Sunday Bloody Sunday

Okay I realize it is Wednesday but in my search for songs you know U2 was going to come up! Sunday Bloody Sunday may very well be my favorite song. But that is not why I am posting this vid. I am posting it because Sunday I got my hair chopped a wee bit and before it was chopped it was starting to look a bit like Bono's in this vid :) HAHA no really it was getting out of control!

This pic doesn't really show off the new do but it is as good as you are going to get for now.

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Jay T said...

As hot as Bono may look in the video, I'd say your new do is a much better look. And good choice of songs too. I have a couple versions of it in iTunes.

taskette said...

I love U2! My fave is "The Sweetest Thing" but I love them all. I haven't heard one I didn't like. I seem them in concert once and it was awesome!

Btw, love your taste in music.

E-Speed said...

jay t- oh yeah I should have got a shot of me in my pleather pants with the do before I got it cut :)

thanks taskette. I like my taste in music too ;) Actually I think anyone can appreciate some of my taste in music as I enjoy a little bit of everything :)

monica said...

I'm not a U2 fan. I think they are overrated...but that's just my opinion. (Maybe it's because I can't stand Bono).

Anyways...haircuts always make me feel good! Your hair looks cute!

Derek said...

cute photo!