Quick Swim

Didn't do much yesterday but managed to get in a 15 minute swim. I guess that it's better than nothing.

Tonight is a track workout. I want to work on getting my track pace down to 6:00...

My Body is going on strike

Went to the track tonight. I was having a great workout until the tail end. I even had some ladies to keep me company tonight, which probably helped me to be faster than two weeks ago.

My hamstring was a little sore during the race on Sunday and it felt about the same tonight. Well the last set of 200s did it in. I couldn't even finish the workout. Which really blows.

It is frustrating to feel so good and be capable of running quick but then hurting yourself and not being able to run at all

Oh well this is probably my body saying Hello Freak I need a break! So I am going to take it easy for the rest of the week. Nothing fast. Lots of ice and lots of stretching.

Here is how the workout went until I crapped out:

mile warm up
1200: 4:48.06
600: 2:21.22
600: 2:19.64
400: 1:31.40
400: 1:30.91
400: 1:31.12
200: 43.58
200: 42.55
200: 43.87
half mile cool down

Blossom Run

Yesterday was the Blossom 5.25 mile run. Blossom is a huge weekend in Chagrin Falls. They have a carnival, hot air balloon race, parade, Chagrin Falls High School Reunions, and tons of parties.

I have been going to my in laws family friends parade party for 4 years now. We always have a good time and get to eat great food! The parade is a typical parade with a few marching bands, a few bagpipe bands, one kazoo band!, tons of cars with political figures and Blossom queen and attendants, the calliope is my favorite and has always been at the end of the parade since I have started coming to Blossom.

This year I decided to do the 5.25 mile race (need to get ready for the Strawberry Run 8k!). It is a pretty hilly course but I did okay and managed to squeak out 1st in my age group. There were about 1800 runners there including the man who won the Cleveland Marathon last week.

I came in at 37:57 about 7:14 pace. I want to run 6:30-6:45 pace at the Strawberry run so I have some serious work to do during the next month. (Beyond my Chicago Tri training!)

After the race I had a funnel cake and later some vinegar fries! You have to love carnival food! My legs have been feeling pretty achy since before the Memphis Tri. They feel pretty crappy this morning. But I have been eating lots of junk food and drinking plenty of beer and wine....so, I think it is time to go without alcohol for the next few months, and I need to start eating better.

Today I want to try and swim but we are going to go check out the Blue Heron nests I think.

Cycling and my poodle kitty

Went in to work early today so that I could get out
to pick up my kitty from his date with the groomer.
Milford has been getting lazy with his self grooming
and won't let me brush his mats out. So as a last
resort he went today and got a lion cut.

The poor thing had to be sedated and he looks pretty
funny now. But I think he actually likes it, and as a bonus
I saw him grooming himself twice tonight!!!

Since I was back at a reasonable hour tonight I went
and rode bike with A and friends. I thought I was
going to go for a 40 minute ride but we ended up doing
closer to 2 hours and 24 miles.

I felt great and the weather outside is beautiful.



I survived

Well I survived my second Olympic distance triathlon! And it turned out to be a lovely day.

I surprised myself during most of the event and ended up with good splits out on the course. The new bike was a godsend and cut about 12 minutes off my bike time from Chicago!

The day turned out to be cooler than expected which was great. I was very worried about the heat. The water temp however was not cool. It was a balmy 80 degrees, which meant no wetsuit!

I still managed to swim very well and this race had a time trial start, which led to a much less crowded swim. I still had lake scum in my tri top when I got back to the hotel and finally showered

A huge and pleasant surprise was two of my sorority sisters showing up to support me in this endeavor. They had to wake up at 3am in order to get there and see me compete. I was very grateful for their support. I couldn't ask for better sisters!

Hopefully they enjoyed themselves. I am sure there was lots of eye candy out on the course. Triathletes are hotties!!!

My hubby also came to Memphis with me and was a great spectator!!! He was there for me as I headed out on the run when I was feeling pretty crappy but he lifted my spirits!

The drive down and back was long but the weekend was very nice and worth the time spent getting there and back.

All of our participants did great and I am very proud. They are very generous and I hope they enjoyed the end result of all their training and fundraising efforts.


Swim: 26:50
T1: 2:27
Bike: 1:18:44
T2: 2:10
Run: 50:10
Total 2:40:20


Before the Saturday Group Swim

Ready to Race!

Off to Memphis

About to make the 11 and a half hour drive to Memphis!

Lets hope for cool weather on Sunday!!!

Night Owl

I've been very busy at work and my social calendar has been quite busy so it has been hard to squeeze in workouts lately during the week. So I just went out for a quick but easy run. Just 20 minutes to get my legs into running mode.

I am going to try and get in a 30 minute easy swim tomorrow and then another 20-30 minute run on Thursday.

Then Friday we are driving all day so I won't be doing much more until the race on Sunday.

I am not expecting big things this time. I will probably end up with a similar time as Chicago, but only because of the new speedier road bike. I think my swim will be about the same or a little slower than Chicago and I think my run may be as much as 6-8 minutes slower than Chicago. Hopefully the new bike will shave 5-10 minutes off my bike time.

I hope everyone does well! I am excited to see how my mentees do!!!

3 day hiatus

Working out just wasn't in the cards Thursday through Saturday. Too much work and too much life to deal with

I finally did get out this morning with A, S, and K. We went down to lock 29 and rode about 28 miles. We did about half of it leisurely and about half at a good pace. There is a 13 mile loop and at 6.6 you can stop and look at the great blue herons nesting! It was really fascinating. Their nests were in these huge trees and you could see one tall heron in each nest and if you looked closely you could see several tiny necks bouncing around in the nest Really neat! I didn't count the nests but there were at least 3 huge trees full of them. Maybe like 30 nests!!!

I am hoping they will still be in the nests for a little while so my husband and I can go down and see them together.

I am pretty exhausted and it is manifesting in irritability with many small things. So I need to get in some naps this week and get my apartment organized before Memphis so I can be cheery again

Swimming & Fundraising

Just got out of the pool. I was exhausted this morning and couldn't drag myself out of bed. So I did my workout tonight.

Just did a 5 minute warm up. About 10-15 minutes of drills. A set of kick, pull, then free
And then 10 "40 yd" (Approximate as I have no idea the size of our pool) sprints on 45 second splits (about 6 seconds rest for each one). Then I did a short kicking cool down for a total of 35 minutes of swimming.

Fundraising plans for Columbus are starting to get under way. I am in the planning stages for a poker party, miniature golf outing, and a mud wrestling party! Any other fun ideas are more than welcome!

This evenings Track Workout

My left hamstring is a little off. I think I overworked it a bit this weekend. So I went to the track tonight under the condition that if started to feel worse I would stop.

It didn't get worse but pretty much stayed at the same level of pain as when I started so I did the whole workout.

1 mile warm up
3* 400
3* 800
3* 400
1 mile cool down

I did almost everything at 6:40 pace.


Saturday Regatta and Trail Running

Saturday was a long day. I drove about 4 hours down to Athens to see my baby sis row. It was a pretty nice day and the drive wasn't too bad except for being by myself and being extremely tired. I left around 6:30 because she was supposed to row at 11.

I made a few wrong turns in the park and pulled in around 10:45 so I ran out along the lake in my jeans to try and catch as much of the race as I could. I made it out as far as I could before the trail takes a turn around the lake and waited for her heat to come by.

About 5 minutes later they did so I cheered and started running along side trying to keep up as they rowed in to the finish. I managed to see most of the race. The places seemed pretty much cemented by the time they got to me anyways. Unfortunately they didn't qualify for the finals but at least I got to see her row. I hung out for awhile and then did a 45 minute run on the trails. I got completely muddy. My shoes are a mess!

I probably ran a little too fast but it was nice to get out on the trails for a change.

Didn't get home until around 9:45 pm. I ate some dinner, did some laundry, then headed to bed.

Sunday 5 k race and Bricks

Sunday morning woke up around 7 and headed over to Independence for the 6th annual Mom's Day 5k race. E.M. puts this on in memory of her parents and I wanted to support. There were quite a few people there and the race course was certified and not too difficult.

I, like the idiot that I can be managed to lock my keys in the car right before the race. I had my husbands’ car because I can fit my bike in the back and it is safely locked up while I am running. Well I grabbed MY truck keys and locked the doors...so after the race I had to find a cop to come unlock the door for me. He totally jacked up the passenger side lock, but at least I got in the car I guess.

So I ran the race trying not to think about my locked car. I did okay but not as well as I hoped to do. I guess I really shouldn't have expected much since I haven't done many track workouts this year. I ran around 21:45 and still got 1st in my age group. Must not have been too many girls there in my age group. I am not sure because I missed the awards while the cop was unlocking my door But S grabbed my award. A managed to take 3rd in her age group and also got an award.

After the race we headed over to the towpath and hopped on our bikes. I rode north and back about 13.5 miles with A, S, and K. We were taking it easy most of the way and S and K had to jet after the first loop. But A and I headed out for one more loop to get in 26 miles. We rode pretty fast...I could barely keep up with her! I am not feeling very strong on the bike yet that is for sure. But by the second loop I was having a much easier time starting and stopping and I didn't fall at all.

After the ride I ran one mile hard. My legs felt awful, and it took me about 8 minutes to run the mile. I headed back in and walk/jogged for about 15 minutes as a cool down.

Tonight is the kickoff for the Fall TNT season. Looking forward to meeting my Columbus team and my Chicago mentees!

Friday Bike Ride

Friday Night I headed down to North Royalton and rode bikes while K and B ran. I managed to ride for an hour and 25 minutes before it got dark and probably did just under 20 miles. I felt okay but I was still having issues with stopping at lights. It is not the most comfortable position when you are surrounded by cars and you are not comfortable on your bike or with your new shoes yet

Swimming :)

Dragged myself out of bed a little late this morning and missed the warm ups at the TNT swim. But I managed to get a good workout in and did the warm ups as my cool down

Run down as I remember it:

50 kick no board
50 kick with board
50 kick with strokes on every breath
50 kick on our backs
50 catch up
50 slow arm recovery

25 kick, 25 catch up, 25 slow arm, 25 sprint
25 sprint, 25 slow arm, 25 catch up, 25 kick

200 with 30 seconds rest
150 with 20 seconds rest
100 with 10 seconds rest
50 hard

50 easy breast stroke

200 with 30 seconds rest
150 with 20 seconds rest
100 with 10 seconds rest
50 hard

100 meter medley (fly, back, breast, free)

50 easy

300 cool down

Total: Around 2000 yds

Tonight cycling!

More on the Florida Weekend

So after our group swim we were free to do whatever we wanted until dinner. I spent that time making posters for everyones doors and soaking up some rays. At this point I had about 4 different burn lines from Boston and the walk the previous day. I was getting some pretty interesting looks from passerby!

I am totally not artistic at all but I made signs for everyone in Chicago and I think they appreciated it so I figured I would do it again this year. Amie and I signed them all and before the pasta party we put them up on everyones doors. We made a "special" sign for Coach K with a drawing of him in a speedo with clearly labeled six pack. Hopefully he liked it!

At the TNT Pasta parties you are welcomed by all the coaches, mentors, and staff cheering wildly for you as you walk in to dinner. So I got to partake in the cheering this time around. It was pretty fun watching everyone come in. There were so many participants this year that they had to have two pasta parties.

After the pasta party I went and chilled with Coach K and some of the other coaches from Washington D.C. I sure am not good at making new friends. I think I managed to piss off most of them there.

Apparently a lot of serious triathletes and even marathoners are not appreciative of Team in Training. They call us the "Purple Menace" (EUGS take note I think they are on to something with this name!) Because we apparently are not good for the sports.

From a triathletes view I guess they don't want anyone new coming into their sport and are irritated if there are newcomers in a race that may get in their way or slow them down two seconds if they have to pass them. And I guess a lot of marathoners are peeved because TNT was a major contributor to the idea of walking a marathon.

IMHO I think that is all CRAP!!! Anything that gets people off the couch and onto a race course is good by me. I know personally I never would have gotten the nerve to do my first triathlon if Team in Training hadn't sent me a flyer and offered coaching etc. Plus what kind of egotistical jerk doesn't want to introduce more people to their sport? Personally I think they are just mad because a lot of us "Purple Menacers" are kicking their butts!

Anyways so some of these coaches were siding with that opinion and I told them I thought that was crap. So they didn't like that.

Also I noticed the head DC coach dipping! And I asked him why he was doing it. He got very defensive. I still think it is awfully ironic though. He is an Ironman Triathlete and he coaches for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And he is partaking in a habit that is almost guaranteed to cause cancer. But that is just me.

Anyways I need to learn to turn my filter on around new people (this is definitely made more difficult by alcohol consumption). Had they known me they probably wouldn't have been so offended by me. Oh well!

More on race day soon!!!

Evening Bike Ride

Went to Bedford and rode bikes with A tonight. Not sure at all how far we went but we rode for an hour and 20 minutes. I have a feeling we didn't go very far, but hopefully we went at least 16-18 miles

Oh well at least I am getting practice on the new bike and in the new bike shoes. And I didn't fall tonight! So that is an improvement.

Morning Swimming

My left calf has been bothering me so I am skipping the track workout tonight and swam this morning instead.

I just did 30 minutes in the pool. Mostly drills and about 10 minutes of intervals.

There have been some interesting characters in the pool the past two times I have went. Perhaps I am going too late for the usual morning adult swim crowd...

Boston Aquarium

Finally got a moment to post some more pics

Upside Down Jellies

Cute little Blue Frog

Sea Turtle



Fun Times in St. Petersburg

I feel like I am falling way behind with the blogging. Sorry!

April 22nd through the 25th I was in St. Petersburg Florida with most of the Team in Training Spring Triathlon team. The rest of the team (as well as myself) will be competing in Memphis on May 22nd!

While I would much rather have been competing in the triathlon I did have a great time in Florida despite being only a spectator

We all went out for lunch at the end of the pier as soon as we got to Florida and I tried Mahi Mahi for the first time. Lunch was good but we were rushed because we needed to get everyone’s bikes unloaded from the truck. After unloading bikes we headed over to the expo. Everyone got their race packet and we perused the booths. They were giving a free beer with registration so I ended up getting free drinks from everyone

A few of the girls got wetsuits and I picked up two dri fit "Iron Girl" tees for A and I.

We decided to go to dinner at an Oyster Bar. I tried Oysters on the half shell for the first time and had some great Salmon! Afterwards T and I went to a piano bar. We had a drink and watched the free entertainment. It consisted of a piano player and a middle-aged lady dancing to "You can leave you hat on" on top of the piano. I don't think this was an uncommon thing for her. It was very amusing. I can't even put into words the whole scene. Just imagine a little too tight jeans, a cowboy hat as her prop of choice, some serious stripper dance moves, and about 20 middle-aged adults watching.

The next morning I got up and ran with coach K. That was my first run after Boston and I felt pretty shitty. I just did 40 minutes.

After the run everyone went down to the beach to get our feet wet. I decided to do the group swim with everyone even though I wasn't competing. First thing I see is a fin diving under water. I am like oh great! So I looked a little closer and luckily it was a dolphin playing just offshore, not a shark. I have a really evil imagination and can freak myself out easily in open water. So I was glad that it was a dolphin and not a shark

They had already started putting up buoys for the race the next day so we swam out along the buoys. I have never felt so horrible swimming! The combination of salt water, waves, and my own lack of being in the water lately made for a very ugly swim. I really thought I was going to vomit and was having a very hard time navigating. To top it off I stepped on something that wriggled under my feet. NOT my idea of fun!

So I was a little disappointed in the swim but started to feel better on the walk back.

Time is catching up with me again. I promise to post more on St. Petersburg later!

This Weekends Workouts

I have been hectic busy but here is a summary of this weekends workouts.

Saturday went to Peninsula and planned on running 5 miles with A. We got lost and ended up running 9 miles instead. In the cold rain I was pretty peeved around 4 miles but I ended up feeling pretty good the last few miles, probably because they were downhill

We had planned on riding bikes that afternoon but the rain kept us from getting out. So we went and ran Sunday morning in Solon. We only did 5 miles since we had run long Saturday. I didn't feel great but we still ran around 9 minute miles. I was running late so only doing 5 worked out for meeting everyone at the Bagel shop.

A and I went to North Chagrin yesterday afternoon and rode bikes. We did 20 miles really slow! I am a little dissapointed that I am not faster but hopefully that will come with practice.

Today is a rest day and man could I use it. I fell asleep last night and was out cold till morning.

I don't know if I wrote about it here but I signed up to fundraise and participate in another TNT event. I am going to run the Columbus Marathon in October and raise $2000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I am also going to mentor for the Chicago Triathlon. So I will be keeping busy this summer.

If anyone has any great fundraising ideas let me know because I want to try and raise most of the money without asking for direct donations this time around.

If you want to donate click the TNT link under cool sites on the right hand side of the page.

Thank you to E.M. for my first donation!!!