Helping Out, by Curly Su

Today I helped Liz move into her new house...and out of her old apartment, of course. I tried to take pictures, but I must's hard to take pictures while people are moving stuff in and out. Here are the best ones I managed.

The whole process didn't end up taking that long, due to SO many of her awesome friends and family helping out. We had Liz and David all moved into their new house in just a few hours. Her new house is SO great...more pictures to come, I'm sure.


island jen said...

Congrats on the smooth move. you must be loved if you have that many extra hands helping you move... most of my friends run for the hills :0)
Can't wait to see what you do with the place!
BTW, I need your address again... totally forgot to send the painting when I was supposed to, now you are in your house and no painting to hang. POO!

Bolder said...

ahhh home ownership... nothing like the smell of a crushing mortgage in the morning... gets you outta bed and movin!

welcome to the club!!

E-Speed said...


Thanks! I just emailed you the address etc. Let me know how to get the payment to you!


Yeppers. The hubby is covering the mortgage but all other bills fall on me. Not sure which is worse :)