Why Running?

Let me preface by saying I am by no means a poet. I saw a girl running tonight as I left work and I had this feeling course through me. At that moment she was everything I am when I run. Free from the world doing her own thing. Running is my thing. I don't know why. I have been running for almost 14 years now and I still love it and I still find new joys in it with every run. There is a peace in running that is hard to find elsewhere. I sometimes find the same in music. There are also highs you get from running that no drug could ever embody. I am and will always be a runner. It is something I get. It's mine. I can't explain it to anyone. Even other runners. For me it is special in its own way and it is something I can't imagine living without. Hence the attempt to capture it below.

Running is a part of me

I want to run

I have to run

When I run I am free

I want to pound the pavement

I want to tackle trails

I like the feel of sore muscles

It means I will run faster next week

And eventually my legs will soar

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run

I don’t want to be caged

I hate treadmills

I want to feel the breeze on my skin

As I sweat and stride

I want to feel the sun on my skin

When I run I am in my world

On my turf

Running is my freedom

My escape

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run

I am my own metronome

I run to my own beat

One foot after the other

It’s in my blood

It courses through my veins

It takes me to new levels

When I run I am me

I am more me than anytime else

I can feel it

I am fast

I am tough

I am free

When I run


monica said...

Well, I guess running is to you as um...hmmmmm...doing stand up comedy is to me? Or how about writing? I could never understand runners-you are your own lot! :) I HATE running (unless there's food in front of me, or someone with a gun behind me). Honestly, though, I use to run before school in high school (back when I was skinny and volleyball was my LIFE). But I never liked it.

S. Lynne Fremont said...

That is awesome. I just feel sick when I run. Even as a kid. Isnt that weird? I mean...I used to like playing games that involved running but running was always my least favorite part.

I have always been a swimmer. I could swim for miles and when I swim I get this weird clarity of mind. I solve a lot of problems while swimming.

E-Speed said...

Mon, I think unfortunately running is much more enjoyable when you are accustomed to it. I find it is much easier to run now than it was in college (although I still enjoyed it then, it was just harder). I think everyone could grow to love running, but you have to stick with it through the rough times in order to get to that place called "Runners High"

My husband is totally on your boat. He hates running. I do think you have to be slightly insane to like running too ;)

E-Speed said...


I too enjoy swimming. But I don't usually get that clarity while swimming, that is just a running thing for me :) Probably why if I have to choose between throwing on running shoes or a swim cap the shoes will almost always win.

I think if I start swimming more I will start to get to that space where everything feels right. Too bad I am so busy running all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog, and as I read some of the entries I found myself interested because of your passion, and also, I have an almost identical running pace, so reading your workout regime can give me some fertile, relevant ideas for my own efforts.

Then today I came across your running poem. It triggered a memory of my own running poem, written 22 years ago, and I dug out my old journal and found it :

The Runner

Running with the wind,
makes me feel free,
and running makes me high.
In the sky,
I see a bird looking
down on me,
flowing in the blue,
crashing the silence
of the trees.

Up and down the mountainside
I run,
singing songs
and touching the sun.
Happiness is my
and I am always high,
when living on the run,
running to be me.

I am still running today, loving it more than ever. While my youthful poem is trite and immature, I wanted to share it with you because it has a similar sentiment to yours.

Looking forward to reading your blog, and good luck with your training and racing!