No Internet

Sigh, the phone service stopped at the apartment today. And DSL won't be up and running at the house till Tuesday. I, however, will be away from the internet until THURSDAY because of a work trip! Gasp, whatever will I do?

But not to fear. My trusted partner in blogging crime will be posting some pics from the move tomorrow for you so those should tide you over till I am back!

I am definitely ready to get back out and running. Last night as I exited my work building I found my legs carrying me swiftly down the hill. I was running all the way to the car. So while my mind knows this break is good for me (let my foot and hip recover a bit) my legs are ready to get back out on the roads! They will just have to wait until Sunday though!

The house is mostly clean and ready for the major move tomorrow. We have tons of friends and family coming to help so it should be a relatively quick and painless process. Tonight we have to finish packing and get everything dusted off.

BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE COMING TO HELP! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our life. It is really quite amazing. Who knew we would end up here :)

Can't wait for everything to get into the house so we can all hang out at the new place! Who's on for Settlers? And B and Coach K's faves Catch Phrase and Scrabble! ;) Get ready to get your game on!


Steven said...

Best of luck with the move. Lift safely (with the legs!) so you don't hurt yourself

mouse said...

Lift those boxes with proper form and you can call it a leg workout. ;)

Congrats on the new place, by the way!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Steven and Mouse! I will be SUPER careful! Anything too heavy I will let the boys tackle it!

Flatman said...

Have fun too! This is a moment to remember!!!

Susan said...

Have fun with the move. It is an exciting time!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Flatman and Susan! We are going to have a blast! After we get everything moved in all our friends and family are going to hang out, play games, chat etc. It is going to be a fun day!

Adele said...

Hooray! Sorry I didn't make it to dinner tonight. You named three of my favorite games! Yay!