I went to get my license plates off the truck today. As I was getting them the appraisal guy showed up. My truck is indeed a total loss. It is worth $9540 (not including the box, not sure how I am going to get that thing off of there, I am hoping I can get total loss department to include it in the worth). I still owe Ford Credit $5,696.18. So I am sure travelers is going to pay that off and hopefully send me a check for the rest (minus deductible of course). So hopefully everything will be crystal clear on Monday.

I pick up the focus Sunday night and Monday morning I am going to go through the painful process of signing over the title from out of state, getting an e-check, and getting new plates. You in fact cannot transfer pickup plates to a car, bummer.

Meanwhile I am still driving the rental car. The drive in today was scary, but I did okay on the way home.

Insurance on the focus starts monday so that is set, and my new cell phone should also be coming monday.

we look at houses tomorrow, woohoo!!!

Peace out!


Anonymous said...

I'd give my left arm for my car to be worth almost ten thousand dollars. As it stands, if I attempt to trade it in when I get a new car, I'll be lucky if I get a grand out of it.


E-Speed said...

well since i was still paying on it I hope it would be worth a lot :) The original cost (before a-plan discount) was over $15,000. It had 52,000 miles on it. I guess they depreciate pretty fast.

i guess you don't get much for trade in period, even if it is worth a lot. or at least that is what my dad is claiming, prob so i don't feel so bad about accepting the focus.