I don't think I have ever gotten such a huge response about anything on my blog as I have about the past two entries.

Apparently some anonymous commenter believes I should just stick to what I know which is running and leave the details of my struggle to become a better more conscious person to myself or an offline journal.

What I post here gets here for multiple reasons:

1) I use this space as an online log of my training

2) I use this space as a personal journal, somewhere to get the things running around in my head out and in the open

3) To post photos and keep my friends and family up to date on my life and my daily drama

In the past I have tried to stick to keeping any of my views that might be controversial off of my website. But to be honest I have not publicly posted this site and have tried to prevent it from being searchable so I have since then come to the conclusion that I should be able to post my feelings regardless of the fact that others might not agree. Mostly because anyone who I know is actually reading this are my close and dear friends and family and they already know my feelings on any controversial subjects.

I guess I did not realize that me struggling with the idea of not eating meat was such a big deal. So to those of you who eat meat: Please continue to eat what you want to eat. Eating protein is incredibly healthy for you.
To those of you who don't: Please continue to eat what you want to eat. It is your choice and I applaud your efforts.

I will continue to think about what eating lifestyle is appropriate for me and my views and my situation in life. And maybe I will post about it, maybe I won't.


Cy said...

Sorry, I cut something off of the first comment.

I love people who won't leave their name because all they do is criticize and discourage others from writing what they wish.

So why doithese people read what you write in the first place? It's like people who complain about a show on TV. Turn the freakin' channel, moron.

Post what you want to post. Be you.

Incidentially, I have been a veghead for over 15 years. It's my choice, and mine alone. You wish to eat meat? Great - hope that works out for you. You don't? Cool.

The thing is, not eating meat is what works best with both my body and my beliefs. Strangely, I believe my body and my beliefs are personal things - it's what is best for ME. While I believe in certain things, I won't ever "push" mine on other people. They have a right to be themselves, which trumps my belief in what they are doing.

Wow. Long comment.

In conclusion, I hope these comments don't discourage you from posting whatever the heck you feel like posting.

Stick with us random bloggers, kid - you're doing fine.


E-Speed said...

Thanks Cy!