Summer Parties and TNT Runs

Last night was Coach K's summer party. I am pretty sure a good time was had by all. I forgot to prepare my florida salad but made up for it with triple chocolate cake ala Betty Crocker. It came out really good and I still have some left overs!!!

We played Balderdash later in the evening which was entertaining to say the least.

Got home really late and headed straight to bed. This morning I went and ran with the TNT marathoners. A and I went 12-12.5 miles with B and my mentee JJ. We had a great run and averaged between 8:15 and 8:30 pace. My quads were sore but I definitely felt much better than I did a few weeks ago after 17.

I am however exhausted. I took a bath and almost fell asleep so I am off to take a nap!


Curly Su said...


E-Speed said...

What? Too slow for you? If it makes you feel better my quads are really sore now, and I was definitely pushing the last 2-4 miles.

E-Speed said...

Oh and that average was really brought down by A busting out two 7:35 miles the last two miles.

Curly Su said...

psychos. that's all i have to say.