Stolen from Curly Su

You are a

Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(23% permissive)

You are best described as a:


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I would have thought I would be a socialist....hmmmm. I wonder how some of these questions affected my score. I have many friends who when asking my beliefs have determined I am a republican.

Maybe on a fiscal policy level in my own personal spending etc. I am conservative but really money issues are on the bottom of my list.

What I find way more important are things like health care, environment, education. So I guess the fact that I feel everyone has a right to a good education, good health care, and a healthy environment regardless of background places me more towards a socialist political stance. I bet there is a good test that has you weigh the importance of each question to come up with a better result of what your political policies really are.

Yesterday got in my 20 miler. Three weeks till Columbus woohoo!!! Feet don't feel any worse than they did before despite the beating I gave them. I figured I would feel okay after the run since I wasn't going extremely fast (around 9:09 pace) but I guess 20 miles is 20 miles regardless of speed. And my legs are indeed sore today, surprise surprise. We did the 8 then the 12. I didn't eat enough beforehand and scarfed down half a bagel at 8am before the 12. My stomach was not happy about that for the first few miles but I suffered through. The hills were rough yesterday. My legs felt depleted as well as my calves feeling like they were very tight. My foot strike just felt funny on the hills. Weird! I guess I should be doing more hill training!

Woke up this morning and went down to get in my car to go to work. And then realized that my car was at Su's. OOOPS! Luckily Su is not working and she is going to come get me and drive me back to my car so I can get to work! Tonight we are writing up an offer for the house! Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Sal said...

Cool quiz!

You are a Social Liberal (85% permissive) and an Economic Liberal (31% permissive)

You are best described as a:
Strong Democrat

I would have thought I would come up as being way more Capitalist, but I guess at heart I'm really not.

S. Lynne Fremont said...

I am a socialist. Not too shocking really. :)