Tickled Pink

I fell asleep way too early last night. I was exhausted. So it wasn't too terrible that the kitties woke me up at 7:30 am this morning. I rolled out of bed and finally got around and went for a run just before 9. It was gorgeous out this morning. I took my mp3 player which miraculously fixed itself. (I have no idea how it did this, but I am very greatful!)

Had a good playlist going. Right now it just plays all of my songs in alphabetical order by title. It actually turned out to be a good mix for taking it easy this morning.

I did around 5.5 miles to Euclid Creek Reservation and back. Forgot how big that hill on Highland is! Took me 7 and a half minutes to get up it!


I ran for 52.29 minutes so averaged just under 10 minute miles. Fine by me as I have to race at 7:35 pace tomorrow for almost 2 hours. YIKES!

I weighed myself before and after running today. In 52 minutes I managed to lose 1.5-2 pounds. NOT GOOD! So I need to hydrate a lot I guess. I even stopped and got a drink from the fountain at Euclid Creek. In retrospect I should have known I was getting dehydrated because I tryed to get water from the fountain 2 minutes from our apartment and looked pretty silly, it was coming out as a trickle so i kept hitting it and trying to shoot the short lived bursts into my mouth, I know I am weird

Today's Playlist: Not ideal for a tempo workout but good for a relaxing jog.

Rapture- Iio
Revolution- Grandaddy (I am Sam soundtrack)
Seven Nation Army- White STripes
State of Love and Trust- Pearl Jam
Strawberry Fields- Ben Harper (I am Sam)
Take it Off- The Donnas
The Distance- Cake
Tickled Pink- Tuscadero
Two of Us- Aimee Man (I am Sam)
We can Work it Out- Heather Nova (I am Sam)
What if you don't fly- Superdrag
Whatever gets you through the night- John lennon
Who Invited You- The Donnas
Working Man- Rush
You've Got to Hide your love away- Eddie Vedder (I am Sam)
Zwitter- Rammstein

We are off to look at houses! Let's hope for something exciting! Will post pics later!

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