Multiple Freak Outs

Had a few freakouts tonight.

1st I checked my visa account online which gives me my FICO score for free monthly and my score plummeted from 703 to 679. Meh. The loan we are pre approved for is only good if we both have scores above 700. So I need to find some quick cash and pay off my credit cards or pray that the truck getting paid off will result in my credit soaring. Not sure if the bank has to check our credit again before closing, let's hope not because then we will be okay since my score was above 700 when we were approved. Also have no clue how long it would be before paying off credit cards would result in higher score.

On a good note I got a package today from Chicago, it was my 3rd place winnings, woohoo! A pair of socks, goggles, swim paddles! and a bronze engraved medal, Awesome!

So it was a little odd that there was a message on the phone from DHL saying they tried to drop another delivery addressed to me. I called and she informs me that they can't forward to my office without the senders permission. So I ask who it is from and she informs me it is from Kelly and Ferraro, a law firm. Great so I immediately jump to the conclusion that the guy that was in the accident with me is suing me. I go online to find the hours of DHL office tomorrow and plug in the tracking number, there is a field called Shipment Reference and it is filled in with: POTENTIAL PI CASES. I am hoping this just means that the insurance company sold my name and that the law firm sends out stuff to people that were in accidents to try and get them to hire a personal injury lawyer with their firm. Let's hope that is what it is because the last thing I need is to have to go to court. Ugggh.

Woke up this morning and my right foot/inside arch was in a lot of pain. After multiple icing and ibuprofen it is feeling much better. I am hoping it was just a pinched nerve or tight tendon, but if it feels that way again after my next run I should probably get an appointment and check it out for a stress fracture. Blah. I am running a 3:30 in Columbus regardless and I will deal with all injuries after that.

The left foot feels pretty good today and didn't bother me at the track last night so I think the stretching is helping.

I was supposed to swim tonight but the multiple freakouts prevented that from happening before the pool was closed. Oh well. Life goes on.

Off to bed. Long day tomorrow. My annual review and lots of writing at work, and TNT mentor meeting in the evening. Wish me luck!


S. Lynne Fremont said...

Buying a house is *really* stressful but once it is over, it is over. whew

E-Speed said...

well we have wrote up the offer so that is one stress out of the way. now we just have to hope that it is accepted, and then that we get the loan :)

fingers crossed!