I survived (and other random thoughts)

Got my cavity filled today. Between the Nitrous gas and the dental assistant letting me babble and squeeze her hand I survived the novocaine shots. Two of them! I actually didn't feel the pricks at all. That topical must have been way better than the topical they gave me for my cleaning. So all that fretting over nothing.

Once the shot was over they took away the gas. You "come down" super fast. But the drilling was fine. A little noisy but not too bad. They sure do have a lot of nice torture instruments in there though!

After we ate dinner last night we headed to the house. Had a little scare because there was a car parked in front of the house and the living room light was on. But the owner must have left the light on when he dropped off the garage keys, and flowers! How sweet! First thing when we walked in the kitchen this huge vase full of flowers was waiting for us. I thought that was a very nice gesture.

Spent last night cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. It is dusty in there! And we are definitely going to have to put a new coat of paint on all of the rooms on the main level. But it is ours! Woot Woot. Tonight, more cleaning, and hauling over the little boxes. Our apartment is a crazy mess right now. The cats are not quite sure what to make of it.

Running is going to be on hold this week. It is probably a good thing. I had promised my feet a break after Columbus and never gave it to them. But all the cleaning and hauling boxes will definitely keep away the extra pounds in the meantime.

The left side of my face is numb and I am starving. But I can't eat for fear of biting myself. Hopefully I can manage a cup of coffee!

Oh Issues 6 and 7 in Cuyahoga passed! And that is definitely a good thing!


Eostre said...

Yeah, my former dentist accidentally gave me an OD of nitrous. Wow. No wonder hippies can't hold jobs. :)

Since you mentioned needing to paint the first floor, remember that *ahem* you have a friend who likes painting *ahem* and she has two months off of school.

E-Speed said...

Hey you are more than welcome to help paint! We are prob going to attack it room by room. My friend B2 gets half off on paint so I need to talk to him about getting what we need. Will let you know what we decide!

taskette said...

I love painting. Our house needs color. Our house has just plain white walls.

It's sounds like you will be very busy. It'll be fun though because it's your house. I still get excited.

Curly Su said...

YEAHHHH. I'm so pumped for you. Can't wait until Saturday!

Island Jen said...

I do fine with the shots at the dentist, but the drilling kills me. go figure.
Congrats on the house!! Hope moving goes slong smoothly!

monica said...

What were issues 6 and 7??

BuckeyeRunner said...

Yeah for you and your new house! I was glad, too, that issues 6 and 7 passed! I mean, really, how could anyone vote against those???

S. Lynne Fremont said...

When I bought my house, I found that everything had been moved out and everything was super duper clean which I appreciated. I found a tupperware container in the fridge with a huge bag of pot in it and I thought "what a nice housewarming gift...but brave" since he didnt know me or anything.

He was lucky that I am not a big pot head though because it turned out that he hadnt intended to leave it. He called me a couple weeks later and asked for it back and I gave it back.

Kurt in Boston said...

Congratulations on the house! I can empathize with the stress. We're looking at doing the "real" part of our move to Boston soon (I've been in temporary for 3 months) -- and figuring out how to live in half the space we had in Kansas.

Don't burn the numb side of your mouth on coffee...

E-Speed said...

taskette, i am not too much into painting but it will be worth it.

su thanks! we are definitely going to appreciate the help!

jen, thanks! yeah I don't know to each her own ;)

monica- issue six was an initiative for Cuyahoga community college funds, and issue 7 was for funds for cuyahoga's mentally handicapped.

buckeye-thanks! Yeah I was worried though. You never know what people are thinking.

Lynne- I wish our previous home owner was as tidy as yours. There is dust everywhere! Even on the walls in some rooms!

Kurt-Thanks! Yikes, I can't imagine downsizing on space. At the rate all these boxes are multiplying I have no clue how we fit in this apartment!