2006 Miles

My 12 mile lunch run today launched me over 2,000 miles for the year. It's funny how it almost happened unnoticed. I have been semi berating myself over not getting in everything on my Richmond training plan and haven't been taking the time to realize just how impressive what I have put in is in comparison to my past training, and that perhaps I wasn't quite ready for all that the program had to throw at me in the first place. And just because I didn't get in every last recovery run, doesn't discount all of the quality miles and key workouts that I did put in.

I have run over 130 more miles in this training period so far than I did for Boston this year, 250 more miles than I ran all of last year, and 915 more miles than I ran in 2006 (and there are still 2 months left!). No wonder I am a little burnt out and a little crazy about whether or not the goal I have set for myself is achievable most days.

But my 12 mile run today felt fantastic. I was clipping off sub 8s with ease. I'm sure some of that is due to the fact that I took yesterday off and that the weather was so much nicer today than it was yesterday, but really I know it is because all this hard work is paying off and in just over 2 weeks I am hoping it will all pay off big time with a monster marathon PR. I have to trust in my training and know that I have the miles logged to back up my ambitious goal.

Now if I can just hold onto this perspective for two more weeks until I toe the line (taper madness anyone?)! And you can be sure there will be some serious partying and relaxation going on after this marathon. 2000+ miles deserves a little celebration and rejuvenation!

Bi Weekly Rundown October 13-26

An off week (stress, busy at work etc) and an almost complete week (Sunday fell off the wheel). Three weeks to go until Richmond and I have gone from being pretty nervous about my goal to being quite a bit more confident about it. Now can the race just get here already?

October 13th-19th

Monday-Unintended Rest. Watched Monday night football instead

Tuesday- Track, 9 miles with 6*500. Calves and hamstrings were thrashed after the intervals, not sure why but this workout was tough even though it shouldn't have been.

5*600 with 90 sec rest splits
2:18.14, 2:15.23, 2:16.49, 2:16.04, 2:15.50

Wednesday- Birthday Run 15 miles at lunch. 7 on my own and 8 with Daisy. Again a run that shouldn't have been hard but was. Probably went out a hair too fast and between that, the heat, and not eating properly was just hanging on by the end. 7:58 pace

Thursday- 60 minutes yoga

Friday-7 mile lunch run with Daisy easy

Saturday-2.5 mile warm up, 10k race, 1.3 mile cool down. Great race 39:45
PM: 60 minute hike with Hubby and Salty

Sunday- AM: Duathlon 2.9 mile run, 15.5 mile bike, 2.9 mile run

Got my ass handed to me on the bike by Daisy during my last Beast event, the headwaters trail duathlon. Only 5 athletes. Took out the run at what I thought was a respectable, but attainable pace, about 6:50 pace for the first run, then just did my best to survive the bike, 15.5 miles by myself with my quads wondering why the heck I was riding up and down these roadkill hills. Last run stepped it up a notch so as not to look so bad by Daisy crushing me by almost 10 minutes on the bike. About 6:40 pace for the second run. Opted to call it a day, it was freezing out and we had a lot to do before my b-day party (bonfire and charades, it was a fun night!).

PM: Hour Photo Hike with Daisy

Week: 47 Miles Running, about 6-7 hiking, 15.5 On the bike (Very evident I hadn't been on the bike since July!)

October 20th-26th

Monday- 6 mile "recovery" run with TB in the dark, pace probably a little quick

Tuesday- Track, 11 miles with 6*1000 with 2 minute rests
Incredibly windy night. Paces were slower than I would have liked but respectable considering the wind. Likely ran the first set a little too hard because I couldn't get back to that time on any of the others
5*1000 with 2 minute rests splits
3:47.50, 3:51.82, 3:51.12, 3:52.83, 3:52.59, 3:51.65

Wednesday- AM: 4 mile Recovery Run
Lunch: 6 mile recovery run with MJ

Thursday- AM: 15 mile run, 8:08 pace
PM: 4 miles easy on treadmill in hotel

Friday- 8 Miles Easy on Kal-Haven Trail in Kalamazoo with 6*25 second strides.

Saturday- 20 miles, 6 on Roads/Hills with FD, 14 on towpath solo, 7:54 pace

Sunday-Not enough time in the day. No run.

Week: 74 Miles

A new 10k PR

This week I have been feeling run down. Stressed over work, stressed over the house, stressed over missed runs. Thursday I decided enough is enough. I can only control what I can control. Time to get back to those last 8 miles of Punxsy where I felt strong and I was smiling as I crossed the finish line. So goal is to get back to that place a few times a day My birthday was Wednesday so what better way to celebrate than to race this weekend and put that mentality to work?

Pfitzinger had an 8-15k on tap for me today so I found a local 10k race (I know unheard of!) and signed up. The race was pretty small but I had hopes that there would at least be some fast gentleman to keep me company and help pull me to a sub 40 10k. I wanted the mental boost that I could indeed still race fast and that my Richmond goals are achievable.

Got to the race a little later than anticipated but since it was small it worked out. It was chilly so I did my warm up pretty bundled up. Got in about 22 minutes with three* 30 second strides trying to tap into 6:24 pace on those. Quick bathroom trip and it was out of my warm ups, into my VR tank, skirt, and racing flats. Got to the line with about 60 seconds to spare in time to hear that the 5k runners are with the 10k runners until mile 3 where they were to turn while we continued on Euclid until E 79th and then headed back.

The start was promising. I settled right into that 6:15-6:30 zone and had a couple of guys who appeared to be that pace. But less than a few minutes in they were already slowing and I was pretty much by myself. Had to push myself away from them and just focus on holding pace. There were about 6 guys in front of me, a few close enough that I thought I might be able to use them to block wind later on in the race.

Well as I closed in on the 3 mile mark I saw only one guy keep going straight and as the lead cop car pulled out in front of him I realized it was going to be a lonely last half of the race sitting in 2nd place overall. And not quite fast enough to run with the 1st guy. My garmin was hitting mile splits after the miles but I was still trying to aim for 6:24 according to the garmin. At this point it had my average pace between 6:30 and 6:32. If the distance stayed like it was I was pretty sure I could break 40. But then to my surprise mile 5 was right on with the garmin and I knew that if my pace was right I was likely going to be a few seconds over 40 minutes.

I tried to use the energy from the cheers from everybody we were passing on the way back. I got a few cat calls from cars even! "You go girl!" which was nice. Not much energy to respond but I gave my fair share of "good jobs" and "thank yous" to the runners behind me and the volunteers standing out in the cold for us. Slight decline on the last stretch and I just did my best to push. By mile 6 garmin was out of synch with the course again and I crossed at 39:45 and at what Garmin calls 6.1 miles. Hence the *. Not sure how accurate the garmin is but I am guessing pretty close so this PR comes with an *. I am guessing it was slightly short and my legitimate time would have been about 40:23. But since it was windy and I was by myself I am definitely still calling this a sub 40 effort regardless of the accuracy. Just goes to show if you want a true course anymore you have to hit the track.

Hung around afterwards and talked to the first place guy. He finished about 10 seconds ahead of me I think and just got into running this year. Not too shabby! The race had a breakfast with coffee and beer. I partook in a little of everything and while freezing my butt off and chatting with a local CTC friend who placed 2nd in the 5k. I was awarded a cool brick with a faceplate on it for my efforts. I love cool awards like this. Fun little race, fast course. Hopefully next year they can get a bigger turn out!

And added bonus the race was less than a mile from the county BOE so after I raced I jogged over and rocked the vote. A good way to start the morning and get back that positive mentality!

*Edited* So I just took a look at my Garmin map over a hybrid view of the streets. I am calling this race legit. My Garmin must of thought I could run through buildings, it has me way off course on the second half. So no * for me. I'm calling this a legit sub 40 effort.

Weekly Rundown October 6th through 12th

Well last week was supposed to be my peak mileage week of training. The week also coincided with the visit of our siblings from Arizona and our niece who we have only seen twice since she was born (she's 2!) and our other siblings wedding. AKA we were really busy! I did really well most of the week just missing one 4 mile recovery jog but after Friday night's festivities I just didn't get out for a run on Saturday and Sunday missed out on my 15 miler. Totally worth it though as I had a very fun week with family and I got in all of my key workouts. (And if I shift my week to have started on the previous Saturday instead of Monday I did get in a 7 day total of 90 miles) I am still trying to fight off this cold with a runny nose and cough still lingering I am feeling a little less motivated and a lot more exhausted. I've made the executive decision this week to back it off a bit since I have a 10k race Saturday and a duathlon on Sunday.

Monday-6 miles easy. Missed evening 4 miler

Tuesday-9 miles with 10*25 second strides

Wednesday-AM: 12 mile LT run with 7 miles at 6:49 pace
PM: 5.2 easy at the track while Solar and Bridget did their 400s

Thursday-AM: 4 miles to library and back
Lunch: 6.72 mile run with Daisy, supposed to be recovery, ran a few miles a little fast!

Friday- 22 solo miles in Chagrin Falls. 8:20 pace. Really happy with this one. Out and back all by myself super early in the morning in order to be back for an 11 am pedicure. Other than a runny nose this run couldn't have been any better. The falls leaves are changing and it was just the right temperature for a long run with minimal water intake (Ran 11 out and 11 back with no place to refill the handheld)

Saturday-Hung Over from night before and doing wedding stuff all day. Danced my booty off but no run

Sunday- About 4 miles back and forth from the towpath marathon aid station. Worked the aid station most of the morning but got back in time to see Daisy and Solar BQ! Opted for time with my niece over my 15 miler. Totally Worth it.

About 70 miles for the week. But I am content because I nailed the LT workout and the 22 miler was great. Now if I could just get rid of this runny nose and cough!

I'll leave you with some fun wedding weekend photos.

SILs at the falls (still going strong after the 22 miler!)

Our niece playing corn hole.

Dinner Friday Night, before the 4 glasses of wine...

Friday Night at the Wine Bar with my SILs. That Martini in the front, we're blaming my missed 8 miler on that.

Mr. Hansen joining in the festivities. (No idea who's beer this is but my husband imitates a pretty good drunk)

Before the wedding

The Bride! I've never seen her more beautiful, she was absolutely stunning.

After the Wedding.

At the reception.

Squish Squash Squish Squash

That's the sound of my shoes the last 1.5 miles of my run this morning. When I left the gym the temps were nice with a strong crosswind. By mile 7 of my run it was pouring and the wind was out of control. Somehow despite this I still managed to stay on pace for my planned LT run. Goal was 12 miles with 7 at 15k-HM pace. McMillan puts that at 6:42-6:51 based on my current 5k PR. Did I remember that this morning? No, for some reason I was thinking 6:42-6:49.

Started in on my LT effort after a 3.5 mile warm up. Targeted 6:49 at the outset and hopefully get close to 6:42 by the end of it. A little slow off the bat but settled into 6:49 within a half mile and was able to hold it the 3.5 miles out. Turn around and that crosswind was a little rough. I did my best not to look at the watch, especially once the rain kicked in, because I assumed my pace was going to slow despite my efforts. Somehow though I was able to hold onto the pace and even managed to get it down to a 6:48 average by the end. By this point I was pretty much a drowned rat and was pleasantly surprised when MJ hollered at me that I was crazy just as I was finishing up the LT effort. I may be crazy but I am sure pleased with this mornings effort and it was fun to see a friend as I finished it up. My cold is still clinging on so I have to imagine this will only get easier once I am 100% (but then I will just have to run faster, it's a never ending cycle). And there is some kind of sick pleasure to be had running around in the rain while every sane person that has to be out has an umbrella over their head.

Another big confidence booster going into Richmond. I've been stressing so this was a great workout for me, mentally and physically.

Weekly Rundown September 29th-October 5th

What goes up...

Yeah so I thought I had avoided my annual fall cold but apparently it was just delayed a week. I crashed hard this week having to spend an entire day in bed and two more days hacking away so running was sparse. Thanfully the workouts I did get in included two quality days so this week I guess I am settling for quality over quality and quantity. Still coughing slightly this afternoon but I think the cold is in remission.

Monday-6 mile easy lunch run with Daisy
PM 4 mile easy run

Tuesday- Track workout. Got to the track late so cut the total miles a bit short (aiming for 12 but got in 9) but got in the workout of 5*1200 at 5k pace with 2:30 rest. Was aiming for 6:07-6:14 pace and was right on


2.54 easy mile run to and from hair cut at lunch

Thursday-Friday- Sick as a dog no running

Saturday- 7 easy miles with 6*100 strides

Sunday- 15.5 miles with 12 miles at marathon pace average for whole run 7:26/mile. Warmed up about 1.5 miles, and the group took off fast, I actually probably ran a good quarter mile at or under pace before I started in on my 12 mile paced effort. Started off fast while the terrain was flat and with the hills on the back end ended up right at an average of 7:15 for the 12 miles. Was supposed to do 17 but was running late and decided that it was better to try and run with the group during my 12 (ended up by myself anyways) and was pretty toasted at the end of the run so called it a day after a short cool down with PR. Very happy with my effort. Those Solon hills are freaking tough!

Low week about half of what I was hoping for but hey still about 14 more than what I used to do 2 years ago! 44 miles.