See below for pics of truck at the impound lot.

I am pretty sure that it is going to be totaled. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. I asked the guy at the lot if the frame was bent and he replied "Oh yeah, and your engines totaled, brakes are totaled, batteries totaled, etc. etc." To me if the frame is bent that is done.

But I will find out tomorrow after the appraisers look it over.

Good news is I survived driving the rental car to go get everything out of the truck. Better news is I am spoiled and my dad is the best in the world. He says if the truck has to get totaled that I can have his focus when he buys a new car in a week. It is totally paid off. So that means I would have an extra $250 a month with no car payment any more. Which means more money for a house!

I don't know how but I keep finding myself in positions of awe at how generous people can be. What could have been a very devastating accident for me is most likely not going to be that bad at all.

Thank you everyone that called or commented to let me know that you care. I can't thank you all enough for being such wonderful supportive friends. I have so many things to be so very grateful for.


Adele said...

Sorry about your truck, but I'm glad you're okay! Summer of 2000 I got in two accidents within two weeks of each other and was scared to be in a car for months! So I understand you not wanting to drive. Therefore, I say forget the Focus, buy a giant Hummer and run everyone else over :)

E-Speed said...

yeah, except that every fiber in my being opposes Hummers ;) I must admit though that I do feel safer in my pickup truck than in a car. I don't like being that close to the ground. I will learn to deal though.

Monica said...

I can't stand hummers. EVERYONE down here has one, and I find it hard to believe that they really need it. Especially since they get about 8 miles to the gallon. Hummers should only be for military use.

Anyways-by the look of the truck, I would say scrap it. Even if it was fixed, it would never be the same. Take your dad's generous offer. Yeah, I HATE the Ford Focus but just be thankful you have a car available to you!(I know you are!)

Also---you are damn lucky. If that impact would have happened a little further back, you would have been seriously hurt, or God forbid, dead! The important thing is you are find (despite a few scratches, bruises, etc...).

Neil said...

Feel safe?

Mini vs F150

E-Speed said...

Neil and Monica, after seeing that picture of the F-150 I am feeling damn lucky to be alive! (And for both limbs to be functioning!)

I actually like the Focus as far as cars go, and my dads is very nice.

I guess safe isn't the right word Neil, maybe comfortable would be better. I feel very vulnerable when I am close to the ground. Like I am driving a go cart and all the SUVS and Assault vehicles on the road are going to smash me.

Adele said...

You could always get a tank instead of a Hummer! That would kick everyone else's ass :)

PS - I hate Hummers, too :)