Has anyone seen my bedskirt?

Your mission, should you choose to accept

Your orders are: to find one, missing bedskirt

The whereabouts of said bedskirt have been unknown as of 11/12/05, the day of THE MOVE.

Obvious locations have been checked (like in the box with the rest of the bedding)

We're counting on you to find said bedskirt before the housewarming party or we shall be forced to buy new bedding.

Best of Luck

This message will self destruct upon reading.


Bolder said...

ok, first off, let me compliment you on the vid installation... not everyone does it -- right -- so, you can enjoy the vid while writing ridiculously long comments.

i've accepted the challenge of the bedskirt. having myself, just conquered the challenge of the pillow case (stuck wet to the inside front of the washer thingy)... ask me how many times i zipped open my duvet, and played tent 'cause i was sure it was in there -- go one ASK ME! Augggghhh!

Guess what I'm saying is, I feel your pain... your pain is my pain... so, I'm gonna help. The bedskirt is in a box.

Really, no need to thank me. I'm here to help.

E-Speed said...

Awesome Bold I will check in a box stat ;)

It is funny the things that have come up missing. Most of which were the last things to get packed so they ended up in random unlabeled boxes or in boxes with completely unrelated items. Like our nice cooking pans ended up in the recylcing can. Who Knew?

monica said...

If I told you where it was...I'd have to kill you....LOL
Have you checked the litterbox? Maybe a cat ate it??? :)

island Jen said...

LOL unpacking can be so fun, especially when you do it 3 years after the fact and find all those things that you forgot you ever owned!! LOL Hubby and i just did that while doing a 'purge' I located my rolling pin, an entire crock of kitchen utensils and some vanilla beans. (I FORGOT ABOUT THESE!!@!)

Eostre said...

Pffft, just buy new bedding. This is Thanksmas, after all, the season we celebrate shopping and comfort food. Besides, you won't find the old one until you've 1)purchased a new bed skirt and 2)thrown the receipt/packaging away.