Got in a good workout last night with B and B aka my speedy boyos!

3.5 mile warm up 29.01.63
2 miles hard 7.01.9, 7.16.66
1 mile recovery 9.43.19
0.5 hard 3.45.43
0.25 recover 2.59.44
0.5 hard 3:35.25
0.5 recovery 4.31.12
1 mile hard 6.56.54
1 mile recovery 8.57.78

I got a sidestitch on what was supposed to be my second 2 mile hard so I ended up splitting it up, but still got in 4 tempo so that is good enough for me!!!

I know I promised you a Chicago post but we are super busy tonight so you will have to be happy with some pics for now!!!

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