Random Photo Friday. Back pack photo from the North Country Trail Marathon. Sorry Rae, I didn't wear it for the race!


Holy Cow. I have gotten hit HARD with a head cold. Other than time at work I have been spending my evenings on the couch watching LOTR and trying to at least do something productive, like laundry, and working on crocheting A's scarf. On a good note my basketball skills have greatly increased this week with all the kleenex free throws into the trash can, I think I have only missed two shots.

Sorry to keep everyone hanging on the race report and doc visit. I am hoping I will feel better before the weekend, so hopefully by then I will have a recap up and some fun pics that the race volunteers took!
Pre Yut-C 50K (To make up for the lack of a random Friday photo)

Quickie Post

I "ran" my first 50k race yesterday. I took it extremely easy so as not to irritate my ITB band. I didn't have much pain at all surprisingly and finished! WooHoo!

Tomorrow I am off to an ART therapist first thing in the morning. We are going to take a look at my biomechanics and hopefully figure out what is going on to cause all my little irritations.

Race report to come soon!
First Place Runner 50 Mile North Country Trail Marathon. This guy looked like he had been on a 20 minute jog I kid you not.
2nd Place 7:27
Third Place Runner 50 Mile North Country Trail Marathon

Trails are Super Awesome-North Country Trail Marathon Report

Mouse and I arrived at the race site with about 10 minutes to spare. We headed straight to the portapots as the race director made all the last minute announcements. The only real thing we needed to be troubled about was the last trail marker at 24.8 at which we needed to turn left or face going back and doing that part again when we arrived at the finish. The course was a big 25 mile loop so the marathoners had a 1.4 mile loop tacked onto it.

The race director finished with a plea for everyone to please not drop and it was time for the national anthem. We hurriedly pinned our number onto our drop bag and set it on the tarp and then we all headed over to the start. Mouse had met a lady at DWD that was doing the 50 miler so we went over to wish her good luck and we were off.

We headed out towards the road and quickly saw the front runners coming back. It was extremely funny and the group around us was having great fun pointing out the leaders. We got to the road and turned around to follow the leaders onto the Big M trail. "peanut" hammed it up for the spectators as we headed onto the trail, waving Miss America style and blowing kisses. For a long time we were a line of runners in the woods. The trail was single track. The land there is old sand dunes mostly covered in pine forests now. Absolutely gorgeous. The beginning wasn't thick with trees, but lots of ferns covered the ground as we wound our way up into the pine. We were walking pretty soon up any inclines and I joked that somebody should start the wave or a conga line. Peanut informed Mouse that her leopard skirt was Hawt, super Hawt in fact. And we quickly made friends with the group around us.

"Jah" hollered ahead at one point that Peanut was slowing everyone down and to get a move on. I could tell already this was going to be a blast. My hamstring wasn't making a peep and I was off into the woods with a bunch of fun people.

We arrived at the first aid station after about 45 minutes and I ran off to take care of business. Caught up with Mouse as we grabbed some gatorade and water from the aid station. That was the only station I didn't grab some food at. We headed back into the woods after a short clearing. Peanut and Jah had fallen a bit behind and we picked up the pace to catch up to the group we deemed the "Peloton." We chatted with whoever was around us and heard lots of great stories. A few guys attempting their first 50 miler. A few attempting their 70th+. Always surrounded by beautiful hills and pine of Northern Michigan.

The second aid station came along and we decided to eat something as we were both starving. I had an orange slice and downed some water with one of my e-gels. We headed back out with a runner in Boston shorts matching my sports bra and a TNT guy. He mentioned he was worried about us because he stopped hearing us talking for a bit. We got into a good groove here and hammered until we caught the Peloton again. I think it was at the third aid station that we fell back from them for good. We stopped here and I think I had another orange slice and some chips. A runner caught us and mentioned he was from Ann Arbor and worked in Novi which was funny because those are areas Mouse and I know well. Here we had some big climbs and did some power walking up the hills. We jockeyed back and forth with "Downhill Runner" quite a bit. We'd catch him going up, he'd catch us going down. It wasn't until before the last aid station that we passed him for good.

After the last major hill here we hammered a bit more and finally came to the halfway point. We stayed here a bit longer than most. My ITB had flared up a bit so I stretched as I called my husband and gave him his chip alert. We grabbed some more food and I switched out my handhelds and stuck two ibuprofen in my bottle in case the ITB got worse. We both tried the potatoes with salt, absolutely disgusting! I had some PB and J and some more chips and my second gel. A ton of people went by us during this time, I think we were there about 10 minutes. We finally tossed our bags on the other side of the trail to be taken back to the start and headed back into the woods. I joked that without the Peloton I was sure to get us lost now. A spectator assured me we wouldn't. I took my only split of the day as we headed out and we were at about 2:40. About 1 hour slower than my road race halfs.

About this time my body was getting seriously sore. I was kind of pissed because I always inform all my road running friends about how nice the trails are on your body. But everything was getting sore here. My back, my legs, my hips, my ass, my feet, all sore. I did a gut check and I knew I didn't want to have to walk a half marathon but if that is what it would take that was fine, I was finishing no matter what. Oddly Mouse mentioned the whole body soreness just as I was feeling it, it was nice to know I wasn't the only one. We jockeyed back and forth with a runner from Tucson in this section that was doing the 50 miler. I think he said his name was Billy. We got ahead of him for awhile during what was marked as an easy section of trail.

My ITB was getting angry and I gave in and took one of the ibuprofen pills. My right calf was starting to seize a bit too so I decided I needed some salt at the next station. I stopped to pee and realized I was probably a bit dehydrated so I vowed to drink most of my handheld before the next stop. We made it into the aid station with our friend Billy and I took an e-cap, I have never tried these before but I figured that as a training run for JFK I'd better try everything and find out what works. My stomach had held up surprisingly well with all the food I was eating only trying to cramp for a mile or so. A woman came in behind us and I seriously thought she was going to bite it, she looked woozy and not steady on her feet. She asked for some ibuprofen and I decided to take one of their pills so i would have one in reserve. We took off from the aid station and were still feeling pretty bad. Billy caught us and we let him lead the way. We jogged and walked with him for quite a ways before both of us caught our second wind.

If you had told me a mile previously I would feel this good I would have called you a liar. But I wasn't going to take it for granted so we pushed ahead of Billy as we picked up the pace and conversation. Mouse asked how I met David and that story always gets me excited so we proceeded to chat all the way into the next aid station, we even ran some hills in this section. My ITB was painful but tolerable and the calf seemed to be doing better. I took another e-cap at this station and some potato chips and pb and j and my 3rd gel. We passed a guy who had bit it here and was walking the rest of the way. I am glad I didn't have to do that!

The downhills were starting to kill my ITB now, at some point I decided to just fly down to get it over with and that set off the hamstring. I wasn't happy about that but was glad it made it that long before complaining. I think we found the culprit as River Run is a downhill race, so I should probably avoid hills for awhile.

We passed downhill runner in this section and started looking for a girl that we thought was in our age group. We didn't see many people though and we just kept chatting as disappointment of the race coming to an end soon set in. We made it to the last aid station and were informed by the runner ahead of us that we were having too much fun. Billy had told us earlier he could tell we must have been friends for a very long time. Wonder what he thought when we told him we met on the internet!

We filled up on gatorade and water and I had some M and Ms. I never did try the defizzed coke, Mouse said it was nasty. We headed off towards the finish knowing our left turn was coming soon. There was a pretty big uphill right after the aid station so we walked a bit here. We got a little worried we missed the turn but finally we saw a man standing in the trail and a big yellow arrow pointing left for the marathon. At this point we knew we didn't have much time left to go.

The last section was completely flat soft packed sand and we hammered in. My ITB had had it and I wanted to hammer just in case there were any more hills left we would have to climb. We passed a road and a spectator let us know we had less than a mile to go. I said awesome and declared out loud, less than 20 minutes now, which made Mouse laugh. I like to overestimate time left so that when I get done faster I am happy. We came in to the finish line together and were both handed some awesome finisher mugs. We high fived and headed straight to the beer keg. My legs felt pretty good other than the ITB and the calf and hamstring. None of the regular stiffness I get after a road race.

We got our beers and went to change. I called David and Mouse called Rae and Brent to celebrate. We talked with the runner we passed at the last aid station and headed over to get some food. The awards were already started and we both got "2nd" in our age groups and got some really nice duffle bags. I checked the results and we were actually both 3rd out of 3 but the ladies that took first in our age groups were in the top 3. Despite our time of 5:27 and change we were not the last ones in and if there were an award for who had the most fun out on the course there is no way anyone could compete (except maybe Jah and Peanut).

Post race details to come soon. The fun weekend definitely did not end at the finish line!

Pre Race- North Country Trail Marathon

This weekend was practically perfect in every way (Like Mary Poppins practically perfect).

We left Thursday night and headed to Furian's place. The boys were off to Cinci first thing in the morning but I lounged for awhile and read some blogs while sipping a coffee and eating a fresh deli sandwich. Released a lot of emotion reading the IM Moo recaps. It is so incredible what these people did to get to that race and what they did that day, just amazing.

Around noon I headed up to meet Mouse and get on our way to pick up our race packets. After stopping for an oil change and getting hit on by the mechanic (I NEVER get hit on, this was bizarre, especially considering the mention of it being my husbands car, oh and the WEDDING ring on my finger, seriously do people have no shame?), I met up with Mouse at her place and we packed the car and got on our way.

We were both pretty jazzed for the weekend and we chatted the whole way up. We arrived at the race site around 7pm and got a water bottle and our numbers. I was under the impression that the long sleeved technical was only received upon finishing so we made a plan to finish the next morning, but we were surprised to receive the sweet technicals tees right off the bat, we decided we would still stick to the finishing plan the next day anways. We were there long enough to check out the finisher line and the trail head, and to get mooned, then we headed on our way to the cabin (note to the mountain biker who felt the need to show us all he had, maybe next time change inside your car, not in the front of the parking lot!).

Stopped at the grocery store for some pasta and coffee filters. Had to make a second trip because in all the distraction we forgot the coffee filters. Then we were on our way to our haven for the night. The cabin was awesome. Right on the lake and super comfy with lots of sleeping room.

We called Rae and Brent to let them know we were marking Pip as our emergency contact as we prepared our dinner, pasta and a beer, you gotta fill up on those carbs! We prepped all our stuff for the next day. I opted for the Wild Bill shirt and my fave Pearl Izumi shorts. Mouse went for the pink leopard print skirt and white tee. There was going to be a bag drop at 13.4 so we also prepped bags with whatever we thought we might need half way through. I threw in my second handheld filled with gatorade and carbo pro, some ibuprofen, and two gels. Mouse had an extra pair of shoes in case the new ones acted up as well as her cell so we could give my husband and Rae and Brent some "chip updates."

I topped off with a bottle of gatorade and carbo pro before heading to bed. I read a little and then it was lights out.

4:30 came quick (note the alarm was set for 5:30). Apparently I forgot to fill myself in on the laid back approach I was taking for this marathon. It was all about trails baby, and running like a training run. There was no need for the early wake up call and nerves. Alas my bod thought different and I finally gave in at 5:15 and got up and showered.

We got on our way about 6:15 and pumped up the Justin Timberlake and Queer Eye tunes to get us ready to go. The weather was gorgeous and we were all set for our first trail marathon.

North Country Trail Marathon

Just after our first trail marathon. What a freaking awesome weekend guys. Seriously. Can't wait to write about it.

Random Friday Photo

River Run Half Marathon

Mind Numbing

That is how my week has gone. I have not run a step (other than up and down stairs trying to frantically pack last night) since Sunday. I can still feel a bit of pain but it isn't excruciating like it was after the race. So I am hoping tomorrow will be okay, since it is trails and an easier pace.

I sincerely hope it goes well. This week has been horrible. I really could use a good long run in the forest. I think Mouse is in the same boat so we should have a really good time. We have already discussed a run to the store for ice to help with any injuries post race.

Work has just been a madhouse this week. I have several projects on my plate and it seems like anytime I get in a groove on one I get an email or a call needing something on a different one ASAP. My brain wasn't happy with that by the time 7 pm rolled around last night. I had a hard time even remembering my name by the end of the day. I am sure all of that was made worse by the lack of running.

I was so out of it last night and stressed over some stupid insurance stuff that I had a complete anxiety attack on the road. David was driving and it just felt like every car on the road was going to nail us and I couldn't breathe. It was scary. David was so concerned he asked if I needed to see someone.

But I am feeling much better this morning. The weekend trip to the woods is just what I need. I have been looking forward to this race for what seems like forever. Funny since it is the one race this season that I won't be "racing" :)

I am so excited to try all the different nutrition and practice my race plans for JFK. Checking out all the aid stations. Watching the 50 mile runners come in. Walking up the hills :) Running in my trail shoes. So much fun to be had!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Good luck to everyone doing Portage Lakes Tri and the Buckeye Half Marathon.

Have your cookie

And eat it too! (Just be prepared for what comes along with)

Last night I made a batch of cookies to help with the carb loading for this morning. I must say they came out quite well, especially considering I have never baked with gas and our stove is a bit temperamental, perhaps all is not lost quite yet on the domestic diva front.

I got to bed a little later than I hoped for but I slept like a rock for the 6 hours I did get, and it was lovely. Woke up this morning, put coffee on, mixed some carbo pro and gatorade and got around. I drove the 45 minutes or so to the race, stopping at walgreens for a bathroom break, I was hoping to avoid the portalet crowds, but ended up having to go again before the race, at least I didn't have to wait in line twice!

The race started on time and I headed off with JD, Risko, and A. We clocked the first mile in 7:29 and JD and I said goodbye to A and Risko as they planned to go a bit slower than that. JD and I stayed together through 4 or so. I definitely didn't feel great but I was racing and told myself such, and that if in order to PR it had to hurt, well, it was going to have to hurt, little did I know.

About 3 miles in my right hamstring gave a holler, at the time I thought it was my piriformis, but now I am thinking hammy, really high though. It was a pretty bad twinge and the pain didn't subside immediately. I told myself not to think about it and pushed on. About a mile later we hit a short steep decline and this time the twinge turned into a twang. Vision of pulling over to the side swam through my head.

I thought of all my friends doing IM Moo today and how long they would have to endure any aches or pains that popped up. I specifically thought of Tracy and her hip and how much pain she was in when we ran over WIBA weekend. I envisioned her hip pain today and I imagined that any pain I had I was taking it from her so that she wouldn't have any. The internalization seemed to help as I definitely overcame more pain than I have ever felt in a race. When I needed an extra boost I would focus on breathing, in with the good out with the bad. And when that failed I would think of Wild Bill and his motto to never leave anything on any course because you never know what race might be your last, hence my mantra "Out with a bang" this morning.

I figured the hammy was tight, but at that point stretching didn't seem to be an option, it wasn't loosening with an ease of pace so I trekked on, trying to keep JD within my sights. I went on running with the pain through mile 7 or so before I caught JD, we stayed together for another 2 miles then I pulled forward. I knew I needed to push it or the PR was down the drain and the injury would be a complete waste.

Around mile 9 a lady that I had been jockeying back and forth with asked if I was from the area. I wasn't really in the mood to chat (unusual for me) but I told her yes. We had just hit the one and only hill and she wanted to know if there were any more like it. We discussed the course and she said she knew the lady who was in the lead and that she had come from Columbus for the race. I fell behind her at the mile 10 water stop but I knew that was the last stop I would walk through so I didn't worry. I caught her with about 1.5 to go and tried to urge her on with me (the company would have been nice) but she wasn't picking it up.

I passed a few men and finally hit 12. I knew it was going to be close, too close for comfort at that point as far as a PR went. I picked it up again and trudged on. It felt like I was running 6 minute pace effort wise but I knew the clock would tell me different. I passed a man with about .5 to go and he joked that I was forcing him to push it in. He was wearing a Garmin and about .25 to go he announced to me that we just got under 7 minute pace, which did not make me happy. All I could think was "I damn better be under 7 minute pace, I feel like I am going to die and I need about 7 flat to PR." Somehow I pulled something out for the last .1 as I heard B and B2 cheering me in and I looked at my watch to see I had indeed PRed. The official split was 1:36:56.something and 7:25 pace.

Pretty much as soon as I stopped my hamstring was screaming at me. It hurt really bad to walk and of course my left quad started to cramp whenever I would stop and start again. I made it over to the med tent for some ice and ibuprofen before resting and waiting for the bus with my friends. Everyone in my crowd did really well today. I believe JD, A, T, and JH PR'ed.

It looks like the times were a bit slow for that course so I wonder if the humidity was getting to people. The lead woman's time was around 1:26, last year and the year before it was closer to 1:16-1:18. Not sure if that was just because the regular winner wasn't there or weather...

The buses were taking forever so we decided to go check out our places. I managed to snag 2nd in age group which was a pleasant surprise.

As for my hammy I am guessing I did something to it yesterday while disc golfing. That'll teach me. I am icing as we speak and will be taking it easy this week so that hopefully I won't have to walk the majority of Saturday's trail marathon.

We finally got back to our cars (the race is point to point, slightly downhill most of the way, hence the fast splits) and I changed into work clothes, found a nice blood blister waiting for me and headed to work.

I am exhausted now! I can't imagine how all the IM Moo athletes must feel with the majority of a marathon still to go. I will try to update the IM Moo stats again tonight but I am fading fast so I apologize if I don't get them all until tomorrow.

Splits for those that love em:
7:04.31 (Huge downhill this mile)
7:38.38 (attack of the twanging hammy)
8:10.63 (somehow missed seeing this one, but this is the one with the big uphill I believe)
7:06.68 (Was so concerned with my overall time I missed this split, it would have made me feel better)


Uggh just lost a post with everyones swim stats. Grrr! Let's try this one more time before I have to work and hopefully later I will update and fill you in on my race this morning! Hard to believe I started my race the same time as Sara, Wil, and all the rest of the IM Moo crowd, but I have been done now for several hours and they still have several hours to go, wild.

Tried to call Stu and get a live update but he couldn't hear me on his end, bummer!


SOOOO Happy to see that half marry split! I KNOW she is going to make it!
1:28:55 8:17:30 5:24:45 15:32:32 1862

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:28:55) 2:20/100m 1672

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (8:17:30) 13.51 mph 2165

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:32:22) 11:37/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (2:52:23) 13:09/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:24:45) 12:23/mile 1862

T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 12:08
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 9:14

IronWil-Gave it her all!!! Great job girl! IRONMAN 07!
1:49:28 8:28:02 4:21:57 15:06:48 1755

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:49:28) 2:52/100m 2273

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (8:28:02) 13.23 mph 2296

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (3:31:00) 16:06/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (50:57) 3:53/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (4:21:57) 9:59/mile 1755

T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 11:10
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 16:11

I just saw Rob start the run on Ironman Live! God I wish he could hear me cheering from Cleveland!
1:00:43 5:58:50 5:08:35 12:21:48 650

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:00:43) 1:35/100m 93

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (5:58:50) 18.73 mph 207

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:28:59) 11:22/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (2:39:36) 12:10/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:08:35) 11:46/mile 650

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 4:57

1:21:40 6:34:13 4:24:31 12:35:37 747

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:21:40) 2:08/100m 1225

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (6:34:13) 17.05 mph 925

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:18:42) 10:35/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (2:05:49) 9:36/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (4:24:31) 10:05/mile 747

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 5:28

1:55:34 8:07:39 5:30:13 15:53:18 1950

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:55:34) 3:02/100m 2346

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (8:07:39) 13.78 mph 2237

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:39:30) 12:10/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (2:50:43) 13:01/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:30:13) 12:36/mile 1950

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 10:16

1:33:13 7:41:00 6:51:04 16:37:13 2106

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:33:13) 2:27/100m 1880

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (7:41:00) 14.58 mph 1924

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:57:02) 13:30/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (3:54:02) 17:51/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (6:51:04) 15:41/mile 2106

T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 11:17
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 20:39

1:48:08 7:33:24 4:58:41 14:51:39 1681

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:48:08) 2:50/100m 2254

TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (7:33:24) 14.82 mph 2025

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 13.1 mi. (2:25:01) 11:04/mile
RUN FINISH 13.1 mi. (2:33:40) 11:43/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (4:58:41) 11:24/mile 1681
T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 15:10
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 16:16

On the Horizon

So if you haven't gone over to raceathlete.com (and you're a triathlete that's into that kinda thing) definitely go check it out, and decide if you want to toe the line at IM MOO next year and get a chance to train with some famed tri bloggers out there, oh and with some awesome goodies to go along with that!

Seems everyone is starting to commit for various races next year, so there's been a lot of thinking going on in my end on what I want to do with my 2007 season. Do I want to do an early marathon on top of Boston? Do I want to do Boston? Do I want to do Triple T (3 days, 4 races totaling a bit more than an IM) or is that too close to the Madison to Chicago relay? Do I want to go back to my fave Olympic tri in Chicago in August or do I want to payback CRIM in a bad way for this years downer? Do I want to go back to Steelhead and try to get faster on the bike and actually run up those hills? Do I want to do IM MOO? Do I want to focus on ultras, buckeye 50k and maybe another in the fall? Do I want to focus on 5ks? How about going back to Richmond marathon and aiming for a 3:20, maybe stick closer to home and do Columbus of Flying pig? Do I want to spend a year just training for nothing in particular? The list goes on and on as you can see.

Right now the only official race on the books is the Great Midwest Relay which should be a freaking blast. 12 RBFers in two vans racing from Madison to Chicago in less than 36 hours. How cool is that?

I must say that I am super pumped for all my peeps doing IM MOO on Sunday and it is sooooo tempting to sign up to do it with Stu and all the others next year. But there are so many factors that I feel are pulling me in another direction. I mean just the entry fee is ridiculous in my mind. $450 for a race that I might not even complete? Why the heck does it have to be so expensive? I seriously cannot justify that cost, not at my current state of debt and income. Add to that the worries of if I even want to ride my bike 112 miles. I am honestly not sure if I do want to ride that far... I know I can, I just don't know if it's what I want.

I do know I would like to crush a tri next year, and I think the best opportunity for that would be Steelhead or Chicago, I just have to decide which distance I want to train for. I'm leaning towards Olympic.

I can't wait for my trail marathon next week and I think how that goes will probably help me decide what I want to focus on next year as far as running goes. Right now my brain is having a little war with itself, speed vs. adventure and endurance. I go back and forth daily.

I was hoping if I started to write all this out something would start to piece itself together but I think I still have some more thinking to do. Why do there have to be so many exciting options? It is so hard to just choose a few when you want to do them all!
Random Photo Friday is officially in effect now


Tuseday Trail Tempo!

I was absolutely brilliant yesterday and forgot to actually get the keys to my husbands car so when all was said and done I didn't make it to the track. Instead we opted to go to the park and I headed to the trails. Got to try out my new kicks and they worked splendidly. I took them through the rounds; hills, rocks, mud, roots, logs, bridges, all they need to hit now is some water but they are hopefully good to go for the North Country Trail marathon. No water crossings there! Just a bunch of technical single track.

The trails were just what I needed last night. I just wish I could have stayed out there longer. I got lost from my regular route, I think they knocked down a sign during some trail renovations, so I ended up running three new trail routes that I hadn't been on before. It was a ton of fun. Almost got taken out by a few mountain bikers, I am suprised they didn't launch themselves over the cliff coming down that hill so fast. Now I know why I stick to the road!

I steadily picked up the pace the whole run and cruised in feeling great. Did a few pickups then David and I headed to Chipotle for dinner. Yum! I felt like crap most of yesterday, extremely hormonal and upset stomach, probably worried myself sick. I am feeling much better this morning.

The car apparently is not leaking oil, and when it got to the shop it wasn't leaking anything. It was leaking radiator fluid before the trip to the shop. (Am I the only one that thought that fluid is green? Or clear? Not amber like oil?) Anyways they filled that and ran it for like 15 minutes while David watched on, and no leak. So of course last night after our park trip I check and it's leaking, lovely. So I will be taking my antifreeze and a bottle of water with me in the trunk until I can pinpoint where the leak is to take back to the shop.

Tonight I am going to a "memory-making" party (scrapbooking, I assume) after I pick up my packet for the River Run Half this weekend. My plan is to race it and hopefully PR, that should set me up for my goal at Chicago which is a 3:25, if I don't PR the half then I will probably readjust that goal a wee bit. River Run is a great half because it is mostly downhill, so incredibly fast. A and her boy are running with and I think B is too. Should be a fun day.

Sending you all happy trail vibes!

On a cheerier note...

My car is leaking oil and my husband is on his way to a work meeting with it, then hopefully to take it to the shop around 1:30, and I am FREAKING out. I am so paranoid the damn thing is going to explode or run out of oil and leave him stranded on the highway. I called the shop and they told me to call back after 9 to even find out if he can bring it in at 1:30.

So here's a little something you might not know about E-Speed me (edited for anonymous, I didn't know third person was so offensive, my apologies). I have a phone phobia. I hate picking up the dang phone and dialing. It seriously causes me stress. I even have this fear when dialing up old friends and family. It is completely irrational and I know it but I can't make it go away.

So I am flipping out because I already called the shop once and ended in tears because the guy really made it sound like they wouldn't look at the car but to call back at 9, so now I am freaking because I am sure that the next guy will tell me he can't look at it and that my husband will be stuck in Aurora until I get home from work and then we will just have to abandon my car until the next time he has a weekday off.

Meanwhile the car was just in last MONDAY, so I cannot even fathom why it decided to wait and leak now.

Blah. Why am I such a worrier? I cannot control the outcome of things but I sit and fret about them until I make myself sick. WTF? How can I be such a mentally tough runner and triathlete but be such a freaking sissy when it comes to normal lifes blows. Seriously I never worry about how a race will go. I prepare for it I walk through it in my head and I show up race morning ready to make it happen. I guess I just feel more in control with that then in real life. Aha! Perhaps we have found yet another Real reason for why I run. Control.

Onto that cheerier note. I had a very relaxing weekend. Lots of games were played and my 20 miler went off without a hitch. My left ITB was a little sore but ice and ibuprofen has done its job I think. I should have known not to do the whole 20 miles on the roads, I haven't run very long on the roads in a Looong time. Hopefully tonight I will get in a track run and that will go swimmingly too.

Seriously stressed E-Speed Out


Didn't have a great race at CRIM last weekend. A multitude of things I did leading up to the race caused the result so I can't really be dissapointed. I was due for a bad race anyways. I would rather it be CRIM then Chicago or JFK.

I am not one for excuses so I don't think I need to go into all the details of stupid things I did leading to the race. But suffice it to say I didn't bring my A game. I did however give it my all and that's what made the result frustrating. When you run your ass off you expect good results, but running your ass off only gets good results when you bring your A game which involves a lot more than just running hard.

I did get to run with some cool people, Mouse and her roomie specifically. And I got to chat with some cool people after the race. I was dissapointed at the time that I didn't do what they had and just relaxed the pace and run for fun. But in hindsight I am glad I gave it my all even if it wasn't pretty.

The first two miles were great. Mouse and I were just chatting and running with the crowd. You really didn't have any other option. There was no weaving, if you lined up with the 8:30 pace like we did you were running 9 minute miles, no faster, no slower. After the second mile I picked up the pace and started to hit 8s. I managed to grab a beer shot at mile 4 which was fun! I was hoping for a few miles at the end around 7, but the closest I got was 7:50ish. The hills and humidity were too much for me that morning. I was just happy to finish.

The party after this race was freaking incredible. Definitely a race you want to take your whole crew too though, being by yourself wouldn't be as much fun. The beer and pizza afterwards were nice and I even saw J who I ran with at the Buckeye 50K afterwards! She did much better than me, thankfully!

That's all I've got for now, maybe I will fill in more post race details later. I am beat from my 20 miler this morning and my ITB is crying for some ice love.


Tempo Thursdays!

Perhaps too many T's in one week?

Warmup Miles 1 and 2
Mile 3 Tempo (Aiming for half marathon pace, so about 7:30, obviously too fast...hmm faulty memory, I guess I should actually be aiming for 7:15 so not too bad!)
About 3/4 mile run to the bathroom and back
6:22 (3/4)
Mile 4 Rest mile
Mile 5 and 6 Tempo
Mile 7 Cool Down Mile

Somehow missed my girls this morning so I am heading out for a short easy run around the hood.