I thought I was going to feel bad about not running since Sunday, but, I DON'T! I am exhausted. My legs are sore, my back is sore, and my arms are sore! Cleaning is tough! Man there is a lot of dust in this house! We are getting there though. We cleaned half of the blinds now and all the floors except the basement have been swept, mopped, and vacuumed. Bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, and fridge are clean. Hubby is waiting to tackle the stove until next week.

Taking more boxes over in the morning!

Got a ticket for running a red on the way over tonight. Let's hope that doesn't cost too much.

Some pics below!



Flatman said...

Congrats on the new house...loks great! You are going to love it, but you better just quit running now. Home improvement is a full time job!!! :)

taskette said...

I love the floors in your living room! Enjoy moving into your house. Flatman is totally right. Home improvement & maintenance is a full time job. There is always something to improve & fix.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the cleaning and moving. It is definately hard work. Thanks for the well wishes.

E-Speed said...

Thanks Flatman. Yeah I think things are going to get hectic for a while. Definitely cause for finally making myself a schedule and sticking to it. No more flying by the seat of my pants and hoping everything will magically fall into place ;)

Tasketter. I know! I already have a list going of improvements and we aren't even all in yet! I LOVE the wood floors in the living and dining room!

Rob-no prob. lets hope it is something less serious than a stress fracture!

Steven said...

I love the hardwood floor your hubby is sweeping. But squeeze a run in now and then and get used to running knowing there are things that need done on the house. There always will be, so just run anyway then tackle them!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Steven! Yeah I am not planning on letting the running go by the wayside for long. I will be out running by Sunday for sure. I actually have a few nagging injuries that could use a week off so this gives me a good excuse to let those heal.

Once we are in the house I am planning on trying to be more structured about my day so that everything will fit. I know right now I "waste" a lot of time by not planning.

Bolder said...

Having just moved, and moving again in March, you have my sympathy... plus, i sersly believe moving should be an Olympic event... it is exhausting!

marmotte said...

speaking of running... any chance you want to meet me and su out here tomorrow again? i promise we can run a little faster than last week!