Turkey Trot 2005


It is seriously officially winter folks!!! I wore tights for the race today! Right now in B-Ville the windchill is -1. Detroit (it is 11:30 now) is 17 F and 0 with the windchill. The race started around 8:20 so I figure it was about 15 and 0 with the wind chill. It was seriously windy! I literally almost got blown off my feet and I was forced backwards with one gale! Rough conditions for a 10k! Add to that the fact that about 6,000 people showed up to run the race today!

Pretty Freaking Cool!

The race started about 20 minutes late and I was still not at the start when the gun went off. I was actually exiting Cobo to line up and realized that people were already moving through. Oh well so much for an official start. I was hoping to be a little bit closer to the front. I was about 3 minutes back though so I spent the first 3 miles trying to avoid people while moving up in the ranks. I eventually got to a place where I felt I could actually run my own race. I was very pleased with the last 3 miles, all around 7:10 pace.

There was snow/slush all over the place. Most of the time it felt like you were running through quicksand. But I am kind of a believer that conditions don't make the race, especially since I tend to run better in bad wintry conditions.

I am definitely glad I ran this morning! More Turkey for me please!

KT and Saverio were also there and I heard J made it out. KT did very well, we are pretty sure she ran faster than last year. No pics of us this year. We got separated right before the start. I saw her around half way surprisingly but missed her coming in for the finish. She did beat sponge bob square pants though! And a half naked guy who really should have kept his shirt on!

My dad claims I beat The Flash! Nice!

Time by my watch was 45:49 I am pretty sure that is what the race had me as too. Good for 319 overall and 14/346 in my age group.

1: 7:29 (We literally came to a stop about 1/2 mile in, they switched the course start this year so that it took us through a tunnel, BAD idea. I had to leap over the railing on the left and up above the rest of the runners who were in a dead lock with a bunch of parked cars and the huge curve just beyond the tunnel)
2: 7:42
3: 7:37
4&5: (I missed the 4 mile marker) 14:19
6: 7:11
.2: 1:28

Good thing I had pops take this pic before the race!

I am the one in the pink hat in the middle of the crowd, yes the race has already started!

Yeah that is me, the amazing running tree!

I am the one in the pink hat running down the hill.
This also was a bad idea. Tons of slushy icy snow on a downhill at the end of the race.



Susan said...

That looks so cold! Yay you! You did great.

robtherunner said...

Nice job Elizabeth! Sounds cold.

Bolder said...

um, and i complained on my turkey trot that i was too hot in tights! do you know i grew up outside of Detroit? ah, the Cobo, brings back memories... thanks for sharing your race report, excellent splits, despite the conditions...

happy thanksgiving Elizabeth, Bold.

Chad Austin said...

Nice race, especially the last 5k.

I think it's safe to say that your dad won't be taking over for Alison at NYRR. But I do love the "running tree" - that's great timing.

S. Lynne Fremont said...


CJ said...

Can't say I've ever run on slush/snow - think I'd worry about slipping over. It looks so cold too. Thank goodness we are coming into Summer here - blue skies and sunshine are more to my liking! Well done on your run though - great time and placing!

jenny bean said...

wow. you are hardcore!
Way to go!

BuckeyeRunner said...

BRRR!! Terrific job on you race! What a great time, especially considering the conditions! I bagged my TT this year...

D said...

Awesome! You were cruising despite the snow and ice on the ground!

taskette said...

I might do that next year. But, it's close to a 4 hour drive for me. I guess that isn't too bad.

Way to go you for running in the cold icy slushy CRAP. I'm not looking forward to that part.

P.S. love the running tree.

Adele said...

I watched some of the highlights on the news, since I was in the Detroit area and all. Didn't go watch you because my sister and I were out shopping - at 6am! :)

The Spandex-King said...

Great Job!! Bring on the Turkey???? I say bring on the pie!!!

Steven said...

Excellent job getting it done with snow and ice on the ground. I hate it when that happens. Nice job.

thealphafry said...

Seems like a cold turkey trot! But still looks fun. Sometimes, being able to bundle up is the fun part for me...and then getting energized because it takes more preparation and commitment to run out there! I remember someone commenting about this in another blog, but I'm convinced it's true.. runners are attractive people!

Chicalookate said...

Did you wear the pink hate because it wold make you easier to see? :) Sorry they made you go through a tunnel... which makes me think Lord of the Rings.

E-Speed said...

Thanks everyone! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been super busy! Yikes!

Bold a fellow Michigander huh?

Zeke, yeah my dad has a knack for just missing the good pics of me while running.

Chicaloo, yeah the pink hat definitely makes you more visible. My mom and dad were there watching, plus I had to find my sister in a crowd of 6,000 before and after the race. I think the hat helped.