Moving Pics

Our First Dinner at the house

Dinner at Primo Vino's the night before the move

Happy but exhausted the night before the move

The Elevator Man!

Didn't take many pics but here are a few.

IT IS FREEZING IN THIS ROOM! First task on our to do list is to get the furnace pipes looked at. The upstairs vent isn't shooting out any hot air at all. It is nice and toasty downstairs but absolutely frigid up here. We also need to get the attic insulated asap.

I am off to take care of some stuff and perhaps run. I am absolutely exhausted from the conference. Thank you everyone for your comments! I will try to address them soon!


Sal said...

My 15 seconds of fame and I blinked! Oh, cruel fate!

Thanks for posting the pics though. I didn't even notice you taking most of them...

BuckeyeRunner said...

I love your "first dinner - new house" pic...our first dinner, new house meal was McDonalds. Eaten in the garage, in the car, on our laps, because we had no tables.

E-Speed said...

No prob Sal! Sorry you blinked!

Thanks buckeye, I thought it was funny, luckily i thought to grab the camping chairs and stool so we had a makeshift table :)