Happy to be Alive and Well

Got in a car accident again tonight. Tonight is was my turn to rear end someone though. And we were not at a stand still. We were on the highway and I went to merge and a split second later was crashing into the person in front of me. I am okay thank god. Just got some scrapes on my neck and chin from the air bag. I think I bruised my wrist and knee but I can totally live with that. Luckily the man I hit was okay too, and his SUV did not sustain very much damage.

My truck unfortunately is in pretty bad shape. It had to be impounded. So hopefully I will find out tomorrow morning if it is salvageable.

Luckily my insurance will probably cover everything and I just need to scrounge up the $500 deductible.

I was pretty shook up for the first part of the evening and seriously considering swearing off driving all together. And I am still honestly considering avoiding highways at all costs. At least when I got hit last week there was no air bag deployment and risk of death. But I am very grateful to be alive, to have such caring friends and family. And I know there are much worse things than a car accident.

I must officially be crazy because after I called the insurance company and talked to my dad I insisted on going out for a 10 minute jog to make sure everything was working properly.

And I am honestly really bummed that I missed two track workouts in a row. I know Psycho!

After the jog we went and had dinner with Curly Su and friends. It was JoJo's birthday. I hope she had fun. On top of me coming straight from an accident their other friend had her purse and car stolen this morning while she was sleeping. I really hope she didn't feel like her spotlight was stolen by our unfortunate happenings. She looked absolutely gorgeous tonight.

I was a little rude to a friend of theirs that came later. I guess I just wasn't in the mood for someone who thought they were being funny. He kept calling us decathletes and it just really aggravated me.

Anyways I am babbling now. I am off to neosporin my chin. Big thanks to my hubby for rushing from work to get me tonight. I don't know how stable I would be without you babe.

I am a very lucky woman for so many reasons I can't even begin to list them.

Night All.


Eostre said...

Wow, hon, I'm glad you're ok! I wouldn't swear off driving, but I can see why you'd think about it. Just rest and take it easy for a while. :)


E-Speed said...


Casey said...

Glad to hear that no one was hurt badly. Cars are fixable and replacable, but flesh is a different story.

E-Speed said...

Yeppers. When it happens and all you have to look at is your wreck of your car it is hard not to be upset, but thank god no one was hurt. I don't think I could live with myself if I had caused someone to be hurt.

Chicalookate said...

I am glad to hear you are okay. I drive the expressway everyday and live in fear of an accident. So, I understand you wanting to swear off the highways. Hopefully the insurance people will have their act together.

Monica said...

Gosh! I'm so glad you are ok! I always wondered what it would be like to have the airbag deploy. I bet it was scary! Thinking about you!

E-Speed said...

Thanks chicakloo. I got the release form ($114) but now my insurance agents phone isnt working :/ I didnt want to have it towed somewhere until I knew if it was salvageable but I may just have the place that was supposed to fix the bumper tomorrow come and get it. Then have the insurance agent look at it tomorrow.

E-Speed said...

Thank you Monica. I saw your pics from Keirs visit. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Yes the air bag deployment was pretty scary. It all happened really fast. I mean I turned to look to merge then wham I was hit in the face by the air bag. Lot's of smoke came out of it and I could still smell it later that evening. It was freaky.

But I am just very grateful all I have are some scrapes. I can't imagine what would have happened if the air bag didn't deploy.

Ruth said...

Wow! Glad to hear you & everyone else involved came away alright! It always happens so quickly. Hang in there! Keep that chin neosporined & best of luck dealing with the insurance company & the mecanics to get things squared away.

E-Speed said...

Thank you Ruth! It looks like everything is going to work out okay. I am a little gun shy about highway driving and will probably still try to move towards using a vehicle less, but everything is going to be fine.