I made it to the track tonight!!!! Yes! Big thanks to Su and B for letting me catch a ride with them!

I had a great track workout. Wasn't sure how it would go from the first 800. I really thought I was going to struggle to hold a constant pace throughout but I managed to negative split each rep.

Did a mile and 3/4 warm up. My left heel hurt a bit but it was tolerable.


then a mile cool down as usual.

Went to Applebees. No Hoggy's since we are on Bedford track now. But I had the lime chicken fiesta again with fries. It was really good. And B was nice enough to let me have a few bites of his dessert. Add on a tall beer and my tummy is very satisfied :)

Work is going well. I am off POD for awhile supposedly. And am working on a watershed in Michigan. I actually get to do some writing which should be a nice change. We shall see.

Getting the truck insurance taken care of is going to be a wee bit rough. My mom is on the title so I need notarized power of attorney etc. Let's hope that it works out quickly. (before my next payment is due!)

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