Went to Euclid Creek tonight for my tempo of the week.

Did 2.5 mile warm up
4 Fartlek sets of 3 minutes hard 2 easy
half mile easy
1 mile hard 7:35, phooey, although it was uphill (I don't really trust the mile markers at E. Creek)
2.5 mile cool down

For a total of about 9 miles in an hour and 16 minutes. so about 8:30 pace

For most of the workout I did a mental prep thing for Columbus. I repeated to myself over and over again "I am strong, I am tough, I am going to run 3:30"

I really do think that visualization and mental preperation make a big difference on race day. I know that both years for Chicago I set down my race plans in writing and I mentally walked through the race multiple times. Both times I made or exceeded my goal and had a wonderful time. Whereas for Memphis and Boston I didn't really do that and those races were a lot tougher and the results weren't what I was hoping for.

So I am going to be getting my mind ready for Columbus because it is in one month!!!

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