Bottomless Apple Pie

While I did not take a photo this time I will take the time out to describe my most recent baking endeavor for those that are lacking sweets in their life (See comments on previous post).

My last baking extravaganza was for Christmas with my loving mother watching over me. I successfully made an apple and pumpkin pie and declared myself a domestic diva. So when I had a few apples laying around and a friend over Sunday I decided it was time to try and recreate the baking magic sans mother.

Everything seemed to be in order, other than it taking a lot longer since I didn't have anyone to peel, core, and pare the apples for me. I was jamming out to Suzanne Vega and Tracy Chapman while bopping around the kitchen. Crust seemed to be just fine and I actually purchased a rolling pin this time around so there was no improvising. Got my bottom crust in and began the layering of apples, sugar, cinnamon, and butter. Was a little more scientific with the butter this time and kept it to a set amount before dotting. Rolled out my top crust, added a design for flair and popped that baby in the oven. About 55 minutes later the pie was golden and done so I set it out to cool while jamming out to Guitar Hero.

About an hour later my husband took a break from our gaming to go get everyone a slice of pie. I hear him calling "Honey?" "Yes Dear?" I reply (or something of that nature). "Did you put a crust on the bottom of this pie?"

I distinctly remember putting said bottom crust on pie but upon investigation it certainly looks like I hadn't. So we all had to be content to eat bottomless apple pie, which while not quite as tasty as my Christmas pie, was not a complete failure despite being bottomless. And I'd like to state for the record that the top crust was divine.

The next night I helped myself to a piece from the other half of the pie, which thankfully seemed to still have it's bottom. So chalk that up to a baking mystery I guess! Next time I will remember the photographic evidence.

Week in Review

Just a quick update before I get too far into this week! I'm working on the shoe review and race report I promise :)

Until then let's look at the last week in training. Tried to keep it relatively light with the 50k on the horizon and a large work load last week.


Tuesday- 3 mile treadmill run with impromptu fartlek (mile warm up, 3 minutes 7:03 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace,2 minutes 6:40 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace, 1 minute 6:15 pace, 1 minute 8:20 pace, 15 seconds, 6:00 pace, 15 seconds 5:56 pace, cool down)
Followed by an Easy 500 meter swim with Daisy

Wednesday- Easy 46 minute run

Thursday- AM Swim 1100 meters easy
Lunch Hard Bodies workout 60 minutes, no weights for any leg work, light weights for any upper body work

Friday- Easy 750 meter swim

Saturday- Winter Buckeye 50K

Sunday- Slept in, worked on running club stuff, baked a pie, and played Guitar Hero! Legs felt fine but decided to enjoy a day off

Winter Buckeye 50K Preview

Finished my fifth 50k yesterday in 5:53:30 (First 50k where I didn't take a spill!). Ran with Daisy and Solar most of the way and had a good time. Legs feel great and I am ready to "taper" for Tampa. Got the new shoes in the mail and I'm ready to break em in and get them ready for a 4 hour marathon :)

Note that this is where MT and I almost killed an old man during the summer 50k! Nobody out riding bikes in this weather!

Stopping for a photo at mile 13.

Race report and Shoe Review are on their way!

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A (Phoenix) Week Review

Well I did okay for most of my vacation days on the exercise front but tapered off towards the end in favor of hot tub time, drinking time, reading time, niece time, and TV vegetation time. oh well.

Monday-35 minute run with my niece in her stroller
Tuesday- ~7.5 mile run on the Christensen trail. Saw two roadrunners and two hares (Huge Rabbits!) and thankfully saw no snakes. Ran at a good clip but I am not sure of total distance as I managed to get onto the wrong trail several times.
Wednesday- ~7.5 miles. Frustrating run about 2 miles along an extremely busy road to get to the Reach 11 Recreation area and find that the trail was closed for maintenance. I did a few out and backs and then headed home frustrated.
Thursday- ~4 mile hike in Sedona. Beautiful views as we hiked the trail to Devil's Bridge
Friday- One game of DDR and played two rounds of basketball at Dave and Busters (Has to count for something right?)
Saturday- Rest (flying home)
Sunday- Too damn cold to run so I did house chores instead

On a positive note I did ab workouts everyday I was in AZ and I did push ups a few of the days. Throw in a few rounds of "driving" my niece around the house and I managed not to gain too much weight from all the good Mexican food that was consumed.

Vacation Snapshots

It's good to be home, but man the weather in Ohio leaves a lot in to be desired after the nice sunny weather we had in Phoenix! Here's some photos to highlight the trip.
We had fun in the sun with our orange shades.

Even Bailey joined in!

Balancing on your head is a hoot.

The miracle of pedicures. Can you tell which toenail is a fake acrylic? Who knew you could just get a new toenail when you break yours on a long run!

Gotta fuel up for those desert runs.

Running with the roadrunners and hares.

Gotta Hydrate!

Cruising the dining room floors.

Making up for any lost runs. This kid loves to drive!

Crammed in to go get some sushi. It was well worth it.

Beautiful Sedona Views.

Everyone loves a bikini.

Chilling out enjoying the Sedona red rocks.

Week in Review and a Marathon Plan

Monday January 7th through Sunday the 13th

Monday- 1000 Meter Swim with Daisy, focus on kicking drills. 5.7 mile recovery run 8:33 pace
Tuesday-Spin class 60 minutes. 5.25 mile recovery run 8:47 pace
Wednesday- 1600 meter swim
Thursday- 4 mile EZ Run. 60 minute hard bodies class (Tons of lunges)
Friday- 4 mile EZ Run
Saturday- Rest (flew into Phoenix)
Sunday- 2.5 miles EZ

Finished reading the Pfitzinger book this morning and because of the 50k next week and Tampa Marathon two weeks later I've decided to go with the "10 weeks between marathons plan" for Boston and the "4 weeks between marathons plan" for Cleveland. I'd really like to do one of the official marathon plans but I want to make sure I am fully recovered from the 50k and Tampa marathons. I may be moved up in the pace line so I will want to be especially careful to be fully recovered if I end up pacing under 4 hours.

So my official plan starts February 11th. Until then I am going to use a few of the modified weeks from the 4 weeks between plan to try and be in good shape for Tampa. The Phoenix weather has allowed for some nice runs where I don't have to worry about any snow but it sounds like I will be heading back to some chilly weather at the end of the week which will definitely make following any plan a challenge, but I think I am up to the task!


We are heading west Saturday for a family visit in Phoenix. I cannot wait. I am way over due for a long break from the norm. It is a struggle to make it mentally through the day the past few weeks, thank goodness for morning and lunch workouts!

I should probably get in a long run while I am out there. Any Phoenix readers out there that have a recommendation for a good trail I can get 20+ miles in on? Probably a solo effort so safety is a must too. Debating pacing the FIL at the marathon Sunday to get in the miles, but I'd much rather get out on some desert trails!

May make a trip to Sedona, I've heard there are lots of great trails there. Anyone have any favorites?

Posting may be sporadic, I'll be busy spoiling my niece, relaxing, reading, formulating a training plan, and running on the trails. But hopefully I'll have some fun photos to post when I get back! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Week (s) in review

Okay so it seems that in the New Year bloggers are trying to give a little weekly summary, perhaps to keep themselves accountable, perhaps to track their mileage better, perhaps just because they are bored of writing and just want some content.

I'm going to jump on the wagon. Mostly because I think it is good for any readers and myself to have a neat little summary every week to see what I am (or am not) doing. I also liked doing the weekly reviews before Flying Pig last year. Also with 14 weeks to go til Boston I need to get my butt in gear and form a plan. As you will see the last few weeks are screaming "flying by the seat of my pants" and not focusing in on a training plan that is going to help me get faster, more efficient, and all around healthier this year. I'm about half way through "Advanced Marathoning" and hope to have figured out a plan for training by the end of next week.

Onto the summary (I'm including an extra few weeks to show the randomness that has been the last few weeks):

Monday (12/17/07): Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Swimming 1400 m
Thursday: Hard Bodies Class 60 Minutes
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 8 mile run (trails)
Monday: 13 mile road run (Hills) Pace 8:10
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Stationary Bike 45 minutes/17 miles and ~10 minutes strengthening focus abs
Thursday: Hard Bodies, 60 minutes, lots of lunges,squats
Friday: "Recovery Run" 5.7 miles Pace 8:30 (Need to Slow Down!)
Saturday: 21 mile run (trails)
Sunday: 8 mile recovery run Pace 9:00
Monday: 13 mile run (hard tempo/hills) Pace 7:20, 1 mile cool down
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 40 minute stationary bike/13 miles and ~10 minutes strengthening, shoulders and ab focus
Saturday: 24 mile run (trails)
Sunday (1/6/08): 10.5 mile "recovery run" roads Pace: 9:00 (Probably pushed pace on hills too much)

Brandywine Falls Group Photo from the 5th

Polar Plunge

Was Freezing! But I made the front page :) (okay only my little head made it into the background, but still!)

Glad MC didn't make it. Running in and out was quite enough this year, so no swim for me :)

I was fully spirited though with body marking, my floral bikini, shades, and a tropical wrap!