Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Why does it seem that everything lately comes as a dose of really bad with really good. I feel as though there is some great equilibrium at work and in order for something really good to happen to me something horrible as to come along with it. Before I get into that quick run down on my weekend so far.

Friday night I went to a TNT fundraiser. It was a "Stampin Out" create-a-card party. I had a lot of fun making cards and meeting new people. Sometimes you forget that there are other fun Hobbies out there that aren't sports related ;) It was way out in Elyria so I got home pretty late, but was able to spend a little time with Carla and David talking before heading to bed.

Woke up early Saturday and ran with B on the tow path. I got in 14.5 miles in just shy of 2 hours. B was nice and carried my gatorade for me because I am a weenie and wimp. I went to put the gatorade in my fuel belt and found that one of the bottles had mold in it. So I decided I could just carry the regular bottle, well that didn't go over so well so thanks B for letting me be a wimp!

1/4-mile 1.57.06
2 miles (we took the long way and missed the mile marker) 16.18.8
1/4-mile 1.47.37

We went and saw KT's crew meet in downtown Cleveland. She did really well. Her "4" came in 5th out of 13 (but was within 8 seconds of 2nd), and her "8" came in 2nd. It looked like they creamed everyone else but I guess one of the boats that started later passed two boats and edged them out.

Now onto the good vs. bad

Let's start with the good I guess.

After the crew meet we went and looked at 5 houses. All of these were a little higher price range, but we figured we should look, esp. since I won't have the car payment now.

So the first house was nice, a little strange looking, but overall the best "fit" for us so far. A lot of work would be involved in cleaning up the wood floors, replacing a few windows, retiling all the bathrooms, etc. but it had a lot of character and we definitely liked it.

The next three had some good points but same as all the others there were just some things you couldn't live with.

Then we went to our realtor's (also our cousin) best friends house, which isn't on the market yet. He just bought a new house and was working on fixing up this one to sell. This house was quite lovely (will post pics later). There is a three-season enclosed porch in the front, wood floors in the dining room and living room. Huge gas burning fireplace. Huge square kitchen with lots of cupboard space. A decent sized downstairs bedroom and half bath. Half finished basement! Two bedrooms upstairs. And a nice sized full bath upstairs. There is a small backyard and a good sized side yard. The house is near the lake so our street has a "beach club" which is basically a little gated plot down by the lake where you can grill and hang out. The neighbors all seemed quite nice.

In other words we want it :) It is definitely the highest price range we looked at (115-120k) but the fact that we wouldn't have to put any work into it right away and that it fit the majority of our needs makes it worth it, plus taxes are lower so that will even out cost.

The good thing is if that doesn't pan out we have two other houses to fall back on that we would be perfectly happy living in. But keep your fingers crossed for us because this house was lovely!

Hopes are to be moving in and closing by Nov. 1st!

So after having this wonderful news of course I would have to come home to something more difficult.

A member of my family whom I hold very dear is in the hospital and being treated for a very serious illness. I found this out from my sister yesterday and got more details from my parents when we got into Michigan last night. I am very upset to say the least. And circumstances right now have made it so I am not allowed to go visit at the hospital. I have always struggled with being far from my family and now I feel very helpless that I am within driving distance and I cannot go to give my support.

I am very upset and I have to go to my family golf outing today and pretend that everything is all right when it isn't. I am usually very comfortable around my family, even though we have our issues, it is always like being "home." Today I am afraid that I might lose it. I am hoping against all hopes that everyone will be civil and that out of respect we will all have a good time and keep petty crap under wraps. I think my sister feels the same way. It is really hard because I love every person in my family with a fierceness and when they are set on working against each other I have no idea where I fit into that picture.

So sorry for being so cryptic. I need to write this because it is cathartic and will hopefully help me to be stronger but I also think some things are just private.

I want to thank my husband for being my stronghold as I have broken down crying several times since hearing the news and he has been my rock and held me and tried to make it all right. I am very grateful that I have him. I love you babe.


Curly Su said...

sorry things aren't great.
congrats on the house--it sounds perfect.
and i'm thinking about you and your family.
see you soon, i hope.

Anonymous said...

I love your new icon! I hope everything turns out all right with your family.

E-Speed said...

thank you guys, I hope everything works out too.

I think I need to make some lemonade :)