No Water?

Worked long today and got home to no water so I couldn't make dinner. Farge. So we went on a trip to Taco Bell. Yummy bean burritos!

So there have been a few tat posts recently over on Jenro's Site and Islandartist's! So I decided to do an ode to my tat.

Apparently they are the in thing now. I was watching Miami Ink a few weeks in a row and last night flipped by Inked. I love my tattoo but probably won't ever get another one. It freaking hurt and I am a sissy! (when it comes to needles anyways)

It is surprisingly difficult to take a good picture of one's own tattoo when it is on your back :)
Set up the home inspection for Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon we are applying for the loan!!! WooHoo :)

This may be too good to be true.

On a sour note I got a letter from the attorney of the guy I was in the accident with. Let's just hope that is all it is, a letter, and that insurance will take care of everything.

Also didn't run today :\ Meh. I will have to get in some miles tomorrow. My Asics have 170 miles on them so they are going to pretty much be out of commission after the marathon. I should probably run in my Brooks for a bit before the marathon so the Asics don't die half way through Columbus. I think that Asics are weak. I am not buying them ever again. Now if Saucony would just leave my Grid Hurricanes like they were two models back my feet would be happy campers :(

Sorry Runners Mumbo Jumbo. I am off to read my new copy of Runner's World and get some sleep! Let's hope the water is back on in the morning!

Oh and note to self when I become rich and famous I am going to find one pair of jeans that I love and buy 365 pairs of them so that when one gets dirty it is not the end of the world. My only jeans that I like have mud on them so I have been dressing like a frump all week and it is beginning to take its toll.

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Cy said...

There's also no sense of perspective when you're taking pictures of tattoos on one's own back.

How big and where on your back?

Inquiring minds want to know!