Fresh Start

This morning I took care of all the logistics of making the Focus legally mine. Got my Ohio Title, my e-check, and my new plates. Surprisingly this went very efficiently. Next time I will go to e-check first. I thought that I needed the new title for that but in retrospect I am pretty sure they would have accepted the Michigan one.

Golden Gate offers one-stop shopping for the title, plates, and registration. But the E-Check was in Euclid. So I had to do a bit of back and forth. I was the only one in the license bureau when I went at 9 for the out of state inspection and I only had to wait about 10 minutes for my title. The e-check went quickly as I was 2nd in line. Then I had to wait about 20 minutes to get my plates. I was very pleased that I had everything I needed :) Thank goodness for the small things!

I dropped off the rental car and they took me back to my apartment. Enterprise rocks! I ended up only having to pay about $35 for the rental taxes, $35 to get the rental back up to 3/4 tank, and insurance covered the rest. Nice!

I called Grange insurance about the claim I had on the bumper and they are going to cut me a check since I won't be getting that fixed anymore.

So as soon as I hear back from total loss department all my insurance woes will be taken care of.

My heel still hurts today but it is a lot more bearable. I am going to keep stretching and icing and hope for the best at the track tomorrow. I am carpooling to the track tomorrow as I am terrified to drive there since I haven't made it the past two weeks both due to accidents.

The drive in today was fine though (mostly because it wasn't rush hour). The brakes on the Focus feel a little funny so I will try to take it in to the shop Friday. But she drives great and once we get her cleaned and checked out she will be a good addition to the family. I was very partial to my pick up, but I think I will enjoy driving the Focus. She gets 33 mpg! And has cruise control! (Which seems weird since she is a manual)

My new cell arrived today! So once that has charged for 24 hours David and I will each have our own! No more emergency situations stuck without the cell!

My parents new Mustang is pretty sweet. I will post pics later.

Thank you everyone again for being so concerned about my welfare and for all the generous things everyone did for me during this whole ordeal. I can't thank you all enough.

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