Where did 2010 go?

Wow, what a year. It really did just fly by. It's amazing how week in and week out of grinding away can go by so quickly.

While 2009 was a break out year for me, I'd have to say 2010 was even bigger yet. Hit some big milestones, finally broke 40 minutes for a 10k squeaking it down to 37:24 twice, shaved over 15 minutes off my marathon time in a year finally breaking 3 hours this fall, broke 3000 miles for the year, and went sub 18 in a 5k. Won a few races, came in second in a lot of races, and made myself tougher by getting my ass handed to me in even more races. The year started off slow with injury then with some weak indoor track races and an ok run at Youngstown half. Boston was supposed to be my first sub 3 but ended in a bit of disappointment. Disappointment turned into the fuel which lead to a streak of new PRs in almost every distance. I believe every race that followed Boston up until post Columbus was a personal record for the distance. Like last year there was one PR missing, this time instead of 10k it was 10 mile, so I will definitely have to find a 10 miler next year to crank away at.

If I had to define the year with a few key moments they would definitely be the two extremes of my Boston disappointment and the elation during the final miles at the Columbus marathon. Life definitely seems to be a bit bi-polar in my world this year with a lot of extreme highs tempered by life's usual let downs. If I could bottle the way I felt at Columbus and share it with everyone I would. The way that felt is indescribable, just amazing. If you had asked me at Boston how I felt about my day I would have probably teared up and explained how frustrating it was, but in retrospect I wouldn't have it any other way because all the lets downs were totally worth it when all of the hard work came together on a day where everything else lined up just perfectly. The disappointment and frustration I felt at Boston made the success at Columbus that much more satisfying.

On a personal level I struggled with balance and trying to keep life outside running in perspective. I focused on my weight a bit too much and still have some hang ups on body image that need to get solved. The poor economy has finally caught up with my household and for the first time in years we are struggling, which has me worried, but I am sure we will figure it out and maneuver our way through. I've cherished the moments spent with those I love and had a blast being a part of this special group of women I train with. I'm still not sure it has really hit home just how special some of the things that have happened to me this year are, but I know this is a year I will look back on fondly and be proud of when I am older.

I have plenty of goals for 2011 but my resolution is to try and be more outwardly grateful, I am keenly aware of how blessed I am, but this next year I want to try and make all those I am grateful to as aware as I am of how awesome they are and how much I appreciate their influence in my life.

I hope all of you have had a chance to slow down and reflect on an amazing year this week, even if, like mine, it was crammed between a failed attempt at a tempo run due to icy conditions, and a long day at work :) Here's hoping 2011 is a great year for all of us!

Week 4 Base Phase Rundown

I think coach is easing us back towards some speed workouts again. Mileage is the same, but paces are picking up. Between that, the holidays, and boot camp classes I am definitely feeling the efforts.


Total Mileage 65 - 70.

Monday: easy
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:20 - 7:30.
Wednesday miles @ 8:00 - 8:20. 8 x 20 sec strides.
Thursday 1 mile @ 7:20, 5 miles @ 6:50, 1 mile @ 7:20.
Friday: 10 - 12 miles @ 7:00.
Saturday: easy
14 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10.

How it played out:

I moved things around to accommodate for our clubs annual Holiday run on Friday.

70 miles

Monday- 7 miles 7:50 pace
Tuesday-AM 8 miles 7:10 pace with cv, daisy, and my
Tuesday- Lunch 7.5 miles 7:57 pace
Wednesday- 8 miles 8:14 pace + 8*20 second hill strides, 60 second walk jog rests
Thursday-8.5 miles 7:02 pace with tempo
Friday- 14 miles 6:48 pace
Saturday-5 miles 7:50 pace
Sunday- AM 0.8 miles 7:17 pace, too slippery
PM 12 miles 7:06 pace, windy!

Tempo Splits:

Monday-60 minute boot camp class
Wednesday- 60 minute boot camp class
Saturday- 15 minute p90x ab ripper dvd and 10 minutes of shoulder, tri, bicep exercises

I am more than my training log.

Wow this blog has become Boring! I swear I have more exciting things to say than how far and how fast I have run each week, I am just swamped right now. My new schedule has been rough I cannot deny it. I am barely hanging on most days by the time I get home. But I feel super fit and I am excited to get back to some real running workouts soon. Physically I am feeling great, mentally I am burning out slowly, and thankfully not from the running. Just from life's real responsibilities piled on top of the holidays and dark weather I suppose. I have a hard time accepting things that are out of my hands without worrying myself into a frenzy, and let me tell you frenzy mode hit the fan yesterday. Uggh! Here's hoping a week in Cancun coming up will rejuvenate me :)

Very much looking forward to getting to Michigan tonight to spend some time with my family before one more work week than it is vacation time!!!

But first I have a hilly 14 miler at 7 minute pace to do with my running club this morning! (and some dishes to do, some laundry to catch up on, a few hours of real work, some packing, some picking up..ha!)

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that you can all de-stress a bit if you are feeling overwhelmed like me!

Base Phase Week 3 Rundown

The goal:

Total Mileage 65 - 70.

Monday: easy
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
Wednesday and Friday miles @ 8:00 - 8:20. On one of the days 8 x 20 sec strides.
Thursday 7 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
12 miles 7:00 - 7:10.
15 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10.

Get the miles in regardless of the pace if weather is sloppy.

How it played out:

71 miles

Mon-7.75 treadmill 7:52 pace
Tues-8.25 treadmill 7:20 pace
Wed-8 miles with 8*20 second strides 7:59 pace. PM Bootcamp class
Thur- AM 7.2 miles 7:26 pace. PM 5 miles 8:12 pace
Fri-7.4 miles 8:11 pace
Sat- 15.5 miles 7 minute pace
Sun-12 miles 7 minute pace

Solid week despite finally having to get back on the treadmill for a few snowy days. To keep myself from being completely bored on the treadmill I toyed with the elevation going up and down from 1 to 4. Tried to get in as many miles on hills as possible this week. Between that and Bootcamp squats I think my hill running is going to come along nicely this winter!

In case I don't get time before the weekend hope everyone has been enjoying this holiday month and that you are having fun with whatever your plans are the next few weeks!

Quickie Rundown

I feel like I have so much to say. But unfortunately I have more to do so just a quick recap for the week!

Goal for the week:

Total Mileage 60 - 65.

On the days that the weather dictates the pace make sure to get the miles in.

Monday: easy
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
Wednesday and Friday miles @ 8:00 - 8:20.
Thursday 7 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
12 miles 7:00 - 7:10 for miles not in the team relay. (note coach wasn't really on board with a snowy trail relay)
12 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10.

How it played out:

69 miles

Mon-8 miles 8:17 pace. PM Hour boot camp class
Tues-8 miles 7:25 pace
Wed-9.25 miles 8:43 pace (snow/ice, fell again, just bruised the hip). PM 35 minutes yoga stretching
Thur- AM 6.25 miles 8:11 pace (snow/slush). Lunch 5 miles 7:13 pace
Fri- 7.75 miles 8:19 pace
Sat- 13 miles 8:30 pace (6 miles snowy trails, 7 miles hilly road)
Sun- 12 miles 7:00 pace

I feel relatively good. My left quad/hip flexor was aggravated Thursday/Friday but I think it was just from being stuck in the car Wednesday and having to hold the clutch. Felt good "racing" yesterday, I worked hard the whole race despite bad conditions and felt like it was a really good mental effort. Been wearing trail shoes since Thursday morning in case of icy conditions, feels like running in bricks but at least I haven't fallen!

Base Phase Week 1 Rundown

Starting to build back into the mileage and taking some time to build up the aerobic system. I decided I'd also start a boot camp class twice a week to build up some strength to hopefully support the build and the rest of training when we start back into speed and indoor track in January.


Total Mileage 60.

Monday: easy
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
Wednesday and Friday: miles @ 8:00 - 8:20.
Thursday: 7 miles @ 7:20 - 7:40.
10 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10.
14 miles @ 7:00 - 7:10.

How it played out:

60 miles

Monday: 8 miles 8:08 pace at lunch
Tuesday: 8 at 7:39 pace (Rainy and cold AM run)
Wednesday: 7 miles at 8:19 pace at lunch.
PM Hour boot camp class
Thursday: 7 miles at 7:23 pace AM run
Friday: 6 miles at 8:01 pace PM Run
Saturday: 14 miles at 6:53 pace
Sunday: 10 miles at 7:00 pace

Massage Monday morning revealed I was super sore. Not sure why, possibly all the driving for the holiday. My right calf and right foot are a bit angry, but the pain hasn't gotten worse.

Saturday's long run I felt fantastic, but took a nice spill at mile 1.5 of the run and scraped up my right upper hip. It's stiff and bruised, but high enough that it didn't affect the run this morning. I'm still super sore from boot camp class Wednesday so hopefully I will start adapting to that soon!

Work is getting nuts so I am going to try and stick to my early to bed early to rise schedule this week to get it all in!

Oh and big milestone week broke 3000 miles for the year! A big first for me as last year I ran a total of 2770 which was my biggest year. I truly believe being consistent and getting in more miles while staying healthy has been key to this years success.