Turkey Trot and Weekly Run Down

The primary reason I have still been doing track workouts post Columbus was for the Detroit Turkey Trot. I raced that Thursday with my family and was excited to have them all participate. It was not a stellar day for me and so now I will be moving onto base building phase for Boston the next 5-6 weeks. Since the Turkey Trot did not tucker me out at all (Ran a 40:23, 6:30 pace, about what I should be running for 13.1 not 10k) I moved into Thanksgiving calorie burning mode the rest of the week.

This week will back off on the mileage a bit, cut out the track and tempo runs, only one "easy" day and the rest of the runs under 7:50 pace. Also coach said to cut out the push ups. That I am not a sprinter and don't need to "bulk up." Everything in moderation I guess!

November 22-29th- 64 miles

Monday- 7.4 miles easy, 8:30 pace (110 push ups)
Tuesday-7 miles with 4*30 second strides 8 minute pace
Wednesday-3 miles easy, 8:40 pace
Thursday-2 mile warm up with strides, 10k-40:23, 2 mile cool down
Friday-12 miles easy 8:08 pace (hip exercises)
Saturday- 12 miles 7:55 pace
Sunday- 12 miles 7:00 pace

Unintentional Back Off Week

Like I said in the last post just lost some motivation this week. But the good thing is the workouts that I did get in were quality and I will probably feel fresher for the Turkey Trot as a result. But need to keep the lack of motivation at bay post Thanksgiving as it will be time to start building a bigger base, no more track workouts for awhile (It's the midwest) moving on to fartleks and a good strong mileage base to get ready for Boston. Still have some strength training on tap for today, but have some work work to catch up on first then relaxing and start over again tomorrow.

November 16th Through the 22nd-43 miles

Monday-No Running (86 push ups, 95 sit ups, 18 squats, 45 tricep curls)
Tuesday-7.5 miles with track
Wednesday- No Running (100 push ups)
Thursday-7 miles with tempo
Friday-6.5 miles easy, 8:48 pace
Saturday-10 miles trail, 8:15 pace (120 push ups, 108 sit ups, 25 squats, 6 hip exercises, 10*2 second reps on each)
Sunday- 12 miles 7:16 pace (120 sit ups, 28 squats, and 6 hip exercises, 10*2 second reps on each)

Key Workouts:

easy warm up and cool down+
1600 warm up at 7:41.24

1200- 4:30.42 (176 bpm) (rest 2:34.53)
800- 2:59.47 (178) (2:00.20)
400- 87.22 (176) (1:31.15)
400- 84.41 (178) (1:57.62)
800- 2:51.55 (182) 2:30.97
1200- 4:21.78 (184)

5 miles aiming for under 34
6:47.56 (170)
6:48.37 (179)
6:46.86 (180)
6:46.06 (181)
6:46.55 (182)

33:55 total

Catching Up

I probably went a little overboard last week and I am paying for it this week with lack of motivation, seasonal blues, and a sinus infection. Not happy, but I'll get back on the horse. I think the mileage was probably fine but I ran a little too hard Sunday, just got caught up in the run and did a little too much around the house.

November 9th through the 15th- 65 Miles

Monday- 7 miles easy with Daisy- 9 minute pace (55 push ups, 48 sit ups)
Tuesday- 6.5 miles with track
Wednesday- 7 miles easy 8:30 pace (63 push ups, 69 sit ups)
Thursday-7.5 miles easy with Daisy 8:40 pace, (72 push ups, 75 sit ups, 45 tricep curls), 60 minutes yoga
Friday-9.5 miles with tempo with CV (80 push ups, 85 sit ups, 45 tricep curls)
Saturday-16.5 miles easy at Bills Badass 50k Fatass Run
Sunday- 11.75 miles 7:16 pace

Key Workouts:

easy warm up and cool down +
warm up mile 7:36.80 (148 bpm)
4*100 strides
1600-5:51.10 (181 bpm) (Rest 3:42)
1200-4:23.18 (183 bpm) (2:30)
800-2:51.47 (183 bpm) (2:13.38)
400-84.95 (175 bpm) (1:32.97)
400-79.95 (178 bpm)

6 miles aiming for under 42
7:01.83 (162 bpm)
6:59.45 (171 bpm)
6:55.70 (173 bpm)
6:55.30 (175 bpm)
6:56.43 (177 bpm)
6:46.55 (178 bpm)
41:35.3 total

Back into the swing of things

I was planning on easing back into mileage slowly but with two medium long distance runs on the weekend I am almost back into the 60s. It feels good to get back into the groove so easily after feeling so run down before Columbus. Focusing on keeping the easy days pretty easy right now and that seems to help.

59.5 miles for the week

Monday-7.45 miles 9 min pace
Tuesday- 7.97 miles with track (32 push ups, 35 sit ups)
Wednesday- 7.82 miles 8:43 pace (46 push ups, 37 sit ups)
Thursday- 7.43 miles with tempo (50 push ups, 39 sit ups)
Friday-5.13 miles 8:50 pace
Saturday- 13.36 miles trails easy 11:08 pace
Sunday- 10ish miles at 7:35 pace (Garmin froze but seems to have corrected itself post run, let's hope that was just a fluke)

Key workouts:

Tuesday Track:

6*800 with 2:30 rests

3:03.52 (2:31.35) (174 bpm)
3:01.73 (2:26.72) (179 bpm)
2:59.18 (2:33.47) (182 bpm)
2:57.93 (2:22.77) (182 bpm)
2:57.08 (2:32.72) (184 bpm)

This workout took me over 2300 miles for the year which is more than I ran all of last year, fun little milestone.

Thursday Tempo:

Aiming for 6 miles, first mile at 7:30, next five in 35 aiming for over 7 the first two miles and under 7 the last 3.

Factoring in the 20-30 MPH the first mile and last 2.5 miles I am going to say this was the best I could expect. It was really more of a race the last two miles than a tempo effort into the wind.

7:38.19 (Heart rate 150 bpm)
7:09.01 (171 bpm)
6:57.71 (172 bpm)
6:57.08 (178 bpm)
7:03.01 (184 bpm)
7:01.21 (187 bpm)

Sunday 10 miler:

Ran with some SERC buddies in Hudson before helping out at a cross country race. Nice quick run even if I wasn't feeling it initially (too much wine Saturday night) it was a great morning with friends. Aiming for 10 miles under 8 minute pace and ended up averaging 7:35 pace.

Marathon Predictor Calculators

In the lead up and aftermath of racing a marathon I have been contemplating predictor calculators and why they seem to be off for so many when it comes to the marathon.

A few of my friends insisted I was ready for 3:03 or even sub 3 before Columbus, but in the end I went for 3:05 and obviously that is about where I was. I chose that goal because of my half time at Buckeye Half. In the past my 10k equivalent predictor rate for the marathon was always around 4.78 to 4.83. A comparative 10k time to my 1:26:52 would be around 39 minutes and the ratio for that to my actual marathon time is 4.76. I figured best case scenario would have been just under 3:05 or a 4.75 ratio given my training was more consistent than in the past. But I also know that pacing screwed up a few of my key runs so I didn't want to be too optimistic.

I am wondering what ratio's others have and if you typically set your marathon goals based on your current shorter race performances and if any of the available calculators have been accurate for you.

I find it interesting that all of my races this year except the marathon lined up pretty well in the Daniels VO2 range, but my marathon obviously is not in that same range.

Some tools I have found useful for setting goals and getting an idea of my racing potential:

The old fashioned/simple approach: Half marathon*2 plus 10-12 minutes
Daniels VDOT Calculator: http://www.runbayou.com/jackd.htm
McMillan Running Calculator: http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm
Race Time Predictor: http://www.runningforfitness.org/calc/rp.php?metres=5000&hr=0&min=22&sec=30&age=32&gender=M&Submit=Calculate
Predicting a Marathon Time: http://mysite.verizon.net/jim2wr/id70.html

The last link is one I have found intriguing. It bases the predictors on how much mileage you run. I have set up a spreadsheet to track my own personal 10k predictors and actual results along with my mileage. It seems like this time it was pretty accurate. I averaged 62 miles a week for the past 22 weeks or so and my rate ended up being 4.76 (4.78 if you based it off Perfect 10) (Note I just use the McMillan Running Calculator to get an "equivalent" 10k time for my races since I didn't run a 10k this year)

I think I still have a lot to learn about marathoning and I am excited to get faster. But it certainly is intimidating thinking about how fast I am going to need to be in these shorter distance races to achieve my ultimate marathon goals, especially if I need to do even better than most of these calculators suggest!

So my big question for myself is am I limiting myself by setting what appears to be conservative marathon goals according to all these calculators (and personal experience of others) or am I running my best marathons possible by setting a realistic goal. It seems based on my past experience that in order for those online calculators to be more accurate I am going to have to get my mileage up above 80 mpw, a tall order for those of us that aren't cranking out our easy mileage at a good clip.

Feel free to chime in on my rambling here, I am interested in others experience with calculators/goals etc. It's pretty much the down season now, so a great time to consider goals for next year!

*Edited to Add*

For an example case and since it is my blog here are some equivalent 10k times from my races leading up to Columbus and the resulting ratio

Johnnycake 5 Mile- 10k McMillan equivalent and ratio to Columbus Time 39:35/4.70
Perfect 10 Mile- 10k McMillan Equivalent and ratio to Columbus Time 38:52/4.78
Buckeye Half Marathon- 10k McMillan Equivalent and ratio to Columbus Time 39:02/4.76

On the Mend

My legs were pretty thrashed after the marathon so the past two weeks have been focused on recovery. Probably another week of light mileage before I ramp it up slightly for the turkey trot and then onto marathon base building for Boston.

While my legs are slowly healing I am wiped out today. Too many late nights and early mornings last week. I am ready for some mental relaxation this week as well as physical.

Monday October 19th Through October 25th- 9 miles
Monday-Walked 2 miles
Tuesday-Jogged 1 mile and walked 2 miles
Thursday-Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday-2 miles slow (calfs were very angry)
Sunday-6 miles slow (shins were very angry)

Monday October 26th through November 1st-32 miles
Monday-6 miles easy
Tuesday-8 miles with a track workout (8*400 and 1600 at end, all under 1:30 and mile in 6:15)
28 pushups and 23 situps
Wednesday-Rest (29 pushups and 29 situps)
Thursday-5 mile "tempo" 7:50 pace
Friday-6.5 miles easy
Saturday-6.5 easy on trails

Halloween Photos Below

Work Pumpkin Carving Contest

Relaxing at the Smith's Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party

Halloween Trail Run

Halloween at The Edwards (Wolverine and Guitar Hero Casey Lynch)

My mini pumpkin and Daisy with pumpkin guts