Jon Stewart makes me smile

If you have not yet gone to comedy centrals website and watched the most recent daily show clips you should find time this weekend to do so.

I recommend Inarguable Failure, Meet the F**kers, and Hurricane aftermath.

We saw Jon Stewart live a few months ago, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. No matter what side of the political barrier you are on this man is absolutely hilarious.

No word on the truck still. Also haven't heard back from my insurance agent about adding the focus to our plan. That needs to be done before the end of the day or it screws plans to pick that up Sunday.


Adele said...

Jon Stewart rocks my world! I have been dying laughing watching his take on the hurricane relief actions (hmm, perhaps a poor choice of words on my part.) Anyway, good stuff!

E-Speed said...

i just saw them today (the headliens) and I was rolling. I have since watched them second and third times...still ROLLING!

He is so intelligent and such a great comic.