching hat. I ended up stripping off the long sleeve though. Gave the spectators a bit of a show. Managed to do it without removing my hat even! All while running around 8:44 pace!

I was updating my Nike running log today and decided to look at some of my totals for the year so far. I am glad I kept this Nike Journal Updated. Obviously there are holes where I didn't know mileage and/or time but this gives me a good perspective on my training year so far. I need to spend more time on the bike and in the water (only biked 26 times and swam 31) as opposed to the 154 runs I did. No wonder my running has improved so much this year :) Already over 1,000 miles!

Number of Times: 154
Total Distance: 1018.65 mi
Total Time Engaged: 129:35:07

Number of Times: 137
Total Distance: 878.85 mi
Total Time Engaged: 111:02:08

Number of Times: 17
Total Distance: 139.8 mi
Total Time Engaged: 18:32:59

Number of Times: 26
Total Distance: 448.09 mi
Total Time Engaged: 28:40:48

Number of Times: 1
Total Distance: 0 mi
Total Time Engaged: 00:30:00

Number of Times: 3
Total Distance: 0 mi
Total Time Engaged: 01:00:00

Number of Times: 31
Total Distance: 13.26 mi
Total Time Engaged: 17:26:45

Number of Times: 4
Total Distance: 6 mi
Total Time Engaged: 03:02:49

Number of Times: 5
Total Distance: 0 mi
Total Time Engaged: 00:00:00


BuckeyeRunner said...

Impressive year-end stats!! Awesome. It was so cool that I spotted you at the race! I recognized your sunglasses, I think. Nice race.

E-Speed said...

Oh no! I lost those sunglasses at the race! :)

I am not allowed to buy expensive sunglasses anymore.

Chad Austin said...

Yeah, running is simple - the harder you work the better the results. But over 3 hours to walk 6 miles seems really slow. Were you hiking?

E-Speed said...

Zeke, one of the gaps I mentioned. I just looked and I went "walking/hiking" 4 times this year but only knew the mileage for one time. So I walked 6 miles in 97 minutes. The rest of the walking was just logged in time. 45 minutes once and two 20 minute walks. Since I have no clue how fast I walk I didn't bother to estimate distance.