Long Run

Just got back from running 18 with Curly Su. She did a great job today. If it was 18 even we averaged 9:19 but I think there are two miles in there that are long. Because most of our miles today were right around 9.

My right ankle is a little tender. I think the racing flats let me pronate a bit too much so it is still sore from last Sunday.

Wonderful news.

Last night got home and got the mail and I opened to find a donation from one of my tri mentees. She donated $250!!! And as if that was not enough, her company matches 3 to 1. So I just got a $1,000 donation. I am so excited it is beyond fathomable. I have no idea how I can possibly thank her but I will think of something!

We also looked at houses last night. Just 2. Both were in Euclid, which the neighborhoods seemed nice but I know the schools aren't fantabulous. The first house had some pluses but I had a very hard time seeing them through all of the horrendous wallpaper, carpet, tiling, paint, scary basement wood paneling, YIKES!!! I really started to get worried after seeing that. And that one was at the higher range of what we want to pay.

But then we went to another place which was much nicer. 4 bedrooms which was cool. No real dining room space but you could make it work. Newer carpet and everything was neutral so you could live in it without having to rip down everything right away. Not much as far as a back yard went. It was a corner lot so that could cause issues. But if that is the worst case scenario, I can definitely live with that.

I will post some pics! :)

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