Carole Lombard?

You're a little bit of a fruitcake, but you always act out in style. You have a good sense of humor, are game for almost anything, but you like to have nice things about you and are attracted to the high life. You're stylish and modern, but you've got a few rough edges that keep you from attaining true sophistication. Your leading men include William Powell, Fredric March, and Clark Gable. Watch out for small planes.

You scored 19% grit, 0% wit, 57% flair, and 35% class!
I scored 0% wit???

What classic leading dame or man are you?

Create-a-card party tonight and taking a rest from training!

Car is in the shop for brakes and oil check let's hope it is easily fixed and cheap!

The drive in this morning was HORRIBLE! Lots of rain and lots of traffic. Farge!


Adele said...

I got Carole Lombard, too! Yay us!

S. Lynne Fremont said...

Here is mine!

Rosalind Russell
You scored 16% grit, 57% wit, 28% flair, and 11% class!
You are one wise-cracking lady, always quick with a clever remark and easily able to keep up with the quips and puns that come along with the nutty situations you find yourself in. You're usually able to talk your way out of any jam, and even if you can't, you at least make it more interesting with your biting wit. You can match the smartest guy around line for line, and you've got an open mind that allows you to get what you want, even if you don't recognize it at first. Your leading men include Cary Grant and Clark Gable, men who can keep up with you.