Columbus Marathon Training Week 5

Goals for the week were:

Total Mileage 65 - 70.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo run 5 miles @ 6:20
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Saturday: 5 miles easy
Sunday: Columbus Half (total miles for the day at least 16)

How it played out: 70 miles

M-8 miles easy trails 8:26 pace
T-AM 3 miles EZ, PM 10 miles with track
W-9 miles with 6*100 strides 8:04 pace
Th-10 miles with 5 mile tempo
F-8 miles easy 8:28 pace
Sat-5 miles easy with 3*100 strides
Sun-2 mile warm up with 4*100 strides, half marathon, 2 mile cool down

Tuesday Track Workout:

This one was tough. Goal 4*800 at mile race pace which is around 2:35-2:40 with 2:30 rest followed by 1600 at 5:40 pace

2:38.30 (2:28.69)
2:35.53 (2:31.60)
2:37.05 (2:32.13)
2:37.52 (5:40)


Shorter tempo because of the race. We had another speedy gal join us and the pace got pushed. My legs were feeling twitchy though, ready to do something impressive, so I just went with it.

Goal was 5 at 6:20, we ended up averaging 6:10.


Race Day:

Report to follow. Very happy with the results.

Columbus Marathon 2010 Training week 4

Weekly Goal:

Total Mileage 70 - 75.

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo run 2 miles @ 6:40, 5 miles @ 6:20
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 18 miles @ 7:00.
10 miles @ 6:40.

How it played out: 77 miles

Monday 8.2 at 8:20
Tuesday 10.0 with track
Wednesday AM 8.2 at 8:25
Lunch 5.3 at 8:16 with 6*100 strides
Thursday 10.0 with tempo
Friday 5.4 at 8:45ish (forgot garmin)
Saturday 12.0 at 6:43 (10 at 6:31)
Sunday 18.0 at 6:58

Knew when I got the weeks workouts it would be tough. Basically jumping to 4 hard days while getting the mileage back up there. Thankfully the weather this week was not nearly as hot and humid as it has been.

Tuesday's track workout went well:

400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 all at 85 seconds per 400 with rest at half of the intervals time length

1:25.45 (43.89)
2:49.00 (1:26.30)
4:14.20 (2:09.70)
5:38.45 (2:49.85)
4:12.28 (2:10.57)
2:46.18 (1:26.52)

Thursdays tempo was another struggle. Not sure it is a coincidence that after having a kickass track workout I struggled with the tempo. Goal was 7 miles, 2@6:40 followed by 5 at 6:20. The new course we have been running on has some rollers and two of the miles are significant rollers, some nights I seem fine, but others I just get juiced by these miles and struggle the rest of the way. It is definitely getting frustrating falling apart on these workouts every 4th or so workout, especially considering the paces really aren't that fast. These should be very doable for me right now. My only other theory is that the work week just gets to me by Thursday evening.


averaged 6:34

Saturdays run went great. Ran with a couple of fast Second Sole guys and a fast local gal on the towpath in Akron. We started out at the goal 6:40 pace and kept it to 6:49 up the monster hill mile then the rest of the run was at 6:30 or better. 10 miles just shy of my 10 mile PR on a training day, so definitely a confidence booster.

Sundays long run didn't feel stellar but got it done at 6:58 pace and wasn't too much worse for wear. (Other than my ankle which has a huge gash on it from wearing bad socks Saturday, dumb move)

Random Thoughts...

After a Hard Saturday Morning Run, to name a few:

Stop forgetting your Garmin!
Man when I am up I'm up and when I am down I am down!
Wonder if redlining it always results in such bipolar attitudes and workouts. (Or is this just me?)
Good company makes a tough run much easier.
Running hard runs with those whose max pace is much faster than yours is dangerous.
Damn I have to run 13.1 miles faster than this next week.
I wonder what the gas station guy thinks I am doing with the $4 ice bags I am purchasing every day.
Chugging two chocolate milks may not have been the brightest move post run.
Never wear those socks with trainers again, nasty ankle gash.
I'm sick of sweating so much that my shoes are soaked by the end of the run.

A Question

As I polish off my third lemon in three days, I'm wondering: what is the craziest thing you've ever done to try and ensure marathon success?

Last free weekend for awhile

I've been so busy rushing around training, working, and trying to be social that the calendar is filling up before I can slow down to realize what I have added to it. Which is how this weekend ended up being the last free one for awhile. Remind me to enjoy it :)

Upcoming Events:

August 29th- Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon (Racing)
September 4th- North Coast Challenge 5 Mile (Racing)
September 12th- Rev3 Ironman (Cheering)
September 18th- Air Force Half (1:40 pacer)
September 25th- Akron Marathon Relay (Racing Anchor Leg)
Two weekends to breathe/taper
October 17th- Columbus Marathon (Racing)

Twilight Trail 8k 2010

This past Thursday was the Twilight Trail 8k race. This was my fourth year running it as part of a relay team. Each partner runs the full 8k and the team with the fastest combined finish time takes honors. The catch is this is an age and sex graded start race, with staggers for different age groups and sex to try and even up the field. At 7pm women over 60 start and at 7:16 pm the young men 30 and under will go off giving chase with staggers in between for all other age categories. In addition you can donate $5 to the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center to jump up one stagger.

"Warming" Up- AKA getting in our weekly miles

Ready to race

With the green light from coach my training partner and I traded in our tempo to team up and race Twilight Trail 8k, both paying the $5 donation. (It's a good cause, it's gives you an edge, and this way there are less people to pass at the stream crossing which is early in the race and can get congested) So we started the race at 7:08 PM. The course is all Bridle trail except for the start and finish which is a winding path through a large grass field. I stayed with my training partner for a little less than the 1st mile which takes you through the grass field, over a stream crossing (almost biffed it but managed to stay upright), and ends climbing a monster steep hill. I decided to save my self and try to avoid falling so far behind like I did last year by not pushing too hard up the hill. First mile was super fast still at 6:29 and I knew I'd have to push myself to hold that pace on the trails with the humidity and heat.

And we're off

I did my best to keep my partner in my line of sight and not let her open up the gap anymore. Last year I got caught by 2 females (one from a later wave and one from my wave) and a few men. It was my goal this year to not get caught. (And get in a good hard race). By mile 2 I was already off the markers. I don't take tangents well on roads, let alone trails and once again I managed to add a bit of trail to my run.

I could still see NC shortly ahead in the distance and was mentally willing myself to keep the pace and keep pushing to keep or lessen the gap she had on me. The next two miles just dragged mentally. It was hot and humid and boy 13 minutes can seem like an eternity when you are working hard (Especially since after about mile 3 there was no one left to pass from the earlier staggers)! But I managed not to fall too far behind and after mile 4 I closed back to about the same distance NC had gapped me in the first mile. As we neared the grass field finish I saw some CTC friends and smiled. There were a few small rollers here threatening to juice me, but by the time we hit the grass field I managed to up my effort and make that last mile (by my Garmin) the fastest in around 6:23. Managed to hold off all the guys from the later starts and place 2nd overall with a 32:52 with NC finishing 27 seconds ahead of me for us to sweep the team competition.

After catching our breath we cheered on some more friends and headed out for a 4 mile cool down with fellow teammate TM who snagged 2nd individual female for the evening.

I was happy to do much better than last year shaving about 2 minutes off my time. It was a good workout and being able to lead the field with my training partner was fun!

Final Stretch

Seriously Sweaty

Post Race Discussions

At least we clean up well!

Columbus Training - Week 2 and 3

Week 2 Goals:
Total Mileage 65 - 70.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Tempo run 7 miles @ 6:30.
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 8:00 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 18 miles @ 7:20.
10 miles @ 7:30 - 7:40.

Week 3 Goals:

Total Mileage 70.

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: Twilight Trail 8k or tempo run 7 miles @ 6:25
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower at least 8 miles on one of these
days and 4 - 6 x 100.
Long run 20 miles @ 7:10 average for total distance with last 5 miles under 35 mins.
10 miles @ 7:00 - 7:20.

How it played out:

Week 2: 70 miles
Monday-8 miles 7:56 pace trails
Tuesday-10 miles with track
Wednesday-10 miles 8:28 pace
Thursday- 3 miles easy with 6*100
Friday-Tempo 7 at 6:23, 10 total
Saturday-10 miles 7:28 pace
Sunday- 18 miles at 7:11 pace

week 3: 70 miles
Monday-8 miles ~ 8:30 pace
Tuesday-8 miles with track solo
7:37 average
Wednesday- 9 miles 8:30 pace
Thursday- 3 mile warm up with strides, 8k trail race, 4 mile cool down
Friday- 4 miles easy with 6*100 strides 8:30 pace
Saturday- 10 miles solo 7:08 pace
Sunday- 20 miles solo, 7:17 pace, last 5 in 35:34

Key Workouts:

Last Week-8*800 with 90 second rests targeting 2:50. Solid workout all between 2:47 and 2:50.
This week- Ran by myself later to avoid the heat, original workout is moved to next week and instead we did 200s because of the heat. 16*200/200 jog aiming for 49s or whatever heat allowed. All but 3 in 39 something, 1 in 40 and 2 in 38 something. My head was not in it, just a bummer day for me, so I was glad my body was on board even though I wasn't really with it.

Tempo: Ran this one solo and pushed it back to Friday morning due to nicer weather. So glad I did. Hit all 7 miles under 6:30 and averaged 6:23 for the run.

Twilight Trail: Post to come, a fun night with friends and a good hard run

Long Runs:
Last week- both the 10 miler and 18 miler were a blast. The weather was cooler and I had good company. I've been becoming a bit of a shell of my perky self in this heat and hard training and both of these runs made me remember what it used to be like when i was a little less serious and most runs felt good and were just fun. Hopefully I can continue this pattern now that I know it's still there to be had even while achieving my goals.

This week: we are visiting friends in Cinci and I wasn't able to con anyone into keeping me company so I got in my ten yesterday while my friends ran their 8 and today I got in 20 while they all went disc golfing. Yesterday was pretty hot and humid but I survived and managed to hit the paces. Today was a little cooler but I got off to a late start and paid for it about half way through the run. Went a bit too far from the water source and was feeling pretty miserable by mile 14 when I got back to water. Literally took my clothes off and wrung them out before dousing my arms and face in cold water to try and bring my core temp down. My pace was falling off from the target so I just ignored the watch and did my best to run at the effort desired and finish it out. Despite carrying the handheld and 3 water stops I was just no match for the humidity here. Oh well, I was close and hopefully that is the worst conditions I will ever have to live through on a 20!

My right hamstring has been a bit tweaked since last Sunday so I am keeping an eye on it (and icing). My left ankle has just been stiff whenever I am not running. Also keeping an eye on it and making sure to stretch and ice. I can definitely tell I am in marathon training mode again! Hoping coach lets me bump up the miles some (despite this ridiculously hot weather), I think I need to boost my base, my strength on these long runs (and longer track repeats) is lacking right now. My speed seems good, but 2 of 3 long runs so far I have definitely not felt like a marathoner, I did not feel like I could run a fast marathon this morning, that's for sure. Let's hope once the weather breaks that changes!

Johnnycake Jog Report

A brief note about race reports and then a brief wrap up on Johnnycake. I definitely waited too long to get this one into print and lost some of the finer details!

Every race I think there should be some take away point. Some lessons learned, or some idea of why you were successful. Most of the time I find I like to have these recaps to be able and look back at what went right and wrong, and also I just like being able to relive the moment years later and remember everything like it was yesterday. Obviously I get detailed with my reports usually and that definitely serves me well when I want to go back and relive the moment, but I think I might be able to do a better job of summing up those key take away points to improve upon my racing in the future. So hopefully you will start seeing more of that in these reports too!

So way back on July 18th (Why is it that 3 weeks seems so long ago?) I toed the start for the Johnnycake Jog 5 miler. I can't lie I am not a fan of the event. It's hot, there no shade, but it is highly competitive and a lot of people love it. I went into it with the goal of breaking 30 minutes and the sub 6 minute barrier and I wanted to try my best to be between 2nd and 5th female (first is J.O. who is just that good that I don't even consider 1st for any races she is in). This was my second race as part of the Second Sole Akron team and there were a ton of the guys out and BB, NC, and I were out representing the ladies. A lot of green! So I also wanted to be a good representative of the team.

Looking back at my race report from last year I wanted to go out on pace and target a fast finish. So much for that, the gun was off and I decided to just cling to NC as long as possible. We were sitting in a group of 3 females already far behind 1st place and dodging construction barrels and the large groups of men near us. I decided once again not to use a watch. I wore it purely so I could know my time at the finish but didn't take splits. The miles where there were no timers I did look at my total time. Nice thing about a sub 6 goal is the math is easy.

First mile was quick in about 5:42. MB who I had keyed off of at Blossom was behind me and I should have realized that was not a good sign, but sometimes I guess you just have to go for glory. NC started to pull ahead but I held my own on the hill in the second mile and stayed close to the 3rd girl who I knew had run a high 28 here last year. Second mile was around 11:52 and I knew I needed to keep my head on and pick up the effort on a slightly downhill 3rd mile.

It got barren here and we headed into the sun. On and off I would be with a guy or two and eventually I closed on the 3rd place girl. 3rd mile was around 18:02 and I was not pleased to be behind the target. Got encouragement from a spectator that I was closing on 3rd and I upped the effort to pass her early in the 4th mile. I did my best to make the pass aggressive and hoped she wouldn't respond but I knew she had more speed in her than that.

Each time a guy would come up on me I would assume it was her or my friend MR who is getting back into things after a hiatus this spring. Both are capable of much better times than 30+. The least two miles of this race are straight and into the sun. I passed the 4th mile at around 24:08 and knew I was going to have to do something special to break 30. Every 400 meters is marked the last mile and once again I was made to realize why you go out conservative at this race because having no kick at the end of this race just sucks.

I managed to pass a few guys but also got passed by a few guys on my way to the finish line. Thankfully no girls came after me and I was able to snag 3rd in 30:16. Not my goal, and I wasn't happy. It was hot and I got dizzy at the finish line, I am sure I ran the best I could given how it went, but I obviously would have liked to have done better. That's the problem with racing your own personal clock. I need to learn that sometimes a podium finish is just as good as a desired time.

After a cool down with MR and NC and the Second Sole guys I was feeling a bit better about things and getting your picture in the paper and some money in your pocket doesn't hurt either :)

It's easy sometimes to forget all the progress I have made and realize that on a day when I missed my goal by 30-45 seconds I am still over a minute faster than the year before. I'll keep trying to remind myself of that when I get frustrated!

Take away points for next race:
1) Run my own race, yes it is a competition but I need to learn to run my own pace at the start and trust that I can close when needed
2) be happy with whatever you do as long as you ran your hardest, don't get so hung up on the numbers
3) warm up etc is still good, shoes are a problem still

Transition Week and 1st Week of training for Columbus

Seeing as we had a tough week with a mile time trial followed by a hard track workout resulting in a blown tempo followed by a 5 mile race coach decided we could use a transition week before hopping on the marathon training wagon. AKA we threatened with mutiny if we didn't get a break ;)

Careful what you ask for I guess. I know rest periods are needed, but I always seem to come out of them feeling lackluster and seem to respond better to just piling it on. Who knows why. I know the break was necessary physically and mentally. With no real break after Boston followed by 12 weeks of hard training and racing in the heat I was due. But as the stats show that first track workout back after break was rough. I just fell completely off the map and coach was not happy with my effort composure etc. Time to get my head back on straight! (I do think I redeemed the effort with a hard workout the following day, a successful tempo, and a long run done solo all in a row)

Transition Week Goals:

Total Mileage 35 - 40.

Tuesday: Track. Easy session
Thursday: No Tempo run
Every other day easy.
Long run: 12 miles

Marathon Week 1 Goals:
Total Mileage 60 - 65.

Tuesday: Track (5*1600 with 90 sec rest targeting 5:55 to 6:00)
Thursday: Tempo run 7 miles @ 6:30.
Long run 16 miles @ 7:20.
Wednesday or Friday easy day 10 miles @ 8:10 or slower.
2 days easy.
1 day 7:20 - 7:40 pace

How it played out:

Transition week I took advantage of the lack of workouts and hit the trails with friends and just tried to enjoy the runs I did and veg out on the days I didn't run.

36 miles

M- Rest
T- Track 9 miles 7:34 pace with 2 miles of stride 100 jog 100
W- Rest
Th- Trails 7.7 miles
F- 7.5 miles 8:34 pace
Sat- 12 miles 7:32 pace
Sun- Rest (Cheering at a rainy cold triathlon)

Marathon week 1 (AKA Crazy madness week)

Monday-8 miles easy 8:23 pace
Tuesday- 9.58 miles with 5*1600 last two were 6:27 and 6:23 rest were 5:55-5:56
Wednesday- 8 miles with xc kids including 21 minutes of running out and backs under 6 minute pace on xc course
Thursday- 11 miles with 7 miles at 6:25 pace
Friday- 16 miles at 7:17 pace solo
Saturday- no official running, worked burning river, got in a few sprints during the day though taking care of problems :). Hiked 4.1 miles clearing markers from midnight to 2 am.
Sunday- 10 miles 8:19 pace in the afternoon

Just shy of 63 miles.

Busy Bee

I have a lot of updating to do here. Still need to post a Johnnycake report, two weeks worth of training need to be summarized, a report on speaking at a XC camp, and a report on another successful Burning River aid station would be nice.

But I am trying to get back into some sort of schedule and get my life back in balance and so far not doing a great job. Good news is there is some hope in sight :)

In the meantime a few photos

High Fiving Coach before Johnnycake

Post cheering at the Fairport Harbor Tri - Drenched!

First set of volunteers at Boston Store - Burning River 100 2010