Blog Hiatus

Or rather a life hiatus. I feel like I am a bit off track this week. I really am not I just think some things have been put to the back burner and it is finally catching up to me. (laundry, dishes, cleaning, emails, rsvps, yikes)

On a good note work is going well. I am working today on some stuff for Michigan woohoo. I am actually getting to write after what seems like an eternity of LSPC modeling. Review went well and I am certainly valued here in Cleveland so that is good.

Running is going well too. Tuesday's track workout was great. I feel very fit and although I weigh the same I have had several people comment that I look thinner this week so I must be toning up and shifting weight, hopefully to more appropriate places where it can be of use! i.e. away from my donut and into my muscles!!! My feet are beat up but if I can just keep them where they are or better for the next three weeks they will get a break after Columbus!

Thursday night was Mentor meeting for TNT. A LOT of people showed up which is great. Not sure how many will actually commit but it is good to see so much interest. I may mentor for spring marathons but I will be taking a break from Tri mentoring and letting my "mentees" take over that duty. I am sure they will do great. And I will be around if they need help. I got a huge ego boost as half my Chicago mentees were at the meeting and all said very nice things about me. Someone have a needle? I need to deflate!

Last night went out with the SERC girls. I haven't seen most of them in a few weeks so it was nice to catch up. (I have lots of fun pics that I will post later) We had dinner at PF Changs and then went to a club called Bossa Nova. The band there was a riot as well as the crowd. I had a blast!

Spent a little time with hubby before calling it a night. Hopefully we will get to hang tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I woke up a bit hung over but not too bad. Threw on the cleanest pair of running shorts I could find and my Boston tank and headed to Peninsula. I did a trail 5k race this morning. Everyone from the Chicago team showed up. We made up almost half the race :) It was small but fun. The race was actually on the Buckeye Trail where I did my first trail run.

It was a brutal course but a lot of fun, lots of hills, creeks, logs, and roots! I ran really well but my time was HORRIBLE!!! Fortunately so was everyone else's. I think the first guy came in around 31 something! The first lady 35 and I was just over 36. Holy Crud! Talk about a tough 5K! You know it is bad when after 100 yards of flats and jumping a fence you start up the worst hill you have run on the trails so far :) Fun Stuff! Lookout Buckeye 50K!!! (I had a lot of fun today and that just helped to confirm my thoughts about doing Buckeye 50 next summer, looks like I found my A race for 2006!)

Looking forward to the 20 miler tomorrow with Su. I may throw on another 2 if my feet hold up to do my first 22 for training :)

Today I need to accomplish a lot at work and I am hoping I find time to clean my apartment and do laundry. NOTHING is clean. Uggh. I think I will feel much better after I tackle those things. And my cats will probably be grateful to get some of their territory back too!

Pics later!

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