Cannot Figure out this screenshot capture stuff really well but in explanation to Zeke's comment:

The orange is distance walked and the blue is time walked.

Obviously I didn't record mileage for three of my walks. Explaining why the totals look like it took me 3 hours to walk 6 miles.


Chad Austin said...

Ah. I knew you were faster than that. :-)

Bolder said...

hey, glad you liked fitty cent, um, that was actually me in the vid, 50 said he couldn't hang upside down because of his 9 bullet wounds, so i stood in for him -- NOT!

impressive year-to-date review, without knowing what you did in 2004, in 2005 you have integrated cross-training into your life -- good on you.

i'm a complete Polar 625X guy, i've resisted posting my charts because i get carried away with them... but, i think your wrap-up my have put me over the edge!

Susan said...

Nice chart - I'm still confused though.

Chad Austin said...
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