Do these shoes make my feet look fat?

Sorry, just staring at my feet. My Asics were muddy from this mornings trail run and my Brooks were out in the car so I opted for my old Saucony's (Grid Hurricane's) this morning on my way to work.

How on earth did I use to run in these things? These shoes are so bulky! It is no wonder I took 12 minutes off my marathon time, these shoes alone would have added that much! ;)

Can a 120 lb chick really need that much shoe? Obviously not since my feet seem to be pretty content in my Brooks which are much more slimming. ;)

I guess I may have liked these because of the support (I wore grid hurricane's throughout college), I do notice that I can't go very long in my new racing flats without my ankle bothering me, too much pronation.

Got out onto the trails this morning before work. It is warm out! 55 and climbing. It was really windy but the trees blocked most of the gusts, and anything I did feel was warm. Is it really November?

The trail was gorgeous this morning! Yellow leaves everywhere. I saw a buck run by at one point. Tried to grab a pic but he was too quick for me. I am so glad I found my mini cam. The images aren't great but it is fun to take photos while running.

Did my regular N. C. route on the Bridle Trails. Somewhere around 4.5 miles in 38 minutes (I did walk about 50 ft up the killer hill by the castle) I was beat! But I recovered, took a pic, then headed up the third tier of the hill!

I walked from the big tree to where I took the pic, lazy, I know!
This is the second of three tiers on this hill. It hits about 30 minutes into my run and it is brutal!

Speeding through the woods.

I want to know how Wil gets such fantastic photos of herself during training. I mean seriously, do you have a professional running photographer chasing you around? I am way jealous!


robtherunner said...

Nice looking trail. The closest trail I have is a 3 mile loop that is about 2 miles from my house. It is short, but it is nice to get off the pavement every once in awhile. I have to make up for lack of trail running by participating in as many ultras as I can find and afford.

Linus said...

Wait.. um.. YOU found your mini camera?

mouse said...

haha! that picture's great! I have a feeling that if we ever met each other we'd get along just fine... I am ALWAYS taking pictures of myself and my friends constantly make fun of me for it, but I've never tried taking one while I was running! this seriously cracked me up. I think I might have to try it! :)

E-Speed said...

rob-yeah the nearest trails are these and they are about 3 miles away. If I work it right I can turn it into a 6.5 mile loop I think. But if I travel south a bit I have tons of trails to run on with the Buckeye trail.

babe-yes YOU found the camera!

mouse-I totally agree, I think Curly Su would probably try this too :) What can I say? I like photos!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Awesome pics! What a pretty trail to run on! Now that I have a blog, I want to get one of those mini cameras to take to races/runs, too! Maybe for Christmas!

Kurt in Boston said...

Elizabeth, maybe I missed an earlier post -- what kind of camera? I was just thinking of taking some pics along my runs. Is it tiny? How many pics will it hold?

E-Speed said...

Actually I posted about the camera over a year ago on my tblog account. It is a Philips mini-cam. Since I got this they have made one with more space on it. The quality as you can see isn't fantastic, prob equivalent to a cell phone camera. Mine is the 64 MB one. It is really dependent on light too because there is no flash.

I am not sure what the latest and greatest in "mini-cams" is but I like this one because it also acts as storage and it just plugs right into your usb port for downloading and recharging, no batteries!

marathena said...

How funny!! I carried a cam during the Chi marathon!! It was fun!! I haven't taking anything during training runs! Not much to look at around here!! Buildings, cars, smogy skylines!! Great pics!!

The Clyde said...

I like the second picture, looks like you are calm and just hauling a$$. Great shot.

As for Wil, Mr. Wil is some graphic arts guru, I guess he's really recognized in his field, so yes, she gets great photos with some help from him I'd imagine.