Oh ho ho this made me smile

Found this over on Furian's Blog!!!

I totally forgot. At the park tonight I actually heard some lady complaining about living in North East Ohio.

Quote: "I know that they had it really bad with the flood down there, but we have it bad up here too, it is just spread out more. I mean we have blizzards and car accidents, at least down there they close businesses...blah blah blah."

I could not believe my ears. What a ridiculous statement. I mean how dare anyone compare a car accident and having to drive to work in Cleveland winter to losing a whole city. I think North East Ohio is probably one of the nicest and safest places to live in the whole country. (granted our economy blows right now, but give me a break)

Some people are just plain nuts.

I probably did not express my reaction to this clearly but it is what it is.


Neil said...

We have tornados that blow down a few houses a year. At this rate, we probably have hurricane-equivalent damage every 1000 years or so!

I have no idea what the car accident rate is between these states, but that is what we need to know to laugh at her.


I see that she may be right, Ohio had around twice the fatal accidents of LA. That is not adjusted to a per-capita basis, though.

Furian said...

I wish I could take credit for the picture, but I found it on dailykos.com. But it's great, isn't it?

monica said...

You have to have a home phone to keep DSL. You could switch to cable internet though, but it cost more. Jim and I don't have a home phone. Actually, I haven't had one in years. I only use my cell phone. It's cheaper (I have the employee plan for Verizon--$20 per month!). Plus-you CAN migrate your home phone number to a new cell phone...but you have to do that before you open a new cell phone account.

E-Speed said...

I think what we may do is keep the home phone in order to keep dsl but we won't give our home number to anyone so that way we don't ever have to deal with telemarketers. We will just have friends and family use the cells.

i will have to see if we can find an even more basic phone plan since we won't really be using it. phone plus dsl is 60 something a month right now. our cell bill is going to basically double from adding the new line, but I think we are going to go without cable for a while so that will save us 45 a month.

ahh budegting :) Fun stuff

monica said...

TJ's never been sedated to get groomed. He's been getting groomed his whole life. Yeah, I get him shaved about twice a year and then let his hair grow in between. Since he's a Persian, his hair can grow to 4 inches or more! It gets to be messy. Not so much the shedding, but well....have YOU ever tried to use the bathroom with four inches of hair on your butt? Not pleasant. LOL!

monica said...

DSL is $60 a month???????? You can get cable internet cheaper than that!

E-Speed said...

dsl is 28.12 but the phone service is 30.80 so you add taxes and the whole bill is around $60.