The TMDL conference went very well. (IMHO) I had a very good time and came away with a much better understanding of how the EPA and states view the TMDL program. I also think that we represented my company very well and helped the conference to be a success.

Some of the speakers talks were really good. I especially enjoyed hearing about some of the USGS projects as well as some interesting eco-friendly BMP type work going on mostly in Seattle. Long story short I am pumped up about getting a rain barrel and rain garden installed at our house ASAP and if my hubby will let me working on a green roof for the garage and some other treatments to decrease the storm water runoff from our rain gutters. I think it is especially important since we are literally just a block upstream of Lake Erie.


robtherunner said...

TMDL? I am taking an Environmental Ethics class so I am actually interested.

E-Speed said...

Total Maximum Daily Loads. Basically the reports mandated by the Clean Water Act. The states are required to write a TMDL to address all impairments on water bodies listed as impaired on their 303 d lists.

The conference was a get together for Region 5 states and EPA to discuss what they are doing with the TMDL programs in their states as well as have some speakers in from USGS, other regions etc. to discuss where we go with the TMDL program (i.e. implementation efforts, whats working whats not etc.)

I thought it was really useful as TMDLs are basically my offices focus. It was nice to see what the EPA really expects from the states and if that is what we were actually giving them.

robtherunner said...

Thanks Elizabeth!