Playing Catch Up

So I haven't blogged my workouts for the past few days, no I haven't been sitting on my duff, okay well maybe a little bit. But I did get out and run Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday went out with Ta,Su, and J. We did about 5.5 miles somewhere between 9 and 10 minute pace. Very relaxed. We chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather and fall scenery. Very refreshing!

Yesterday I went out to the Sunday group run. I was planning on taking it easy and running about 8 miles or so. Instead right off the bat I found myself running with E (a sub 3 hour marathoner!) ahead of everyone else. I stayed with her for about 4 miles then was on my own till the water stop at 6. Got to the water stop in 45. Second fastest split to the water stop ever, and on an extremely windy and rainy day to boot! I stopped for water and had some gel. Waited for W and A to catch up then ran a few miles with them before I turned off to finish the 10 mile loop while they went on for the 12. I felt drained, but kept a good pace. I totally forgot about all the rollers on the 10 mile loop, and here I thought I was saving myself from the misery of the hill on the 12 mile loop. Yikes! But I finished up in an hour and 15 minutes. 7:33 pace. Not too shabby for a Sunday morning long run.

I am paying for this weeks "high" mileage today (only 30 miles, but I hardly ever do more than that). My right hip is a bit sore, and the inside of my right ankle. So today is a rest day and I am making a pact to get in more cross training this week!


Eostre said...

The New York Times online ran some photos that I thought you might find inspiring. I'd link it here, but since it's a slideshow it won't let me. :(

The caption says "The Freedom Team: A group of disabled runners who served in the armed forces had 28 athletes competing in the N.Y. Marathon yesterday — and all 28 finished."

E-Speed said...


mouse said...

good grief. you certainly are speedy. :) great job on the long run!

It's good to know that even you super fast/experienced people get a bit sore after higher milage weeks. Sometimes I wonder if my creakyness is normal!

E-Speed said...

My feet just can't seem to get over the beating of high mileage. I perform much better on low mileage. 3-4 days a week getting in a tempo, speed, and long run, suits me just fine. I will probably have to step it up though for the 50k. Uggh.