Sporadic Run

Driving to and from work today really sucked. A lady almost rear ended me on the way in and it set me off crying and I cried on the way home to. Blah.

I need a sign that says "I have been in two accidents in one week, please back the F&@k off!"

She was beeping at me and yelling the f bomb through her open window. It sucked. Wasn't my fault at all, I had my turn signal on for a good 30 seconds so she knew I was getting over (there was a parked vehicle so everyone was merging left and she was merging from behind me, apparently thought she was more important than everyone else in front of her) This wasn't even on the highway because I took Chester in to work today.

Tomorrow morning I am waking up earlier to get in before rush hour I hope.

I had a better drive home from the park, probably because the run calmed me down, and also traffic was much better.

My run was very sporadic, probably reflects this week. I ran for an hour and 13 minutes and went 8-9 miles.

The first 5 and a half miles I just hammered the whole time thinking why the heck are you running so fast? The 4.5 mile loop in there I haven't run in awhile, I think I used to do it in 42-45 minutes. Tonight I did it in 36. I decided to do a 10-20 minute cool down after that. Once I got in 11 minutes I grabbed my mp3 player from the truck. Then I did another 2 miles.

My mp3 player broke on the way back in and it isn't working still, I have to check tomorrow to see if it is still on warranty, that thing was not cheap!

Today I ordered a second cell phone. This way David and I will never be stuck without a cell phone like the other night again. Once we get that we will cancel our regular line I hope...although that may be an issue since we use dsl...anyone know about that?

I also tried to check on my student loan consolidation today since I haven't heard from them. Apparently I was ineligible...nice of them to let me know. Blah, so it looks like I am stuck at the new rates that are double what I was paying before :-/

Tomorrow I need to remove the truck from my insurance and add the focus. Hopefully that will go smoothly. Still haven't heard back about the truck, left three messages with the insurance claims agent, finally got fed up and called the impound lot, they said no one had come to see the truck. Anyone know if you can switch plates from a pickup to a car, I am guessing not...

I guess this accident has forced me to tie up a bunch of loose ends which is good. Tomorrow Randy is coming to visit YAY! And Saturday we go to see more houses woohoo! Sunday is river run half marathon, I am shooting for 1:40!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Curly Su said...

you could get the internet from the tv cable line--then you don't have to pay for a landline phone...that's what we do, in any case...

Eostre said...

As far as switching the plates, you actually can, but you need to stop in to the BMV first. Call ahead, but it should be the same office where you get your driver's license renewed. I think it's either free or a really minor fee. :)

Do you think totalling cars has something to do with our birthday? Hmm...

E-Speed said...

Your B-Day is Oct 15th too right?

Did you total yours around your birthday?

I called my insurance claim agent again to ask her about teh truck, because I may go down ther eto get the license plates off of it, but don't want to watse my time if it is no longer there. Of course she still isn't answering her phone. Farge.

Eostre said...

Yes, although I'm older than you. (Carter administration! Woo!)

I totalled mine right after New Year's; stupid snowstorm...Grr.