And now for something completely different

Upper Arm Toning!

3*10 each arm of:
One-arm tricep extensions
Bicep Curls

"raise the roof" not sure what the real name for this one is
lateral front arm raise-this one was tough!

2* 10 each arm:
Tricep Kick Backs

Will wait and see how my arms feel tomorrow before adding any more ;)

Dentist appointment was all right. My gums hurt pretty bad, and I have a cavity :( Next Wednesday I get a filling. I have an abnormal fear of needles so this will be extremely stressful. They have promised me lots of hallucinogenic nitrous to calm me down before the shot. I will probably still freak. But at least my teeth are clean and the dentist said other than the small cavity my teeth look great. I am scheduled for another cleaning in 6 months.

The lady cleaning my teeth was extremely nice. She even gave me a cherry topical to help numb my gums (it wore off rather quickly). But the gesture was nice. She said she has never seen that much tartar on someone my age, I always have to be the "best" at everything ;). She said I was probably going to lose weight from all the tartar she scraped off, I don't know about that but I probably lost 2 pounds from all the bleeding. They REALLY need to make those vacuum tubes some color other than clear! I almost cried twice the scraping hurt my gums so bad. Now I remember why I don't like to go to the dentist!

She also told me I am a good candidate for bleaching. Apparently my teeth are all one even color, just not white! :) So if anyone wants to give me the money for professional cleaning I can go make these babies PEARLY WHITES! ;) I was tempted to bleach before the wedding. Maybe I will try those Crest Strips if the budget allows for it...

Don't think I am going to run tonight. Don't feel like going out by myself in the dark. I am working on waking up when the alarm clock goes off so maybe I will actually run in the morning tomorrow when it is light!


mouse said...

Although I do absolutely nothing dentistry related, I work in a dental school, so it is my job to nicely remind you that the visits generally don't hurt as bad if you go at regular intervals to have the tartar buildup removed. Flossing helps too, or so I hear. I'll admit that I rarely floss. Just don't tell the dentists I work with.

Glad to hear the visit was at least manageable. Good job with the weights, too!

D said...

My sister has a phobia of needles as well. Once I was with her as she was going into a surgery and she is trying to tell this nurse that she has a phobia of needles. The nurse laughed it off as she tried putting an IV into her. My sister almost passed out. Finally the nurse understood what a phobia of needles meant!

I read your Boston post from last year. Thanks for sharing! You are a speed demon!

E-Speed said...

Thanks mouse! That is what the dentist told me too :( I do floss, but I guess I am actually too agressive with it! Which is not helping my already tartar sensitive gums :( I think I am a tartar magnet. :)

E-Speed said...

dgc- as that nurse should have known a phobia of needles can be bad! I have only had blood drawn once (i was slightly intoxicated) and the nuirse didn't warn me she was going to take it and she just came at me with the needle. I ended up hitting her she scared me so bad!

Not that my behavior was excusable. But I am glad that this dentists office is going to try and make it as easy for me as possible.

My last doc wanted me to get blood tests, I never did go, but she offered to give me some kind of meds to calm my nerves first. Some docs realize things will go much better if you give the patient a little.

That was way too long. I really overanalyze my needle phobia. I don't know if I will ever get over it. I still cry!

Just12Finish said...

I was about 6 when my first ever visit to the dentist resulted in an extraction with what looked like pliers forged during the industrial revolution. Is is a surprise I developed a phobia for all things dentistry related?

You'd think that if they wanted to encourage more frequent visits, they'd make each visit more pleasent, less torturous? Sigh.

taskette said...

Elizabeth. I floss almost every night & the dentist always tells me I have a lot of tartar. Mostly behine my bottom front teeth. I've always had that problem. Don't worry, your not the only one.

I like the pictures of your cats. I have some pics of my cats on one of my blogs. I'm glad I am not the only one.

robtherunner said...

Arm-toning is a good thing. I had to start lifting weights again this fall. I was running high mieage over the summer and my wife told me she thought my arms were getting smaller. Let's just say the comment did not boost my ego that much.

S. Lynne Fremont said...

My dentist told me that those crest white strips work almost as well as having teeth done in his office and they are a whole lot cheaper. Actually I believe he said that if he did it for me , it would be a rip off. :)

Chad Austin said...

When I'm at the dentist I like to practice trying to relax as much as possible. I figure if I can relax while I'm having a cavity filled I should be able to relax during a race.

E-Speed said...

Just12Finish-Similar experience with my first shot, which I assume is why I am terrified of needles to this day.

taskette- The cats are a riot. They are my kids, so yeah, I post about them ;)

rob- I don't really want big arms (although I could see why a guy would!) but I would love to make my triceps look the part. I swim pretty fast, but I don't look like it! Dang arm flab! (to an extent I think this is genetic, so I don't know if I can really do too much about it)

Lynne- I think I may ask for those for Christmas!

Zeke- Relax at the dentist? As they are coming at me with a huge, sharp, painful needle? Give me a race anyday!

monica said...

I really enjoy going to the dentist (except for fillings--I hate the drill more than anything). I love having my teeth cleaned (I'm psycho about clean teeth-I even brush at work after lunch).

I have done the Crest White Strips. They do work pretty well. But they make your teeth a little more sensitive for awhile, so be forewarned.

The more I think about bleaching, the sillier I think it is---unless you have completely corn-yellow or gray or brown teeth---you shouldn't do it. Teeth are not made to be stark white. But our society has convinced us they are suppose to be white.

But...I don't condone the Crest White Strips. Just don't obsess over it.

By the way---the reason you probably think of me when you hear "I Will Survive" is probably because I always use to sing it and do my choreographed dance to it at Frat parties. But yes, I do like the Cake version (but I love anything by Cake).


E-Speed said...

Mon- That is so funny because I don't mind the drilling. That is totally fine. I was totally fine getting my wisdom teeth out too, I was awake for the whole thing.

The only part of the drilling and pulling that I don't like is the needle that they start with :(

Chicalookate said...

I should make an appointment to go to the dentist... It just is never on my list of priorities. Plus I know I have to have some work finished and I just can't afford it right now. I would also like some bleaching. I never notice the color of my teeth until I see a picture of myself. :)