My legs are sore, like I did a track workout. I like it. It is an ache I know and understand and I love it. I am a freak I know. (On a really good note the left foot felt fine tonight. The right ankle is still sore but not too bad, both achilles/calves feel like they could use some stretching, I just have to remember to stretch before and after to keep them from getting tight)

Did a long run at the track tonight which was good because my "schedule" called for 6*1200 (a lot more than the regular 3 miles of repeats).

We did a mile warm up then 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (400 jog in between each one) then a mile cool down.

So total mileage tonight was 7.5.


9.02.54 mile warm up
1.40.24 400 pace
2.44.51 400 jog
3.19.10 800 pace
3.05.23 400 jog
4.59.84 1200 pace
3.29.40 400 jog
6.31.91 1600 pace
3.45.47 400 jog
4.56.45 1200 pace
3.41.72 400 jog
3.09.74 800 pace
3.31.74 400 jog
1.22.18 400 pace (I wanted to run under 80 on this phooey)
9.15.71 mile cool down

Other than not getting that last quarter under 80 I did very well with pace tonight. I stayed between 6:30 and 6:40 pace for the first 4 and it was definitely comfortable. Awesome!

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