What to do what to do?

Tomorrow is registration for Ironman Florida. I am contemplating it. What does blogland think?
Jump straight from international distance to Ironman? Or ease into it with Steelhead Half Ironman in August? And then maybe Ironman Wisconsin or Lake Placid in 07?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


robtherunner said...

Since I ran a marathon before running any other race I say, "go for it!" There is a popular saying within the Marathon Maniacs, "YOU CAN DO IT!"

BuckeyeRunner said...


mouse said...

I tend to be a little more conservative about things like this, and like to ease myself into them, personally. I think I just like to maximize the potential that my first endeavor at a particular event will be as pleasant an experience as possible. I would do the half first, if I were you.

Having said that, I know that if you do decide to make the jump that you'll probably be just fine, and it would most likely be a blast.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Chad Austin said...

I say do it!!! After finally breaking 3 hours in Oct 2002, I started swimming in Nov (using the Total Immersion video), bought a tri bike and signed up for IM Wisconsin in Sept 2003. Due to an injury I was only able to complete one short course tri before completing IM-Moo. It can be done.

Congrats on the new house!!!